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Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
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Software progress, more options and some minor changes

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


Kimmo has been working hard on the keyboard drivers and there is a lot of progress. Auto-hide of the virtual keyboard is working, back-light goes on and off depending on ambient light and lots more is being made as we speak.

More options

There was some things unclear about the custom colours. If the option you selected says 'fully assembled' but not 'in custom colours', you get a polished white one. If you want to upgrade, take your original option and add 10E, it is just more expensive and a lot more work to process all this. In case you do have custom colours selected: you can choose different colours for two pieces! Together with all the backplate options there a lot of fun combinations to be made!

Speaking of backplates: we added three new backplate colours, carbonfiber and two flavours of brushed steel! (they have the looks and texture, but not actual steel or cf) This bumps the total available TOHKBD combinations to 4200! 

Minor changes

  • The backplate will have a very slightly different shape, because the bottom piece is reshaped, to remove the need for screws
  • Due to the reduced thickness of the piece that connects to your phone (see last update), the alignment cavities and pins are flipped. They are only 0.5mm though, but just so you know


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    1. Dirk Creator on

      Update regarding over-pledging for custom colours: no longer neccessary since the Hero is pledged!

    2. Oleksii Serdiuk on

      Ok, so I changed my pledge from 111€ (SUPERMEGA Early Bird + shipping) to 121€ (SUPERMEGA Early Bird + custom colors + shipping). Anything else I should do or it's enough?

    3. Dirk Creator on


      Yes, this is possible. Important thing is that everyone gets at least what they pledged for.
      It is a bit of a puzzle, and unfortunately it is not possible to please everyone equally, but this at least opens up some options. Please forgive us if anything is unclear, this is for us also the first time. We take all comments and suggestions under consideration as much as possible.
      If you can 'pledge down' for same reward, feel very free. In any way, with the recent upgrade in backplates, you will get more than you pledged for initially anyway.

      I hope that answers your question!

    4. Missing avatar

      Johannes Twittmann on

      This is a little confusing as there are still 12 offers for a fully assembled keyboard at the price of 120€. Adding 10€ makes 130€ for custom colors. I had to pledge 140€ to get custom colors before. Could I change my pledge now to 130€ and still get it in custom color? This seems unfair in either way: If I lower my pledge it's unfair to the TOHKBD team, If I don't lower it I feel it's unfair to me because late pledgers get better conditions than me...

    5. Oleksii Serdiuk on

      Regarding +10€ to upgrade to custom colors: is this also an option for those who ordered "SUPERMEGA Early Bird"? Because there was no 110€ pledge for custom color TOHKBD.