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Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
2,703 backers pledged $241,557 to help bring this project to life.

Pro model, Software Updates, Wifi

Posted by Equiso Smart TV (Creator)

Wait, wasn't that the last update? Yes! But this one is better.

Pro Model

Its almost done. What does that mean? It means its done with production and we are putting the Pros and the accessories in the boxes. The Pros will be leaving the factory this week and on their way to the order fulfillment centers. We added a couple more order fulfillment centers internationally so that backers not living in the USA will get theirs quicker than last time.

A little housekeeping on shipping

Depending on the country (or local post office), some shipments will be waiting at customs or your local post office until you pick them up. We ship them to you, but, occasionally the postman likes to hold on to it (maybe they want an Equiso of their own). We thought we would give you a heads up as some countries have special requirements.

Software Updates

We have been pushing out beta software updates monthly. If you want to try the latest beta update head over to We are nearing a stable release soon and when it is ready it will be pushed to you via an over the air update.


Wifi connects you to everything, thats why we keep on bringing it up in every update. We have worked with the wifi chipset manufacturer and have made general speed and signal improvements. Most of you have reported to us that wifi is working well, but there are still a good amount of you that are having problems. We are going to work with you until we can achieve the best wifi performance possible.

From everyone on the Equiso Team, thanks for your support, feedback and stories of your Equiso.

- Adam


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    1. Missing avatar

      Serge Richard on

      I've been waiting since July 17 for my Pro version... They say that patience is a virtue', then why do they say 'time is money'. And yes, I'm being respectful and considerate, but it should go both ways.

    2. Shane Felgate on

      can you stand behind your product and give us support on it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Mine finally arrived, and it won't turn on. I would of emailed you privately, but I don't have or want a Facebook account, so this will have to do. The keyboard works I tried it with my PC, the stick just leaves my screen in stand by. I tried pressing the button on the stick as well as the remote, I even switched usb cables and wall warts.

    4. Shane Felgate on

      so I found out how to airplay to a tv from a mac but u can only do using iTunes, this is not what i payed for

    5. Shane Felgate on

      the issue with turning off the device is that i found that the device gets hot even when not doing anything on it but playing music

    6. Shane Felgate on

      there is also no way to turn the device off short of removing it from the tv, the power button doesnt work to turn it off only works for turning it on

    7. Gary Bottom on

      Got my device today too, although they sent me the wrong version (regular, not pro) which is disappointing since we all waited for the Pro version. Hopefully it will be resolved soon, even though it is not a Pro it is fairly nice and fun to play with, although I see the need for the stretched goal specs almost immediately.

    8. Shane Felgate on

      no idea how to connect a hard drive up to it since you have to plug the mouse usb into the only usb drive to get the controller to work

      the device will power off of the tv if the tv has a usb port and its plugged into the equiso instead of using a wall outlet

      the device is so fat that if the HDMI port is on the back of the TV you can forget using this device unless you use a HDMI 90 degree turn angle from ebay for $4 or instores for $10-20

    9. Shane Felgate on

      just got the device today
      airplay doesnt work from a Mac Laptop as promised thats nice, the device isnt even the drop down menu
      airplay does work from an iPhone for music but NOT MOVIES(Network Error 1-bebbb1b7)
      the keyboard doesnt always work, my h key doesnt work until i hit g first backspace and then h works

      mine didnt come with a SD Card

    10. Derek Downs on

      FYI; Got this email shortly before 5 PM this evening:


      Thank you for your business and Equiso purchase.

      Please take this time to review your order and shipping information. If changes are needed, please reply within 24 hours to allow us to make the necessary changes. If no changes are needed you will be provided a tracking number in 24-48 hours. If changes are needed you will be provided a tracking number in 48-72 hours.

      Again, thanks for shopping with us, and we hope to see you again soon.

      The following items will be included in this shipment:

      1 x Equiso Smart TV PRO (EQ-SMTV-02)

      This shipment will be sent to:

      (My shipping address)

      It looks like it won't be much longer, folks, although my MK802IIIS with Melee air-mouse and keyboard ordered Christmas day will make it to my house before my tracking number from Equiso makes it to my inbox.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gianpaolo on

      Can you please update? I still don't have my Pro model...

    12. Mohammad Tanbir Ahmed on

      you can get all update on on General Equiso Discussion

    13. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      I'm not in a huge hurry to get it but I would definitely like more frequent updates than what we are getting right now. So is there a way for us to check whether it's actually shipped out with a tracking number? I assume that will be given out by those "fulfillment centers?"

    14. Curtis Reinholdt on

      Not everybody has a god damned facebook so it is pointless posting updates there equiso!! seriously lacking customer service. I couldnt be more disappointed.

    15. Shane Felgate on

      there updating ppl through Facebook…

      Hey everyone. Update on the shipping. USA, South America and Asia shipments have cleared customs and are in the fulfillment centers. They are being processed now and you should get tracking information within the next day or two. Europe and Canada shipments are still in customs and should go through today. Happy New Year!

      - Adam

    16. lcox on

      I am an orig starter I have my Equiso I stopped trying to use it because it gets very hot. Will the update help. It was freezing alot also. Is the Pro an extra charge or is a replacement? please respond

    17. Missing avatar

      ddt on

      Hey Adam - your last KS login was 1/1/2013 (today). How about an update for the folks that kicked down $241,557 for this project? Given the drama linked in this thread and the delivery delays it is the least you can do (although if you want to cut me a check for my pledge I'd be happy to take that too...)

    18. Missing avatar

      Joel Brubaker on

      There is no Santa Claus.

    19. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      So when are you going to return our stolen money?

    20. Hashem Aldhaheri on

      All previous comments said it all regarding delay of Pro delivery! Mine is no different. Yes you're late in shipping Pro version to us, please give us feedback on what's happening from your side, life is not perfect, we expected some delays or technical difficulties, and this is happening with other Startups too, but they do respond and they do send us updates! We cannot wait forever you know!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Derek Sullivan on

      Just got a reply saying they will be shipping soon in the US and UK. The units are in customs in both countries now. I was also told they will be posting an update soon.

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. Curtis Reinholdt on

      Please for the love of god can we get an update. Did you ship them by bird or what? Lol Customer service is too priority and it's been poorly done imo. I'm not pissed off off but getting there.

    24. Rachel Marcus on

      There seriously needs to be an update. If you are going to be this far behind on delivery then you need to be providing updates with much more frequency. Not a good first impression of the product.

    25. Missing avatar

      Norman Rosenberg on

      Promises Promises and still no delivery of the pro model.
      Vaporware and 100 dollars lost.

    26. Missing avatar

      shawn humphrey on

      Any Updates on shipment? Estimated delivery: Oct 2012 its almost January now and no mention of when they will ship out from the fulfillment center? its been almost a month since they left the factory

    27. Enrico Vigo on

      Good news, but how can I know you sent me my equiso? this to search it by the custom!!
      Enrico Vigo - Milan Italy

    28. Shane Felgate on

      Equiso sent me somewhat of an answer

      The pro orders have left the factory on the boat heading to our fulfillment centers. They will be shipping as soon as possible. We will have updates to let everyone know whats happening very soon.

      Thank you,
      Equiso Support

    29. Laurie Richards on

      Any update on Pro shipping? Getting worried now ...

    30. Shane Felgate on

      I feel like i should had just gone and bought an apple tv at this point

    31. Missing avatar

      Matt Brown on

      Absolutely pathetic. And yet, I can't tell you what I really think of this project and its creators at the risk of losing access to my account.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tan Cheng Hock on

      Pledge $55 or more
      You selected 400 backers Sold out One Equiso Smart TV with wireless gesture remote. Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

      Estimated delivery: Aug 2012

      I have still yet to receive mine.

    33. Derek Downs on

      This was my first kickstarter experience. It is also my last. Has this project been abandoned? Is the Pro model vaporware? The responses to valid inquiries have been nothing short of abysmal and inexcusable. Hardly the way to treat people that put their good faith and money into this project.

    34. Missing avatar


      Has it shipped?

    35. Missing avatar

      Patrick Ready on


    36. Missing avatar

      John on

      In all honesty, is this just a good idea that didn't work out? If you are simply not able to follow through it would be better to just say so, instead of stringing us along. If you can follow through give us a proper update in a timely fashion with a firm shipping date. This was a great idea when you started, but many other companies have since gone to market and run with it. Maybe that is the problem and you no longer have a corner on the market, so you have no impetus to proceed.

    37. Missing avatar

      Caleb Worm on

      How can I get a refund? ... this is just plain terrible. You are ruining the good name of Kickstarter, as well.

    38. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Calzuola on

      Hi, any update ? I do not need it for Christmas, but I'd like to have this device ...

    39. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      FIFTEEN days from the last update, and no word. Will we, or will we not, have ANY chance of getting these for Christmas? Because if we won't, I'm going to go buy a Roku LT, and I'll feel really pissed off. It would be one thing if y'all had originally said August and then in an October update, said, so sorry, but January 2013, but you've been stringing us along a few weeks at a time and it's very hard to plan!

    40. Jean-François Gagnon on

      Same thing for me. I'm waiting for my Pro Model and no new update from you until december 3... I want it before Christmas lol

    41. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    42. Jake Ball on

      Hate to sound like a broken record, but have the Pros shipped yet? If not, when? It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow without any update.

    43. Os Money on

      any update on the shipping status?

    44. Reuben Robert on

      hi there. we haven't received any freight information or tracking codes from your shipping company. can we please have an update on this? thanks.

    45. Jeff A on

      Has the Pro shipped yet? Any response would be better than no response... thanks

    46. ZippyFund Inc. on

      Been over a week, can we expect to see the pro in our hands before Christmas?

    47. Missing avatar

      Sarah Doxiadis on

      Yay! I'm so looking forward to seeing my Equiso Pro in action. It will be the first Android device for me, and I'm ready, ready, ready!

    48. Missing avatar

      Inbae Ahn on

      Hey Adam,
      I am one of your original backers from July and I haven't received mine yet. I live in Canada and when there is a package delivered and held we get a notice slip in the mail. I never received any notice that this ever shipped. Can you send me proof it did please? (