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Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
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Equiso Smart TV

Posted by Equiso Smart TV (Creator)
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Most of you have received your Equisos and are enjoying them. For some of our backers internationally, we are having a longer than expected delay. We want to apologize for the delay. For the standard models most of them were shipped to the US, passed through US customs and then shipped internationally, passed through your countries customs and then delivered to your door. This time around with the Pros we wanted to speed up the process and ship to a fulfillment center in the UK to be distributed to Europe and some other countries. We thought this would speed up the process. But it seems UK customs seem to be more meticulous and backed-up/slower than USA customs.We are trying to do everything we can to speed up the process as it is frustrating to wait this long for a kickstarter reward. We have reached out to customs multiple times to try and expedite the process and just in case resubmitted all paperwork. As soon as we hear good or bad news from customs, we'll let you know.


More updates are coming! We will be releasing an update soon for the Standard and Pro units. Standard units update will include google tv remote app and dlna support. Pro units update will have a video signal fix for certain tv's where it was not detected and also speed and video performance fixes.


Thanks for your continued support and if you have any questions or need help, email



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    1. Niklas Jumlin on

      I submitted for your project on Kickstarter in July 10 2012. I still haven't received my Kickstarter reward (Equiso Pro with stretched goals).

      I've emailed support on numerous occasions but as nothing seems to be helping by doing so I'm now hoping that by posting here, as a starting point for the Equiso product, that you could reach out and tell me whats going on. I would like to know when my reward will arrive, I would also like to know the tracking number of the package.

    2. Tulakarn on

      I still get nothing , no email, no package, no feedback . Please trace my Pro model , please.

    3. Missing avatar

      GSharkey on

      Still no sign of the device or no notification from Aust Post/customs

      When will they be sent to Australian backers?

    4. J Steeves on

      My pro finally arrived in Canada this week, and it works. I got a shipping notice that it was on its way beforehand as well.

    5. Tom Fink on

      Hi Adam, hi Equiso Team,
      as I am getting desperate and its never sure on which channel to receive an answer of you guys, I am posting this on all channels I know.
      Unfortunately it came true as I expected. :( Also my post office doesn't know anything about your package.
      So, please resend one of the spare Pros from UK as soon as possible. And for sure you can initiate an investigation on the whereabouts of my original package in parallel to retrieve it back - wherever it got lost. :(
      I am really desperately waiting for my Equiso! Thank you. My address should be in your database. I even resent it by mail.
      Please solve this fast. Thank you!!

    6. Jean-François Gagnon on

      Please give us some news!!!!!!! I don't received my Pro version yet in Canada!!!!! Very very disapointed of the delay.

    7. Tom Fink on

      Hey KS guys,
      the notification email told me "Your order was shipped via Royal Mail Airmail, and is estimated to arrive February 1, 2013 - February 5, 2013."
      But no package arrived yet. And it's 17th already! :(
      Unfortunately there is also no tracking id provided for my additional 15$ international shipping!?
      So please resend a pro model to me as fast and traceable as possible!
      Thank you.

    8. Ralf on

      My last comment was from 21st of Januari, when will I receive my Pro version in the Netherlands?

    9. ALOK CHAUBEY on


    10. richard pullano on

      Jan 25th and NO Pro unit here in Canada yet.
      Still waiting and still wondering what's happening??

    11. Missing avatar

      HiRez on

      I'm from Israel and like many others that are still waiting to receive my PRO. when we will get it, it will be as yesterday news. :(

    12. Missing avatar

      realnumber 1 on

      I'm in the UK and still haven't received my Pro yet. Has anyone else in the UK? I'm starting to get seriously p****d off with all this. It's going to be outdated by the time I get it at this rate....

    13. Pradeep Pappu on

      I am from Canberra, Australia.. I haven't rec'd yet.. I would appreciate if you could email us some tracking number..

    14. Ralf on

      Is the customs in the UK working again? I am waiting from the Netherlands

    15. ALOK CHAUBEY on

      I AM WAITING FOR IT IN DUBAI....................STILL NO CLUE

    16. James Smith on

      I am in Melbourne Australia and got mine today. Just playing around with my setup but working fine so far.

    17. Missing avatar

      Warwick Tullio on

      What is going on with the pro models to Australia? When can we expect them delivered? A response and some customer service would be fantastic,

    18. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      Has there been a firmware update to the original batches? I haven't touched mine since the day I received it since it was basically useless.

      But I'd like a real update and not a beta-test firmware update since I couldn't get the previous beta revision to work.

      A link would be great since the forum is a cluster to sort out.

    19. Robert Grund on

      ...enjoying the Equiso.... Guys are you insulting me? This is really an affront!

    20. Missing avatar

      James Carlet on

      My Pro works good except the pointer is a little squirrely - did not work so well on the HDMI in back of the tv. Moved it to the front aux input of my Yamaha receiver. This worked a little better. Some Android apps do not work which I work around by going to the site URL. It was a little trouble to figure everything out with no instructions except the outside box notes - not too bad. Overall a good product so far. Plan to take on vacation to check out on other TVs. Hope they have HDMI inputs - most LED/LCD should I would think. Better than my old
      method using my smart phone or tablet with wireless.

    21. Missing avatar

      zolitt on

      Last chance to save your image would be to release the standard firmware update to make it useable THIS month...

    22. Ling Xing on

      What about canada.... I still haven't heard a peep.... ._.

    23. Daniel Khor on

      just receive my equiso pro today. right out of the box, plug n play but to found out the remote control battery were dried. so Im still in the mist of charging it and gonna test it next day morning. praying that nothing goes wrg.

    24. YoYo-Pete on

      @Ben - Go to the forum... There are step by steps on lots of things.

    25. Missing avatar

      Executor on

      Any chance you would answer one of those emails I've sent you guys (Adam, Support, Distribution)

    26. Ben Lorenz on

      I got my Pro about a week ago - it's everything the Standard should have been. Very nice - loving the AirPlay feature. Any chance we can get a link to instructions on how to install the beta firmware for the standard?

    27. Ted Morin on

      Are they shipping from a US fulfilment centre for Canada?

    28. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Lewis on

      Thanks for completely failing to even refer to Australia or the reason that we are yet to receive any information of ANY kind regarding shipping of the pro's. Well Done.

    29. Petko Ganachev on

      I'm in the us and haven't recived my pro yet. Hoping it's more then a paper weight that the standard version is.

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel-Andre Claude Delorme on

      Also still waiting for mine. Not even shipping confirmation.

    31. YoYo-Pete on

      Will the pro models also receive the "google tv remote app and dlna support"?

      Are these just apps available on the play store or specific to the device?

      Very excited for the pro video issue fix.

    32. superbang on

      Still haven't gotten mine...