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Modular tabletop gaming bags, cases, & accessories for boards, cards, miniatures, dice, tokens and more. Protect, Store, Travel, Play!
Modular tabletop gaming bags, cases, & accessories for boards, cards, miniatures, dice, tokens and more. Protect, Store, Travel, Play!
Modular tabletop gaming bags, cases, & accessories for boards, cards, miniatures, dice, tokens and more. Protect, Store, Travel, Play!
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    1. Scott Mohnkern
      about 12 hours ago

      @Bruce - update 16, now a month old, indicates they will not make their September commitment.

      However they have yet to disclose a future fulfillment date.

    2. Bruce Abernethy 3 days ago

      Looking forward to September shipping - love to hear if that is still "in the cards" :-) Used the 1.0 bag and sleeves last week - enjoyed them a lot. But, if 2.0 things will slip beyond the holidays 2018, and aren't in production yet, would you consider optionally refunding pledges?

    3. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Last update mentioned a better quality material and the testing/ process that goes with that to offer a great product. Is there progress with a prototype? Everyone on KS understands delays however a picture speaks volumes. No worries yet just curiosity getting the better of me.

    4. Nova Est 5 days ago

      Looking forward to another update 🙃

    5. Scott Mohnkern
      6 days ago

      I agree with Luis - It's been over a month since an update

    6. Missing avatar

      LUIS 6 days ago

      Helloooo? An update would me appreciated, thank you

    7. Scott Mohnkern

      Time for an update?

    8. Missing avatar

      LUIS on

      Woops! There it is....and a major delay, couple of months!

    9. Missing avatar

      LUIS on

      Well, how about an update, or a comment at least? Kinda silent lately...

    10. Scott Mohnkern

      Time for an update? It’s been two months.

    11. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @Chang The timeline still has us shipping in September. I am optimistic that you will have it for PAX uplugged in November barring any delays. Best, InIt Gear

    12. Failtasmagoria

      Any idea when we might be able to order more Large Gamefolios with mini inserts? Just realized one won't be enough for all the minis in the Rising Sun Kickstarter. Also, any update for May/June? Itching to get my grubby paws on the 2.0 bits!!!

    13. chang on

      hey all.. i forgot if there has been an update to timeline. when is delivery expected?
      wondering if i would have this for PAX unplugged. :) (nov 2018)

    14. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @Josh Quaile I checked in Backerkit and you are good to go.

    15. Josh Quaile on

      Hello, I am unsure if I have responded to the pledge manager yet. Is there a way to check if it's all good to go?

    16. Scott Mohnkern

      Time for a monthly update?

    17. chang on

      also.. there is no way for me to add more foam divider, right?
      (ps that would have being awesome)

    18. chang on

      hey all.. doing my PM :D
      trying to determine how many I need. I have the classics one, and I don't think I would upgrade to this one. I like the version 1 and they do their job.

      Anyone knows if the foam tray for cards fit inside gamebox of LotR card deck? I order that game and would like to organized it with this foam inside, for easy move into my large gamefolio when traveling.


    19. Bruce Abernethy on

      Checking up on this project - looking good. I do not see an e-mail or way to confirm that I've responded to the "Backerkit" e-mail and info. Is there a way to confirm that everything is good to go when things are ready?

    20. Missing avatar


      Bought a 1.0 from yalls website and I fit a good deal of GKR cards and extras in it. Cannot wait for the 2.0!!

    21. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      We haven't set a firm deadline just yet but probably end of March or April.

    22. chang on

      do we know when PM is closing?

      just did 3 othets PM, wonder how long i have to do this one

    23. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @James Herby,
      Yes, we can take care of this. I sent you a direct message.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Herby on

      So, I got a new game and was wondering if I can add something to my pledge or if it is completely locked down right now.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Herby on

      Thank you for the answer.

      I was super confused

    26. Lenny

      Makes sense. Thank you for the response. I was sorely tempted, but opted for the Small and Classic, as my main concern is consolidating for monthly weekend flights out of town, fitting a few games in my briefcase for use with students, and not overwhelming folks with a big bag of games when I visit a non gamer's house. At least that's what i decided so far. It's always possible I'll go ahead and add the large with card insert, and maybe a miniature insert, and maybe another classic, and another small, and maybe the binder, at which point the Vault starts to make more sense too... And so it goes. �

    27. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      Right now that is somewhat up in the air. We are adjusting sizing on the Large Gamefolio and the foam trays, so they may not fit in the Classic Gamefolio unless we adjust that as well, but we are not sure that we want to do that.

    28. Lenny

      Will the narrower foam mini trays fit in the classic gamefolio?

    29. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @James Herby,
      We will automatically add the stretch goal rewards to each shipment that qualifies during the shipping phase of the project. No need to add them on.

      We have Vault Rain Covers available as add-ons for those backers who previously got a Vault Duffle 1.0 prior to this KS campaign and want a rain cover for it now.

      Add-on Vaults and Gamefolios will qualify for stretch goal rewards as well.

    30. Missing avatar

      James Herby on

      How do the stretch goals work?

      The rain cover says free with all vault duffles, but it is a paid add on in the pm. Wondering since I really don't need 2 rain covers for one bag.

      Also, do we get the extra bags on anything we add in pm, or just original pledge?

    31. Missing avatar

      C. M. on

      Thanks a bunch - got 'em!

    32. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @C. M.
      We ran through the inventory on those faster than anticipated so they were set as temporarily unavailable as add-ons...however, we just got more in so you should be able to add them on again now.

    33. Missing avatar

      C. M. on

      The Tasty Card Sleeves did not show up on my Backerkit (they were not even shown as an option). Are they still available? They would be under Add-ons, correct?

    34. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @Kristoffer Knutsen,
      Because of the various size option of the miniature trays and color options of the Large Gamefolio, in order to make them available as add-ons, we needed to offer them separately with the way the pledge manager works. You would choose the empty Large Gamefolio and then choose the mini trays you want to go along with it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Knutsen

      Is there an option for the large gamefolio with miniature trays? I looked but couldn't find it in the pledge manager

    36. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @A H,
      The foam trays for minis can fit directly in the Vault duffle bag's main compartment. The vault duffle can hold up to 12.5" of foam. Each tray is either 1", 2", 3", or 4" deep and they all have an additional 0.25" EVA foam base so that needs to be accounted for as well. So basically any combination of tray depths can fit inside the Vault duffle up to 12.5" total.

    37. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      Thanks for checking in on this. Go ahead and add-on the items from Gamefolio Package A and message us so we can add a $10 credit to your Backerkit to offset the cost so that it matches up with the package pledge amount on Kickstarter. Right now this is the quickest way to make this happen. Sorry that there isn't a more direct solution.

    38. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Hi Init Gear, before the end of the campaign, I asked if I would be able to add-on a second package A and was told this would be possible in the pledge manager. However I don't see any package options in the pledge manager. Can you please advise how I would go about doing this?

    39. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Hey Katrina,

      Absolutely. I do hope Init Gear get it sorted asap.

    40. A H

      Hey, can I get some more details on the miniature foam trays, and how they relate to the dufflebag? how big of a pile that enters into the dufflebag (I assume it isnt magic, so 4*4" trays wont take as little space as 4*1" trays...)

    41. Katrina Hennessy

      @Jill - I see what you mean about the shipping. Adding two foam trays added an additional 25% shipping above the Fully Loaded system.

      @Init Gear - Thank you for answering all my questions about the foam trays and helping me decide on an appropriate selection. I am also glad to read you are working on the shipping charges issue.

    42. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      Yes, that should work out just fine. There is room for about 4.25" of foam (Each tray has 0.25" firm base in addition to the 1",2",3",4" soft foam). Your manuals will likely fit into the large pockets/pouches of the Large Gamefolio which are separated out from the foam trays with a large flap.

    43. zarathud on

      Getting a Large Gamefolio for D&D night when I'm the DM. If I order a 2 inch foam tray for monsters + 1 inch foam tray for NPCs, will that leave enough room for the 1.5 inches necessary to stack the DMG and Monster Manual?

    44. Missing avatar

      James Herby on


      Going to confirm everything now and get a couple of add on and then will be adding a lot more later.

    45. Init Gear 2-time creator on

      @James Herby,
      Yes, you can unlock or ask us to do so later and adjust or add more items, up until the time we fully lock surveys which won't be until after February.

    46. Missing avatar

      aerandir on

      what are the dimensions for Foam Trays for Miniatures in PM? there are 2 distinct dimensions for vault bag and large gamefolio but not choice in backerkit.
      it's not possible to add another dimension for standard game box 30x30? BR

    47. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Hi Init Gear,

      Thanks for the acknowledgement, and for addressing my concerns via DM. I appreciate that this isn't going to be an issue that is just swept under the rug, and that you took my disappointment with such grace.


    48. Missing avatar

      James Herby on

      Mostly wondering because I have some ideas for what I want in there, but I keep getting more stuff.

    49. Missing avatar

      James Herby on

      Question, if we confirm it now, and decide later to add more stuff, are we able to unlock it and get more?

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