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Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
2,703 backers pledged $241,557 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Equiso Smart TV (Creator)

Its almost here. The Equiso Smart TV's have arrived in the LA port and now we are just waiting for customs to clear them. Its been a busy 60 days since the ending of kickstarter and its great that our backers will be getting their Equiso's very soon.

We started this project with a few backers and an idea. It was a simple idea to transform every dumb tv into a smart tv. Very soon we will be turning over 3000 tv's into smart tv's that can enjoy Netflix, HD content, music, the web, the Google Play store and Android. You as a backer helped make that happen.

Enjoy the picture of the Equiso Smart TV's in the LA port.

  • Image 164726 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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      Bruce Bergman on

      @Rob, you have a GREAT idea about the wiki, and I've taken it to heart. :-)

      I've started a wiki page for anyone interested in helping to document this awesome device, list issues with TV's or apps, help troubleshoot, etc. We are all in this together, so please help share your experiences and what you've learned about how to use this device.

      The wiki is here:

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      photograffiti on

      Just received mine. I ordered two but only got one. Other one still shows at USPS. Not Equiso's fault... just good old USPS slowness.
      Comes with no manual at all. I figured to plug the RF USB into the Equiso itself and then plug the Equiso into the HDMI slot. But nothing happened. TV says nothing is plugged in.
      The Equiso does come with a mini-USB charger so that's what I'm doing right now. Hopefully after charging it up something will actually happen when I plug it into my HDMI port.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Hamot on

      I just got mine right now and it doesnt seem to be able to fit into my HDMI slot on the back of my monitor. The device is too fat to be able to fit into the slot. I'm kind of disappointed about this but I guess the sad reality is that I will have to buy a male to female HDMI cord from amazon in order to remedy this. Maybe you guys should just make a 2 inch male to female extender for situations like mine (I'm sure in the future I will not be the only one).

    4. fmotta on

      I got about 2 hours of NetFlix while plugged into my computer monitor. It worked great. The remove is a bit annoying since it doesn't stop displaying the cursor for a bit and it moves around in a bit different manner than I am familiar with.

      Yes, I determined hot to use it - but a single pic with what plugs into what would have saved me about a minute.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alden Manipula on

      Got mine yesterday. It's setup now and i've tried Netflix and have installed XBMC. I've only played with it for about 30 minutes but it's working well. Now for my questions. Why no manual? It took me a bit before i realized i had to plug the usb dongle into the Equiso to work the remote properly. Is there a downloadable one available? What's the button on the side of the stick do? How do we setup the remote to control the TV power? Do we have to power down the Equiso or will it go into a standby/sleep mode? Is there an official forum for us to communicate with you on other than facebook?

    6. fmotta on

      Excellent! I received and set up my Equiso and it is working great for NetFlix.

      Watching a show tonight and going to tinker with more apps later.

      Looks great!

    7. Missing avatar

      Joel Burton on

      I was doing th math based on the numbers and the box and it looks like there aren't enough to cover all backers that are owed a unit. they are showing a total number of cartons of 39 and I think I am reading the number of peices per carton is 54. That means 2106 total units. There are 2700 backers, 2650 of which are supposed to get a unit. Thats at one per backer. Some backers pledged enough to get 2 or 4 units.

      Hopefully we can get a reply to when we are going to recieve these as it has been almost 2 weeks since the last update or communication, as well as the quantity question.

    8. Krakn3dfx on

      Haven't received any shipping email either. Hopefully they had enough made to cover the backers, if not, that's going to be very unfortunate.

    9. Laurie Richards on

      I still have not had any shipping email, are these still being generated? Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      photograffiti on

      Just got noticed that both of mine shipped. Estimated to get here 2-7 days via USPS.

    11. fmotta on

      When/where will the code be available for us to hack?

    12. Missing avatar

      Massimiliano on

      Hi, still haven't received mine or any tracking info. Can you please update?

    13. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      Please post your questions about shipping on comments tab or email us. Thanks.

    14. Siddharth Kabra on

      Hi, still haven't received mine or any tracking info. Can you please update? Eagerly waiting! Thanks. :)

    15. fmotta on

      I got my tracking information in email as well.

      Does equiso have a real website that shows the services/sites that the equiso offers?
      The equiso URL only goes to facebook and, if there is more there then it's not visible to non-members.

    16. Missing avatar

      photograffiti on

      Got my email about 2pm CST yesterday. Subject was "Your Equiso Support order is being processed". Doesn't match any of the three above but I think it's equivalent to 1) Your order is int he warehouse.

    17. Kenneth ortiz on

      got mine earlier today!

    18. Joses on

      i haven't gotten any email =/

    19. Missing avatar

      H. Torres on

      from facebook:
      "Hey BACKERS, great news!

      We have cleared customs and our warehouse is “in-processing” inventory and your orders as we speak. Once this is done, they will start to fulfill orders (eta this evening). You will be receiving the following emails: 1) Your order is in the warehouse, 2) Order being shipped and tracking number, 3) Order delivered.

      In other words your orders start shipping out tonight!

      Thank you all for your help making the Equiso a reality!!"

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike J on

      I got the same email but the order only had me down for 1 when I ordered 3. Hopefully they will get that resolved.

    21. Ali

      I got the same email as @toobar; I just read it as informing us that our "order has been sent to [their] warehouse" and they will process accordingly. I assume that no action on our end is required -- unless the address they cite to us is incorrect.

    22. Missing avatar

      toobar on

      I just got the following email. Although I don't know if it means that it has been mailing to my house or if they are sending me this because its sitting in their warehouse and they are trying to confirm my home address.


      We thought you'd like to know that your order has been sent to our warehouse. Thanks for shopping with us, and we hope to see you again soon.

      The following items will be included in this shipment:

      1 x Equiso Smart TV Standard (EQ-SMTV-01)

      This shipment will be sent to:

    23. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      Hey Equiso please respond, "where r u?"

    24. Andrew Bates on

      Was doing a little research on the average time that products coming from China take to clear customs, and the average days I got from about 10 different websites was about 6 days.

      This means since the last update was September 30th, hopefully that they will be clearing today or tomorrow (that is if customs officers work on the weekend) according to the UPS and Fedex websites they do not observe Columbus day, so there hopefully is a chance that they will be on route on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

    25. Ali

      My household is really looking forward to receiving this :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Shan on

      So excited to see this picture. Is it on the way to us yet?
      As the saying in the update #14, "Shipping by sea to the US will be 2 to 3 weeks max. To speed up the delivery we are using on order fulfillment company that already has all of your information and will have all of the packages shipped in under 48 hours." , I guess I can enjoy it on my TV this weekend, am I right?

    27. richard pullano on

      Just wondering it ANY backers ANYWHERE have received ANYTHING at all???

    28. Shane Felgate on

      is this the pro model or just the regular model?

      are these shipping out starting on Sep 30?

    29. Tom Fink on

      Please Equiso, try to help your Non-US backers saving the tax by instructing your logistic partner to send the packages in the "right way". ... we already paid a couple more $s for shipment anyway. ;)
      Thank you!

    30. Jesse Abernethy

      Grrr... Why does Customs take so long! Plex on my PS3 is driving me insane with it's half-assdness!

    31. Missing avatar

      Robin Bertens on

      Just hope it's send as "low value gift" this usually saves me from paying customs (in the Netherlands).

    32. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Barth on

      And in Europe it will be shipped to the customs office, where you have to pick it up. In Germany, even when there is no customs duty, you will have to pay another 19% VAT like any import from outside the EU.

    33. Missing avatar

      Toni Galdon on

      @Alexander I think so... I'm from Catalonia and if they did not sent them to a warehouse in Europe is what it will take to reach us! Then @Equiso when the shipment to our homes start it will be fine you say the tracking numbet and also the way you will ship it ( it is not the same ups (5 day max) than usps ( 15 days )!

    34. Missing avatar

      Alexander Thüx on

      Does that mean it'll be another 3-4 weeks until we get our parcels in Germany?

    35. Pedro Gelabert on

      Can't wait for mine to get here!

    36. CK on

      @Rob, we all have our own purpose of using it :) Hope the forum can be established as soon as possible, so we can get the most out of it.

    37. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      There are 16 boxes of 54 pcs on each pallet. Thats 864 sticks. So in this picture we see 2 pallets -- there must be 7 boxes on a seperate pallet (=39). What it all means? I have no idea ;) but I'm already laughing in the face of those people who cancelled their order this past few day!

    38. Missing avatar

      Rob Shepard on

      What we needs a Wiki for the Equiso so we can post and maintain a database of applications that work with it, as well as other technical information and tutorials.

    39. Missing avatar

      Rob Shepard on

      @Andrew we can't really tell if "each box is not labeled", since we only see the two boxes with ##/39 written on them, and notice they are written in the exact same spot on those two boxes, and the picture doesn't have enough quality to show if the box on the top left of the right side crate (closest to the center) has the same marking or not.

      Honestly, I believe that these 39 are for the US, and the remaining boxes are at international locations for those international backers.

    40. Andrew Bates on

      I believe that the number on the boxes are for the number of skids, not number of boxes, as each box is not labelled. A standard wooden pallet size is 4' x 4' and the standard shipping containers come in 20'x8' or 40'x8', this means that with a 20' container piled two skids high they can fit two skids wide, by 5 skids deep, or 20 skids total, logically in a 40' container you can fit 40 skids...hmmm...39 skids.

      So the math looks like 39 skids x 16 boxes per skid x 54 units per box = 33696 total units.

      It does not make logical sense that they would only order in 39 boxes or 54 units or 2106 units with the cost to produce the units, shipping, logistics, etc. Produce in mass quantities for a $ value far below what we paid, and produce enough stock for a years worth of sales.

      Whether all 39 skids came to LA, and now they need to be shipped elsewhere, or if they will be fulfilling all North American and International orders from LA, I cannot answer that, it does make more sense to keep all stock in one spot though and ship out from there.

      Either way, it is way too late for me to be dabbling in math problems... probably got the numbers wrong anyways...

    41. Daniella Fayad on

      Although I am still curious to know if it can stream HBOGO.

    42. Daniella Fayad on


    43. Missing avatar

      Rob Shepard on

      @CK: I am mainly interested in having it stream to a TV, especially if I can save getting an AppleTV specifically for that. I currently have AirServer installed on my Home Theater PC for doing AirPlay Mirroring of my iPads display.

      Its not just about Netflix or YouTube or other video services. There are videos that I may have on my phone that I wish to stream, or even mirror the display for one reason or another. If this software server works, thats just one more added use (and $100 saved on an AppleTV).

    44. CK on

      @Rob, ok. Maybe I didn't notice there is such android app exist. Anyway, since Equiso can do the video streaming directly, I unlikely I'll stream it via phone. Sometimes I received call and message during video streaming via Apple TV, it's kinda of frustrating.

    45. Ondrea Graye on

      I am going to need one of these apps for I am an Apple user new to the Android scene. Are these easy to set up?

    46. Missing avatar

      Rob Shepard on

      @CK: The comment i posted had the name of an Android app in double quotes.
      "AirPlay and DLNA/UPnP Player"
      It is an Android app that allows for video, audio and pictures to be streamed to an Android device via Apple's AirPlay as well as DLNA. There are also desktop applications that do the same thing for PC and Mac, one of which is called AirServer.

    47. CK on

      Could it be possible that US and international backers are separated? Because I remember Equiso has distribution center in Europe and Asia.

    48. Missing avatar

      Roger Kibbe on

      Great! Are the Pro models included? If not, when can we expect those to arrive. Regardless, congratulations on this milestone

    49. Petko Ganachev on

      @kokobin, what juan martinez is refering to is the same places I am getting the numbers from. those markings are standard shipping practice for any international shipment. Each box must be labled with Quantity, Net weight, and gross weight, and each box must be labled as box# out of all boxes.