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Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
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Closing statements

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


I hope you all got your TOHKBD and all is working as it should! The end of my todo list is nearly in sight, so it seemed like a good time to make some closing statements for this project and wrap it all up!


I would like to start off with a big thanks to you! Your support has made it happen, your ideas, suggestions and input has made this project to what is has become. A real DIT-project!

Also, thanks to Kimmo and Andrew, you guys are awesome.

Jolla has also done a lot of behind-the-scenes help, especially with integrating a lot of features in the new SFOS2.0, that the TOHKBD takes advantage of. Lastu, thanks for the nice backplates and the very pleasant and friendly business. Thanks David from Longsun for manufacturing the keypads and thanks to all of my anonymous assembly minions.

Not quite perfect yet?

In case there is something wrong with your TOHKBD, I promised to fix something for you or send you something, but it hasn't arrived yet? Anything I should do?

Please let me know. Logistics of 1500+ custom keyboards with personal requests, repairs, after-sales, minion management, quality control, a lot of stuff to do for a one-man army. It could be I missed some request or something got lost in my todo list. If so, send me an email at and I will fix it asap!

Spares for repairs

That rhymes! In case you have done some repairs, been hacking or want to build a second keyboard yourself, in  my shop you can buy all the spare parts I have left! Check it out here.


Tablet stuff

In case you ordered your tablet and don't want to shatter your screen when it is in your backpack or do not like to scratch it in general? I have made a carbon casing for it, which is on IGG right now. Real carbon, real protection, really Funky.

Nice picture by Simo
Nice picture by Simo


Again, thanks to all of you!


The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Awesome

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

The Good

We passed 1000 shipped TOHKBDs! Wooohoooooo!

Working hard on the homestretch, the alarm clock went at 5:30 this morning and the first PCBs are being checked and soldered.

6:30 monday morning
6:30 monday morning

Kimmo is also making good improvements on the sw and lauching one update after another to QA. If your favourite feature is not yet implemented, it is on its way. For some features though we have to wait for the next SFOS update (no, we do not know when this update will come!), but for details about what we are working on you can totally ask on IRC.

The Bad

Given the amount of hardwork and manual quality control, chances were some faulty TOHKBDs slipped through. If something is not okay with yours (hardware issues), totally email me at and we'll figure out how to get it fixed. There are already some that arrived here for repair, I will fix these as soon as possible after I get the other kickstarter keyboards shipped.

The Ugly

There were some issues with the Azerty keypads, so these are on hold. If you already got your Azerty TOHKBD and want to get it changed, let me know. There are currently engraving the last batch of keypads (that also include all of the Stealth keypads).

Spot the difference
Spot the difference

Closing statements

  • Thanks for all positive feedback
  • Thanks to everyone that did not order Black-Black-Black #Unlike
  • Thanks to Jolla for sending some extra phones for testing
  • Thanks to Jolla for all past, present and future behind the scenes sw help
  • The frequent nightmares about having not enough parts have stopped
  • All keyboards have been assembled by nude virgins 'in the cloud'
  • The maximum amount of minions assembling at one point was 9
  • The statement "You haven't posted any updates in the last 6 months" is untrue
  • For question, do not use KS messaging system, come on IRC instead
  • Before asking questions, check the FAQ
  • I like Andrew and Kimmo, you guys are awesome

Before asking questions, check the FAQ!

Kimmo is a cat. Haha
Kimmo is a cat. Haha

Started shipping, "does not work" and other questions

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


The first TOHKBDs are being delivered today and lots more will be sent very soon! Happy happy joy joy!!

Alumide and Walnut
Alumide and Walnut

"This TOH does not work"

The software has not passed QA at the Jolla Store yet, so this message will pop up and it will not work. No worries, this message means the NFC tag works properly and when the driver is in the store it will all work beautifully. This should not take more than a few days.

Other questions

If something is seriously wrong email me at For other questions join the IRC channel where your question will probably be answered within a minute. Please please please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system, it sucks balls and is very annoying to use. So do not use it. Mail me or go on IRC.

Press link for asking quick questions


Calm before the Storm!

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

Keypads are coming!

Frikkin' finally.

The first 500 Finnish/Scandic keypads will come extremely soon. They are already assembled and now hand checked at the factory. This brings me -and you probably too- extreme joy and much happiness. We apoligize for not have met our target date, but we are confident that we will make it up to you on delivery day!

Cover PCB replacement

There was a stupid mistake in the cover PCB and they are all replaced. It had a copper groundfill, which blocked all antenna's and resulted in a major loss of connectivity. All in the bin, redesigned, reordered, resoldered, rechecked, reprogrammed. Problem solved.

DIY hw upgrade

Because there have been some large changes in the hardware, all DIY people will get a replacement set. Because you are hardcode dudes/dudettes.

Address check final call

For those that have moved or will do on a short term, the possibility of changing your address will close soon. I will wait as long as possible before doing this, but given that once your address is on a box it will ship the same day or next, it seems like a good to not wait untill the last second.


When the keypads are here we will start assembling right away. We will probably assemble them in a row and them take them all to the postal office. Realistically this will be before the 7th.

For questions please go to TMO, IRC or email me


MWC, keypad changes, landscape support, planning en files

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


It has been a crazy week at MWC! We had a lot more to show for at the Jolla booth this year and people we really excited. Black slabs running Android are just not going to cut it anymore and especially the keyboard and all the customization's caught the eye of a lot of people. 

Also, this was the first time the entire three-headed team was together! Good times!

Small review by PocketNow on all goodies:

Keypad changes

With the current keypad there are currently two big issues: the backlight and the too hard keypress. These will both be fixed, because we are just (or even more) critical than you to deliver the best possible typing experience. The current benchmark you will probably have -the mighty N900- is a tough one to beat, but we are up to the challenge.

The backlight will be changed by moving around the LEDs. These are at some places where they can shine directly through some flex membrane piece and fail to illuminate the rest evenly. We are confident this will resolve the issue in the best possible way - given our resources. The next step would be to hire 30 engineers and set them in an office for a month and do refraction calculations. Which would be a problem, I would never be able to fit that many engineers in my living room.

Horrible light spreading. Will be infinitely better.
Horrible light spreading. Will be infinitely better.

The keypress was really noticeable at MWC. The hypotheses is that the pins under the keys (that press the dome) are slightly too short, meaning the flexible membrane around the keys has to be compressed as well before the pin reaches the dome. After some high-tech experimenting with paper-tape the conclusion was drawn the pins need to be 0.3mm longer. This seemed to be the sweetspot, any longer will make a way too soft press.

The pins at the under-side of the keypad
The pins at the under-side of the keypad

These are the only serious issues we have and the roadmap to fix them is already in place. No panic, all will be well, just like to share our progress and stuff we come across with you.

Landscape support

You might have heard about the future 2.0 version of SailfishOS? It was demoed at MWC and though it not yet ready for release, but it does have full landscape and reverse landscape support! Big thanks to Jolla for this behind-the-scenes support! 

I'm sure it will take some time before it is all polished and ready to be released, but be sure to keep voting and posting at TJC, to make sure you/we/they don't lose sight of possible features that might be important.

Lookin' gooooood
Lookin' gooooood


The keyboard PCBs are ready to be ordered, these will arrive within three weeks probably. Then we can start putting all the components on, which will be a big job that may take two weeks with checking etc.

The change in the keypad will mean we have to do an extra iteration. Since we do not have an estimate from the factory how long everything will take, we do not know if/how much delay this will result in, but all other components will be ready waiting when they arrive. 

All we can do keep you guys up to date, which we will!


There are some licencing issues to overcome before I can upload the Eagle files, but I finally have  some time to get to this. So be sure to check the GitHub the following days as it will fill up with pics/files/schematics/info. 

The 3D CAD files are -again- optimized for Shapways. These are not suitable for a regular 3D printer so have to be used as a guide to design your own. I don't even have a printer here anymore and the print files has to be optimized for the printer you have. I will however upload a basic file which is an excellent starting point to base it on.