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Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
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Posted by Equiso Smart TV (Creator)

Hey everyone. For those that have received the Equiso Smart TV we hope you are loving (and the bugs that shipped with it :) your new Smart TV.

This is going to be a short update. Not really an update but an invitation. We have some great news coming for the backers of the Pro.

Get ready for the announcement on Friday.

- Adam


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mobo Doco on

      I've had an interesting visit to our customs there in germany. They said, equiso does not have a HDMI license. I didn't get the device and customs will destroy it.

      Is anyone out there with the same "experience"?

    2. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. David Dawczyk on

      All I can say is, November cant some soon enough!

      Im really curious what the A9 isclocked at though, or are you guys not done finalizing the clock speed yet?

    4. Missing avatar

      Quy Vuong on

      i had pledged $69 dollars for one unit but sitll haven't received it. I should have received this unit around August timeframe as promised. Not sure why it took so long.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexander Thüx on

      Any Germans receive their (normal) model yet? Still waiting for mine ... a whole week with USPS and not a single update for the tracking number ... just ends at departed Los Angeles ..

    6. Missing avatar

      Derek Sullivan on

      It's Friday! Where's that great news? :)

    7. Missing avatar

      H. Torres on

      thanks Bruce for the answer!

      1) I was worried for just unplug the stick thinking about the processes currently running, the equiso team asnwered this question on facebook: "The Android OS is very resilient. Its meant to be shut off real quick for a number of reasons."
      2) I was thinking on installing a launcher but I wonder if the general performance will get affected.
      3) My question was about using the SD card of the equiso, I wanted to upload a movie directly on the Equiso without plug another USB stick on it, but thanks.

      I wonder if they can recommend any task killer in order to improve performance
      & i'd like to know if anyone tried Hotspot Shield compatible, i am from mexico & i'd like to get international content for streaming.... I guess this last question is really important for international backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Murray on

      Tech questions and posts unrelated to a specific update should probably be posted under the comments tab and/or the unoffical forum otherwise responses could be missed.

    9. Mohammad Tanbir Ahmed on

      @ Bruce: head over to and submit any fix, tips you have.

      this scares the shit out of me now, USB Port fell out on remote! :

    10. Missing avatar

      Bruce Bergman on

      Hi Hugo --

      1) Just unplug it. There is no "off" button
      2) I couldn't tell you, but I don't expect there to be any problems with launchers. Just may not do much. Maybe the Equiso guys can answer definitively.
      3) The Equiso needs a compatible HDMI port, and that's really the only interface that you might want.

      #2 and #3 are great questions, though, and I'm going to watch for answers. I'd like to put these up on the KickyWiki page for Equiso ( in the FAQ section when we get some official answers, or when you try it. :-) Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      H. Torres on

      I just receive my equiso in México!

      just 3 questions:
      -how do you turn off the equiso if i don't want to use it?
      -is it safe to install a launcher on the equiso?
      -can you connect the equiso to the computer?

    12. Missing avatar

      Sakthi on

      This is great News to hear for Pro.. Been eagerly Waiting

    13. Mohammad Tanbir Ahmed on

      I am excited to get my PRO model....This should be better than standard model.
      Some one actually made output from hdmi to dvi to his pc monitor with equiso....

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim Murray on

      To All: The Pro versions haven't shipped yet.

    15. Bill Bradford on

      My non-Pro unit hasn't arrived either.

    16. shivam dubey on

      did you guys email the backers with the tracking number cause i havnt got anything yet in shipment neither an tracking number in the email , can some one pls update me with this

    17. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Steven Draper. Does it show the boot logo with the spinning circle?

      - Adam

    18. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Joel Levin - The Minecraft Teacher. Nice detailed pic. Email We'll get it fixed for you.

      - Adam

    19. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Carmelo Establier Sanchez. Try restarting your router.

      - Adam

    20. Tristan Louis on

      Still waiting for my PRO to arrive.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sam Stern on

      I ordered a PRO and it hasn't arrived yet!

    22. Citizen Smith on

      I got Pro.. I got Pro.. *clapping hands* Ooh, ooh, ooh.. what is it? *stupid grin*.. can't wait, ooh, ooh.

      eQuiso : For all those middle aged 12 year old tech heads out there.

    23. Draper

      I also have an issue with mine it doesnt get past the boot screen??

    24. Judah Zeigler on

      I haven't received mine yet - when will I be receiving it??

    25. Joel on

      Hi there. My Equiso remote arrived with physical damage. I can't find how to contact support about getting a replacement. Can you let me know. I really want to play with it!

    26. Carmelo Establier Sanchez on

      I have issues with the wifi connection (it does connect to my cellphone but not to my router...) of my Equiso system... What can I do?