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Handmade hoodies inspired by pop culture!

We've exceeded our goal! 

What this means:

1.  All pledges for a hoodie ($69 and $138 plus any additional shipping costs as noted for outside the US) will be honored!

2.  After the Kickstarter pledging period ends we'll start on making a production sample of the hoodie.

3.  After about 2-3 weeks we'll post images of the final production samples of the blue/black and red/black hoodies.

4.  We'll also post a sizing chart for sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL so you can select the hoodie size that will fit you best.

5.  About 30 days after Kickstarter pledging ends you'll receive a survey requesting your: color choice, size, and shipping address.

6.  If all goes smoothly and everyone responds in a timely manner to the survey for color/size/address we should ship in September!

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Hero HoodieZ.  Inspired by Pop Culture. 

Hero HoodieZ all start as an original one-of-a-kind custom made design.  We're using Kickstarter to see which hoodies should go into production.  Is this hoodie a winner?!?

We need your pledge to help bring down costs so we can get this hoodie to the people!  By pledging on Kickstarter to buy Hero HoodieZ #1, you’ll be helping us:

-          Make patterns and grading to produce the hoodie

-          Purchase raw materials

                     o   Fabric

                     o   Ribbing

                     o   Zippers

                     o   Laces

                     o   Grommets

                     o   Thread

                     o   Labels, etc.

-          Hire help to cut, sew, and assemble the hoodie

-          Create stock to so we can offer multiple Hero HoodieZ styles


Pledging $69 today saves you money tomorrow.

The retail price of Hero HoodieZ #1 will be $79 plus shipping and handling.  By supporting us through Kickstarter and helping Hero HoodieZ get off the ground, we’re offering a Kickstarter special -- only $69 plus FREE SHIPPING!  You’re saving over $20 and you’ll be one of the first on your block to sport this awesome hoodie.


How to Order

Select a method of pledging found at the top right.  Once the project meets its funding goal and ends, you'll receive an email from Kickstarter confirming your pledge.  We'll then get to work on creating samples and finalizing production.  Once ready for production we'll contact you again requesting you to confirm your color (blue or red accent) and size (S, M, L, XL, XXL).



Hoodies will be made in US Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.  After funding ends and we've completed patterns, grading and finalized a sample, we'll provide you with a size chart and all measurements so your hoodie fits.

We've Added Colors!

Your choice of color has been added to this project!  Choose from Black & Blue or Black & Red (not pictured).  For the red option, all blue shown will be replaced with red!  Once Kickstarter is over you'll receive a survey asking you for your color choice (plus your address and size).  Can't decide?  Select the reward with 2 hoodies and order them both!

We only need 124 people to pledge $69 to make this hoodie a reality!



Timeline for shipping.

We believe an estimated date of September 2012 is very doable.  Here is what we see as a timeline:

-          07/18/12  Kickstarter Ends

-          07/18/12  Production starts on patterns and grading

-          08/01/12  Production sample is made and reviewed

-          08/15/12  Final sample is approved and production begins

-          09/15/12  Final goods are received by us and shipped to you!


Spread the word.

The only way this hoodie will arrive on your doorstep is if you pledge – and tell some friends.   Tell your mom.  Tell your dad.  Tell your grandma.  Tell anyone that owes you a gift.  If no one owes you a gift, tell them you deserve one.  Buy yourself a gift.  Buy a friend a gift.  Buy your loved one a gift.  Just pledge and make Hero Hoodiez a reality!


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