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Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
2,703 backers pledged $241,557 to help bring this project to life.

Equiso Turns One Free Backer Upgrade!

Posted by Equiso Smart TV (Creator)


One year ago, when Equiso finished its first ever Kickstarter campaign, our backers had provided us more than just a financial pledge – they offered us endless support, generosity and faith in our vision for an easy-to-use, affordable streaming device. Now, as Equiso turns one, it’s our turn to give back to you, our loyal supporters.

Since Kickstarter, the Equiso SmartTV Stick has been finalized for retail distribution, and in April 2013, our product hit the shelves of more than 3,800 Walmart locations nationwide. In honor of such a milestone, and to show our appreciation to those who supported our idea since day one, we’re inviting you to take part in our celebration, Equiso Turns One.

Exclusively for all our Kickstarter backers (including international), we are giving you the opportunity to upgrade to the retail model for free when you send us your original Equiso SmartTV Stick. Simply head over to to find out more and to download the form.

Thank you for believing in our idea and for making our first year as a company one we’ll never forget. We cannot express how grateful we are for your support – here’s to many more Equiso birthdays!


Adam McBride — CEO, Equiso

*Note: Pro model backers can also take part in the upgrade program. But they should be aware that their Equiso SmartTV Sticks have bluetooth and the retail units do not have this feature.


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    1. Daro Bruno on

      On the form that went along with the return it states, "Within 30 days of receipt, we will either send you the retail version of the Equiso SmartTV Stick OR reimburse you for your Kickstarter pledge depending on your choice." Since it's been 150 days since I sent mine in, does that mean I will receive a check for 5 times my initial investment?

    2. Missing avatar

      Wayne Bancroft on

      Bought a 4-pack on thru Kickstarter. Have emailed requesting instructions to exchange them for the latest retail build. No reply after 5 days. Left 2 voice mail messages on the support line as well, no response. Funny that the machine always announces hours as 9-5 but no one ever actually answers. Original email:

      Dec 07 03:34 PM (EST)

      What is the procedure for exchange? I bought a 4-pack through kickstarter. Where do I send my original Equiso sticks? Do they need to be shipped indiviually? Is there a form I need to submit to track my upgrade request to ensure I receive 4 new replacement units?

      So where are you Equiso? Year end is fast approaching and the upgrade offer is supposed to end. What do I need to do to get my 4-pack exchanged for 4 new sticks?

    3. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      And it has arrived, 2 weeks after the announcement that it was shipped, which was 3 months after I sent it in.
      Meanwhile I've wom 3 Nexus 7 tablets with KitKat, so I'm not really in a hurry to try the stick if it works -- will do so later when I'm less lazy :)

    4. lk on

      Well, while it's not perfect, the new Equiso is lightyears ahead of where the Kickstarter version was. Crackle opens, works, and doesn't crash (although there's a bit of buffering lag). Crashing or stalling is fairly minimal in everything I've tried so far. There was a bit of difficulty with date/ time set up, but it's now syncing with my G calendar seamlessly. It seems to think I'm about 800 miles further east than I am, so that's a mystery; I'm not sure where it's getting that misinformation. But, since I'm not using it to navigate, it's kinda irrelevant. While I'm having some difficulty with one or two added apps, the included ones (Cut the Rope, Angry Birds) work fine. The device feels more solid, and doesn't seem to heat quite as much. Hopefully that usb problem is fixed.

      Overall, I'd say this fixes the situation to the best of Equiso's ability, and certainly better than things were looking 6 months ago. So, thanks!

    5. lk on

      Received my replacement today...seems a bit more solid, so that's good news! Hopefully the micro usb port is a bit more secure than the original, which pushed in after about 3 charges. I'm charging now, and will give it a try. Update to come.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jesse Forgues on

      @ Michael Cox
      Mine was packaged the same, an HDMI stick in an envelope wrapped in an envelope. Luckily it was not damaged.

      Finally got Wifi working after many many attempts. Started updating some apps that are out of date. Watched a few youtube videos and was actually impressed with the quality, then it randomly shutdown on its own and I was sitting at a black screen until I unplugged power and plugged power back in and it booted again. For some reason it forgot my wifi settings so I need to battle that again. The device is pretty hot to touch so perhaps it overheated.

      It has netflix and hbo go preinstalled so this is more what I originally thought I was backing. If I can get wifi working reliably and it does not shutdown on its own too much then I guess I'm reasonably happy.

      If it keeps shutting down on its own I guess I will return it...

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Cox on

      Equiso received my return on Aug. 14th, I finally received (sorta) the promised replacement on November 25th, only 3+ months. It took multiple emails and phone calls beginning in early October where I was promised it would ship within a week ( 3 different times) from their backed up shipping department.

      I received a bare unit wrapped in a paper envelope, wrapped in another envelope with a shipping label. Who knows what I actually got, haven't had a chance to try it yet.

      So, keep those emails and calls going folks, maybe you'll get lucky, sorta!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jesse Forgues on

      Yea, just like the last model, it will never connect to my work wifi network. I will try it again at home...

      WTF is wrong with these guys that they cannot get basics like wifi working correctly...
      I literally have like 10 Android devices on this wifi network and have never had a problem except for the Equiso...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesse Forgues on

      Took a few months but received my new Equiso stick (Walmart model) to replace my Basic one that never really worked correctly...

      Cosmetically it is much better, I will let you know more if I can get it connected to my wifi network. Having some issues just like the last model.

    10. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      The new stick has been shipped yesterday, so it took only 3 months ;-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      The only good thing about this Equiso project is that it makes it easy to decide never to use kickstarter again.

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter Aweeky on

      Just more of the same shit from these clowns. F me once, shame on you , F me twice , shame on me.

    13. Shane Langnes on

      Is there a deadline to when I can send mine back? I wanted to wait until I had a more stable living situation before I sent mine in

    14. Alan Bowen on

      I sent both of mine in and haven't heard or received anything back.

    15. Missing avatar

      Garry Queen

      I returned both of mines at the start of august too and i've neither heard or received anything back.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Sent mine (I had 2 of them) back on August 5th to the California address. No email received yet either. Here's hoping for a good result and product :)

    17. Syco54645 on

      Not holding my breath...

    18. Missing avatar

      Alexander Thüx on

      Just contacted the support and they're sending out the devices this and next week!

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexander Thüx on

      Shipped mine on the 2th august and still haven't heard a thing ...

    20. Ryan Frederick on

      Shipped mine out august 6th. Still have not received the new one.

    21. Daro Bruno on

      We've been had! I have a strong feeling these guys have cut and run. Cut your losses and move on. If I haven't heard anything in 54 days I most likely never will and neither will you. There should be some sort of vetting process prior to the onset of a project. Unfortunately we all learned the hard way there are folks out there with grandiose ideas lacking the wherewithall to follow through.

    22. Kenneth ortiz on

      This product sucks, I've had it since it first shipped and this piece of crap never works! If I browse the internet it crashes. I've tried downloading the "beta" software patch and nothing? How can you guys sell this product when it's a shit product!

    23. Daro Bruno on

      Mine was delivered 42 days ago with no response;
      - 8/06/2013 - Tuesday 9:28 am Delivered BOSTON, MA
      Left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized
      6:58 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery SOUTH BOSTON, MA - 8/05/2013 - Monday
      9:42 am At local FedEx facility SOUTH BOSTON, MA 6:10 am At local FedEx facility
      SOUTH BOSTON, MA Package not due for delivery
      - 8/04/2013 - Sunday 4:20 pm Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
      - 8/03/2013 - Saturday 8:57 am Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
      - 8/02/2013 - Friday 9:11 pm Left FedEx origin facility WASHINGTON, DC 6:42 pm
      Picked up WASHINGTON, DC 7:32 am
      Shipment information sent to FedEx

    24. Missing avatar

      Ben Landry on

      And it looks like the delivery address has changed since they started this program and closed the MA office. Hope this is taken care of..........

    25. Missing avatar

      Ben Landry on

      Mine was delivered 35 days ago and I've heard nothing.
      August 12, 2013, 10:24 am
      BOSTON, MA 02118
      USPS Tracking™
      Arrival at Post Office
      August 12, 2013, 6:27 am
      ROXBURY, MA 02119
      Depart USPS Sort Facility
      August 12, 2013
      BOSTON, MA 02205
      Processed through USPS Sort Facility
      August 12, 2013, 12:29 am
      BOSTON, MA 02205
      Depart USPS Sort Facility
      August 10, 2013
      BOISE, ID 83708
      Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
      August 10, 2013, 9:58 pm
      BOISE, ID 83708
      August 10, 2013, 3:50 pm
      BOISE, ID 83701

    26. Bob Puckett on

      The link to the upgrade form seems to be broken. How can we get this?

    27. Missing avatar

      Alexander Thüx on

      As international backer I can only say this: It's a replacement, not something newly ordered. Therefore we might be able to skip customs ...
      @Equiso: Can you declare it to be return-unit? (which it basically is or in this case like you said a gift)

    28. Syco54645 on

      @David I figured I would have at least been sent an automated email stating we received your unit, please wait for processing. Thanks for replying back. Can't wait to get the new one.

    29. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Frank. As stated in the link with the downloadable form, it will take approximately 30 days to process your form and send out your free upgrade once we received it in the mail.
      - David

    30. Missing avatar

      James S on

      Reading Frank and Joel's comments below combined with mine getting returned to sender, I'm wondering if their offices are even open. Starting to sound like another publicity scam. I might as well keep my original if they can't even respond to emails.

    31. Syco54645 on

      So mailed my equiso in nearly 3 weeks ago, not heard back... What gives?

    32. Missing avatar

      Joel Cruz on

      It has been over 30 days since Equiso received my equiso and I have not received the upgraded version. I have contacted Equiso, opened a ticket and all I got was a reply stating that I will receive an email within 30 days of receipt telling me it was on its way. Sadly, that reply was sent to me after the 30 days time frame stated by Adam McBride. Please send me the upgraded version since you have my original Equiso!

    33. Missing avatar

      James S on

      I sent my equiso in to be upgraded and it got sent back. Is the office no longer open? What the heck?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathan L on

      Not gonna lie, I'd just be happy with a new Android version, but the fact that Pro backers had to pay more/wait longer.... not necessarily the best 'we turned one' present, but then again you guys don't have to give us anything so you definitely get kudos for trying. :-)

    35. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      Yes. If you bought more than one from the KS campaign you can send both in with one form together. Just as long as we can match your email address given w/the one you used for KS.

      Unfortunately for international backers we can't offer any other methods apart from marking the return package as a gift. Which it is. Send it to us with the minimal amount of packing to safely get it here is all we can say to do. But tracking is highly suggested because we had many issues with deliveries never showing up in the past.

    36. Tom Fink on

      Hi Equiso,
      for international backers, couldn't you just ship us a retail? Free or very cheap?
      As already mentioned by others, we don't gain anything on your nice offer due to all the charges on the way... We had more expenses already initially and are on the unlucky side again?! :(

    37. Jay Mclaughlan on

      My Equisio broke within a month of having it and it was binned a long time ago! wish i had held on to the broken one to get an upgrade

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Dennison on

      Similar to @Andrew, I have 2 devices. Should I fill out one form for both and send both back together, or 1 form for each and 2 shipments?

      Seems to be it would be easiest for all involved to send 1 form and both sticks. That way Equiso and I both save on shipping.

      What do you think Equiso?

    39. Missing avatar

      Gareth on

      Thanks, but no this is completely useless to international backers. not only did I have to pay over $50 in custom charges into the UK for my original stick I now have to spend another $60-$70 just to get an upgrade, thanks but no thanks thats just isn't suitable for international backers.

    40. Vincent Villella on

      Why in the world would you even say that Pro model backers can take part? If they aren't paying attention and actually DO participate in this "awesome" offer *Rolling eyes* then they are getting royally screwed. What you should have done is tell people who purchased the PRO model that they this offer does not apply to them as they still have a better stick than what the basic sticks are being upgraded to. Basically it's a Happy 1yr Anniversary to everyone but the ones who shelled out extra money for your pro model.

    41. Missing avatar

      Will P on

      Do we need to include the original box or can we just mail you the stick, remote and receiver?

    42. Missing avatar

      Will P on

      If we send back a pro stick after purchasing a new one at walmart will we be reimbursed for the full $99 that we pledged or just for the amount on the walmart receipt?

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I bought 2 standard models, should I fill 2 forms or just send both back with 1 form filled and mention it on the comment section.

    44. Missing avatar

      Romuald J. Krukowski on

      WOW! All of us backers who pledfged MORE for the Pro version should feel "priviliged"! All backers who pledged less than us get to UPGRADE to the retail version (essentially a Pro version in terms of spec's) for FREE, while we Pro backers get to DOWNGRADE (no Bluetooth in the retail), but also for free. A classical example of a "good investment" on my part and meisterstück PR on Equiso's part!

    45. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      if the pro and the retail stick have the same spec except the bluetooth
      what is the reason to exchange it?

    46. Missing avatar

      David Chu on

      Just shipped my Equiso this morning. I live in MA as well so it should get to Boston early next week. Thank you

    47. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Round Hut: We're only exchanging the Equiso SmartTV Sticks. If you want the extra HDMI cable you would have to either purchase it from Walmart or from a site like monoprice.

    48. Yuval J. Pecht on

      Nicely done! Giving us early backers a warm fuzzy feeling! Will be shipping mine soon. Tnx!!!

    49. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Paul: The pro model and the retail models are exactly the same specs except the pro models have bluetooth and the retails do not. They both have 8gb of internal storage w/an expandable microSD slot.

      @Antonio and anyone else who has still not received anything or has a broken unit. We have been actively doing our best to confirm everyones order were fulfilled. A lot of international orders get held up or just lost more than we would like and it's been causing headaches on both ends, we apologize.

      We ask that you contact us at with your backer info so we can better keep track of it and investigate where things are getting messed up.