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We're taking back the holidays, one Chanukah sweater at a time! Whether you're Jewish or not, everything is better in the sweater.
Created by

Carin Agiman

293 backers pledged $20,884 to help bring this project to life.

Numerology, Recent Press and a Secret Weapon

First comes first---a HUGE thank you to all of our backers (150 as of right this second)!

Now, we're going to use the undeniable (actually, very deniable) power of numerology (because Jews love numerology) to prove to you that this Kickstarter CAN make it, and also to convince you to use all means necessary to get your friends and loved ones to help fund the project:

Geltfiend translated into corresponding numbers = 7 5 12 20 6 9 5 13 4 *

Okay, we're already bored of that.  Definitely not worth the effort.  But you know what is?  Sharing some awesome (and much-appreciated) recent press:

Jewcy Magazine:


6 Degrees No Bacon:


So  here we are, three weeks to go and we're at 46% of our goal!  If you want to wear your Geltfiend Chanukah sweater so bad you can feel it (soft, righhhht?), you need to channel the early-adopter/Jewish-fashion-trendsetter that you KNOW you are and make it happen.  There are at least 149 other backers that will be so disappointed if you don't.  #guiltfiend



*feel free to use these as Lotto numbers

SECRET WEAPON: As a last resort, use the image below to seal the deal. 

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