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Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
2,703 backers pledged $241,557 to help bring this project to life.

Pro Model, Software Updates, Wifi

Posted by Equiso Smart TV (Creator)

Hey Backers, we wanted to give you an update on the latest developments.

Pro Model 

Production on the Pro is coming along. We have had a setback in production and it has pushed us back two weeks. We are not thrilled about the delay but it was needed. A small amount of backers (less than 2%) of the original model have had an issue with the usb port on the remote not being secured properly. We addressed the issue and are waiting for the new mold of the remotes interior case. The new case has been designed to hold the usb port in better. 

Software Updates

Beta software updates are available at We will be releasing a new beta in the coming days that will address the force close, lag, load times of applications, beta drivers for six axis use in games and wifi performance. As always, we look to our backers to give us feedback of the beta firmware updates. 


Some have reported issues with wifi signal integrity, range and bandwidth. In our test environments we have not been able to replicate the issues that some have reported. To help us find the problem we are working with Realtek the wifi chipset provider to improve wifi performance. We have sent them the Equiso Smart TV and they are testing it in their lab. Their testing facility is meant to put wifi in the most extreme conditions and find where the problems are occurring. They will continue to work with us until the Equiso Smart TV has received high marks in their testing environment.

Thanks everyone for your support and we will continue to work hard to provide a great experience for our backers.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Seah C M on

      This is getting hopeless. I contributed my pledge many months back ago and received NOTHING (estimated delivery Aug 2012)!.

      Posted a comment 10 days back but received nothing; no feedback. Is this how you treat your backers? Come on, be a little professional and at least respond with email and update!

    2. David Dawczyk on

      Awesome news! Have a question though, I asked this back on the last FB post but havent received a reply;

      You guys said you have a fulfilmet center in HK right? would it be possible to have mine shipped directly from there via air? I really dont want to wait another 3 weeks for it to cross the ocean and then another 2 weeks for customs, fulfillment and shipping. If I have to pay a few more bucks above the $15 I have already paid I can do that.

    3. Shane Felgate on

      i received an email from yall saying that the pro will ship at the end of November, im guessing it is in shipping...

    4. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      This is ridiculous. The estimated delivery time has long since passed. You better be adding some more power, storage, or something to this device...

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Bremer on

      Add one more to the list of backers that are interested in hearing some sort of update on the Pro.

    6. Missing avatar

      Seah C M on

      Hi, I had pledge my contribution many many months back (and the $ was deducted by Credit Card), but to date, I have not received anything. Can you please let me know what is going on? CM

    7. Joshua Parr on

      Please update us on the status of the pro model. That would be greatly appreciated. :)

    8. Jeff A on

      It's been two weeks without any info... update please.

    9. Missing avatar

      Davey Williams on

      Getting a little frustrated that there is no information on the shipping date yet....
      Is this going to be a stocking stuffer or not?!?

    10. Missing avatar

      Sakthi on

      Second half of November is already going to end this week. No update yet on Pro. Please post updated activity so that every one would at least know when to expect.

    11. Missing avatar

      Caleb Worm on

      So then ... When are these shipping?!

    12. Chris Binnie on

      Like many here I am still waiting for my Smart TV Pro. Any news on delivery???

    13. Missing avatar

      J Scott Savage on

      I am running out of patience..... When will I receive my Equiso Smart TV Pro???

    14. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Calzuola on

      when do you plan to ship the smart tv pro ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe on

      @Jeff Schallenberg
      Hi, I ask a suggestion about the remote control of SmartTV, that is, the battery lasts a very short, in for recharging it takes a long time, with the consequence that it is not possible to start Equiso on TV.
      There would be some solution to this issue, thanks I await communications

    16. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe on

      @Jeff Schallenberg


    17. Jeff A on

      Could we get an update on your timeline for shipping? Any news is better than no news...

    18. Missing avatar

      William B. Miller on

      i pluged a 4 port usb hub in, hooked up a wirless mouse, keyboard and a netgear ea 101to my router - got 10 meg download speeds and a controllable mouse - buffering issues went away -

    19. Missing avatar

      William B. Miller on

      the bata update will download, but will not unzip/install - useless as niples on a bull!!!!!! some instructions say put the bata in root - so how do you put the bata in root???

    20. Joses on

      Fmotta that doesn't make much sense to me because my tv in my room is already a smart tv but requires either an Ethernet or wireless dongle connection. I have the latter and the screen in facing the access point. My tv gets a connection with it's dongle with no problems. It's a Samsung smart 3d tv.

    21. S. Ryan Chabotte on

      So before Christmas?

    22. Chris S

      Still haven't received my 2 (House Pack) despite exchanging some rather rude emails with support (rude on their side). So, you ever plan on shipping to all customers?

    23. Jeff Schallenberg on

      @Giuseppe, @Chris Cowles:
      How to perform the beta update:

    24. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe on

      Hi, I tried to connect the smart equiso to your computer via the USB cable, but it is not recognized by the computer, I would like to know if there are specific drivers to recognize it, otherwise I can not do the upgrade received via email, I look your communications

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Cowles

      So how does one update the software on the Equiso device?

    26. Missing avatar

      George Vaccaro on

      I've contacted equiso multiple times over the past 9 days regarding issues with my remote. No one replies when I email as instructed when contacting your facebook account. I imagine that the remote's USB port that was mentioned in this update might be the source of the problem I'm having with the remote (just not working anymore) in the case that it's just not charging.

      Please let me know the details regarding how/when we will be receiving replacements and where we need to send our broken remotes.

      On a positive note, before the remote died I was very impressed with the Equiso and the timing was great as we were able to watch videos while our cable was out due to storm Sandy.


    27. Missing avatar

      Mark S on

      I understand the delay, I'd rather have it fixed properly then sooner, but is there an expected ship date for the PRO??? Before Xmas, Januaray, Feb, March???

    28. Missing avatar

      realnumber 1 on

      I'll be happy if I get this before Christmas but suspect I wont now.... :-(

    29. Missing avatar

      Pete Basofin on

      Wifi strength has been an issue for me. I had to set up a Netgear range extender to use Equiso in my bedroom. I don't have any problem getting wifi reception on my iPad and PC in that room. (The wireless router is in the living room about 25 feet away.)

    30. Missing avatar

      Derek C on

      So before you said the PRO would ship in the second half of November. Does this +2 week delay mean that it will ship in December? I would appreciate a more accurate date for shipping than just "we have another delay".

    31. fmotta on

      I had a challenge with WiFi connectivity until I rotated the screen and put it back to front. The signal seems to be impaired by the obvious shielding and noise of the TV/monitor. This is not so easily fixed since the TV/monitor is probably designed to shield parts of itself from internal and external noise (aka signals it does not own/manage - aka an equiso TV device).