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Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
Turn any TV into a Smart TV. Android 4.0. Control it with the wave of a hand, using our revolutionary gesture remote.
2,703 backers pledged $241,557 to help bring this project to life.

Equiso Smart TV Pro - Stretched Goals

Posted by Equiso Smart TV (Creator)

What’s that? More? We couldn’t give away everything on the first day. Where’s the fun in that? 

Our goal was to raise $100,000 on kickstarter to begin production, though, what’s really important to us after that goal is the support of the community. That’s why we want to say thank you with even more features. We have a new $99 pledge. The “Equiso Smart TV Pro - Stretched Goals “ pledge. Every time we hit our goal we give everyone in the stretched goals pledge even more features, for free. How’s that for saying thank you.

Pledges $39 and $55: CHOICE of Original Model (Ships August) or PRO Model with 1 GB RAM and additional rewards if goals are met (Ships October)

Pledge of $69: ORIGINAL MODEL ONLY! (Ships in August) 

Pledge of $99: PRO MODEL! (1 GB RAM plus additional stretched rewards if goals are met) (Ships in October) *Can multiply $99 by however many Smart TVs you would like to order to get more than 1 Smart TV 

Pledges of $125 and $138: 2 ORIGINALS MODEL ONLY! (Ships in August)

We hope this helps anyone that is still confused. :)

Equiso Smart TV Pro Rewards 

Included 1gb of ram

$250,000 Wifi Direct

$450,000 Bluetooth 4.0

$750,000 16gb internal storage


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan L on

      Thank you for your speedy answers!
      Your dedication to your customers shows, and I'm not just saying that because of the possibility of better hardware, but because of the number of updates your how good you've been about responding to comments. Keep up the good work. :-)

    2. CK on

      So conclusion is early backers (39 or 55) and backers of 99 will get 1gb ram when 150k goal is hit and so on.
      Backers of 69 will not get free upgrade even if 150k goal is hit. looks like backers of $99 is a kind of gambling where he may not get 1gb ram if target is not hit compare to those who pledge $69.
      Why don't you offer the PRO (99) with 1gb ram for sure (or maybe other things), so people will have more confident and reason in pledging at this level? Otherwise they may end up paying extra $30 for nothing.

    3. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Jonathan L. The rewards above $99 are for 2 Smart TV's or more. If a backer wants 2 Equiso Smart TV Pro's they would choose the stretched goals pledge and pay $99 times the amount they want. Also, wifi direct is similar as adhoc except its meant to be easier to setup.

    4. Missing avatar

      Derek C on

      @Jonathan Only the people in the $39, $55, and $99 pledges will receive the upgrades if the goals are reached.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan L on

      "Every time we hit our goal, we give everyone in the stretched goals pledge, even more features, for free."
      That was what caused the original confusion. To be quite honest I'm still a tad confused, but it sounds like:
      If we hit a specific stretch amount the $39, $55, and $99 pledge points will receive the upgrades. Do those above $99 get the upgrades as well?

      Also, from a technical standpoint how is WiFi direct different then an AdHoc network or any 'hot spot' creating device?

    6. Missing avatar

      Derek C on

      I for one see this update as a great thing!! I backed knowing that 1 Gb of RAM was not gauranteed, and I am okay with that. This product is at a great price, and they seem to be hard at work making the best software they can.
      I am glad that they have chosen to support giving perks to the early-birds if the goals are met. Since 600 of the 667 backers are early birds anyway, this should make most people happy! At nearly half of the price of the PocketTV, you can't expect all features to simplly be given to us right away. Plus, if we reach the $150,000, people pledging $99 will still get a better deal than the PocketTV group (by $36).
      For those of you complaining about a demonstration video not being posted yet, have faith that they will post one. They are clearly trying to appease their backers by adding this update, and I'm sure they will continue to provide us with information.

    7. jeff adams on

      Thanks I think I finally understand :) Here's hoping for more backers!

    8. Colby L on

      Thanks, Equiso, for hanging with us and taking the time to clarify! As an early bird backer I'm very glad that I can have access to the updated features if we reach the stretch goals. Cannot wait for this product!

    9. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @CK LAM. Hopefully the new post update answers your questions.

    10. Jeremiah James Jameson on

      WHEW!!! THANK YOU!!!! EQUISO SMART TV ROCKS!!!! Thank you!!!

    11. CK on

      @Equiso, I can see a lot of misunderstanding on the stretched goals interpretation. Perhaps you need to rephrase it to more understandable 'English'. Give example on your post update please...

    12. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @jeff. Funding levels must be met for early backers to receive rewards.

    13. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      Thanks backers for helping us clarify the post!

    14. Jeremiah James Jameson on

      We understand that you can't make the upgrades avail for the $69 backers. All of us here are curious on why you wouldn't give the upgrades to those of us who backed at the EARLY BIRD deal... I would even be happy if you made a $79 deal for the PRO with limited backers at that price(first come, first serve).

    15. jeff adams on

      ack every time I read a comment I'm more confused :) so the early birds get all the stretch goals regardless of the end funding level? if so, then let me up my early bird pledge to something more befitting what we're getting

    16. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      POST UPDATED!! Early backers of the $39 pledge and the $55 pledge are included in the Stretched Goals pledge.

    17. Jude M on

      I retract my comments concerning early birds upgrading in light of your statement "The early birds will get the stretch goals included." I certainly think the update could have been more clear on that point, though. Also, I still think that a new backer selecting the $99 level before a stretch goal is met would be a very odd decision.

    18. Veronica Ng

      So if I made a $55 pledge earlier on I wouldn't get the stretch goals unless I give up my early slot?

      Doesn't having two versions instead of one increase manufacturing cost?

    19. jeff adams on

      @Cesar - that's assuming the end funding reaches the goals.

    20. Missing avatar

      michael pham on

      I assumed then the limited $55.00 pledger backers are considered early birds !!!

    21. jeff adams on

      I dunno...I don't see many people jumping at the $99 pledge until they know for sure they are getting some benefit, and even then, is an extra 512 meg ram worth $30?

    22. Missing avatar

      cesar garcia on

      So only the people in 39, 55, and 99 get the upgrades for free

    23. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @bonmot. The early birds will get the stretch goals included. We still need to pay for manufacturing and since our philosophy early on was to give everyone a great experience at a great price, we created the early pledges with no wiggle room. If you look on the internet, for what we are giving our backers, the price is very low. We wanted to give our backers a great deal when we first launched our project and so we took all of the profit margins out. The normal pledge, you get the Equiso Smart TV and the wireless gesture remote for $69. Thats a great deal. We hope our backers can understand that we are trying to give them the most features at the best price.

    24. Jude M on

      I find it hard to believe that you think a substantial fraction of your $39 and $55 backers will switch to paying you $99 in the hopes of boosting your total by ~$110k or more. Even if they all did, that's less than a $30k bump. I just don't see how a rational backer is going to do that. At best, it could help you shift some people up at the very end once you've already achieved 2-3 of these stretch goals. I don't even see how someone would pick $99 now instead of $69, given that you get the exact same thing for now; there's just no reason not to pick $69 and upgrade later if the $99 reward ever actually becomes better. Perhaps more consideration of the backers' incentives would help you see why we're mostly puzzled.

    25. CK on

      Is my understanding correct?
      People who pledge $99 gets original smart tv + 1GB RAM + Wifi Direct + BT 4.0+ 16GB storage
      whlie backers for $39/$55/$69 will get 1GB RAM if $150k target is hit. Get another Wii direct if $250k is hit and so on.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt Sorenson on

      what is wifi direct?

    27. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @CK LAM. Wifi direct lets you setup a personal wifi network to connect to devices without a router. Bluetooth 4.0 will allow you to add peripherals without connecting them.

    28. bonmot on

      Ooops - sorry I skimmed the update and assumed that Equiso was doing a traditional stretch goal where essentially every "real" pledge level benefits. Forgive me if I sounded condescending above. It was unintentional.

      I completely agree with the people above that requiring a $99 entry fee for the added benefits is not cool. Rather than punishing their early backers for their support, they should reward them as well.

      For an example of how best to do real stretch goals and how successful they can be, I suggest the project creators take a look at the D-Day Dice project, which hit over 13 times its funding goal in large part to its very attainable stretch rewards which ALL levels of backing receive.

    29. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Fergal. Thanks for your support and backing us. We truly want to give our backers something special in every pledge, we are trying to offer the best reward for the price of the pledge. The $55 pledge offers you a lot at an amazing price, but we can't give all those features away at $55. We really want to, but the Smart TV wouldn't become a reality if we did since we wouldn't even be able to manufacture it at that cost. We are not trying to upsell anyone, we are just creating a special stretched goals pledge for backers that want more.

    30. CK on

      Please explain more about wifi direct and bluetooth 4.0.

    31. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @CK LAM. After dozens of requests from our backers, we wanted to give a great deal to our backers. In the comments, our backers asked for more ram, at our current price of $69 that couldn't be a reality. We created this reward for people who wanted more. If we were just to have the $69 reward, we couldn't offer all those feature at those prices.

    32. Fergal Butler on

      As an early backer who pledged $55, on the basis that I want the project to suceed, it really doesn't make sense for me to change my pledge to almost double that amount at $99 on the possibility of additional rewards/functionality, should additional goals be met. Wouldn't it make more sense to make the additional rewards/functionality available to everyone when the goals are met? I doubled my pledge on another Kickstarter project when it was clear that additional functionality would be made available to all after reaching certain goals.

    33. CK on

      Correct me if I'm wrong, are you saying that people who pledge at this level ($99) will definitely get all the upgrades instantly while people who are already backers (other than this category) will get the free upgrades according to the goals hit?

    34. Missing avatar

      LBalk on

      I dont get this either feels like an as seen in tv deal.
      I jumped in because i thought it was interesting. Now i am not sure about it, if the wanted to offer other leveks with options i get it. What i dint get is pay 69 or 99 fir the same unit. Makes no sense , maybe i am just slow today.

    35. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      The stretch goals was created for people who want more than just the Equiso Smart TV. We wish we could include all of the stretched goals in the $69 price but that price is very low and wouldn't be a reality. $99 is very low, but we just wanted to create something for people who wanted more features.

    36. CK on

      What is this? By seeing the estimated delivery date, looks like only the backers in this category will the 'free' stuff when hitting these goals. I was expecting a demo rather than this.

    37. Scott Vander Molen

      This is ridiculous and not how stretch goals work. Stretch goals are supposed to benefit everybody who gets the physical end product. If you want to raise more money, add some crazy expensive stretch goals at $500 and/or $1000 where the people who pledge at that level get to fly to Boston and celebrate with you guys. Stuff like that. Usually there's at least one person who goes for it.

    38. Equiso Smart TV Creator on

      @Jonathan L. We love our early birds! Thanks for being our first backers! Early birds don't have to upgrade to receive the Equiso Smart TV Pro, its included only for them.

      The stretched goals pledge is a special pledge where if the goals are hit, everyone in that pledge receives free upgrades.

    39. Ladislav Thon on

      Either I don't fully understand this update (as other people in this discussion, I understood that only the new $99 pledge and above will get the upgrade -- and where is the point of being an early bird then?), or this is a clear sign that Equiso isn't really serious about this project. Either way, I think I just lost faith in this.

    40. Brian Eng on

      This sounds like current backers have nothing to look forward to if everything is going to cost extra. "Stretched" is an understatement, we'll be lucky to make it to the first stretched goal!

    41. bonmot on

      On the other hand, these are pretty aggressive goals considering where we stand right now. I see no way that we'll hit $750K when the maximum reward is at the $275 level, but I've been wrong before.

    42. Jeremiah James Jameson on

      Honestly, if we were the first to pledge and got the $39 deal, we don't get any of the upgrades? I might drop my pledge to $1 if this really is the case...

    43. superbang on

      Whoops sorry about the spam. On a phone at the cottage. Spotty 4g connection.

    44. bonmot on

      To the uninitiated, stretch rewards are a way that projects increase the value for everyone upon meeting certain funding goals. So they are saying if we hit 150K, all backers will get a 1GB RAM device instead of 512K (and on down the line). I think this is a great way to attract new backers! Thanks!

    45. superbang on

      The reason I backed this project was because it was a lower price point thtian the infinite smart tv usb stick. If I have to pay twice the amount for the same amount of ram but a lesser processor I will stick with the infinitec model.

    46. superbang on

      The reason I backed this project was because it was a lower price point thtian the infinite smart tv usb stick. If I have to pay twice the amount for the same amount of ram but a lesser processor I will stick with the infinitec model.

    47. superbang on

      The reason I backed this project was because it was a lower price point thtian the infinite smart tv usb stick. If I have to pay twice the amount for the same amount of ram but a lesser processor I will stick with the infinitec model.

    48. superbang on

      The reason I backed this project was because it was a lower price point thtian the infinite smart tv usb stick. If I have to pay twice the amount for the same amount of ram but a lesser processor I will stick with the infinitec model.

    49. DeltaLima

      i agree, as an early bird backer im kinda bummed that we would be excluded. Early backers are the foundation that really get the projects off the ground. To me being an early bird is more than simply getting a deal, its showing that initial faith in the project, the product, and the company/teams goals to help get them off the ground and ramp up their funding and backer numbers.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jonathan L on

      I really think the $39 and $55 (since they're limited, and already sold out) should get upgrades as well.
      We all know you're going to hit your goal, and if I'm correct we can change our pledge amount, but saying "Hey, pledge more money and you might get something" isn't going to make your current pledges too happy... because if we can't change the pledge amount, we lose out. And if we can change our pledge account, you better believe that I won't be changing my pledge until the last day, and only if you've hit at least $450k because $45 is not worth an extra 512mb ram to me.....