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$17,858 pledged of $60,000 goal
By JumpCore
$17,858 pledged of $60,000 goal

Spotlight: Speed Zombie


With the Kickstarter mired in the dreaded mid-campaign slump, we know that’s it’s going to be a fight to spread the infection far enough to be successful. We’ve got a few things in the works that are going to help - a cool new perk for an existing reward level, and a new member of our horde who is going help out and focus exclusively on community relations, allowing the team to focus more on making cool stuff for the game and for the Kickstarter! But that’s all coming in the next update, later this week. For now . . .

Cameron’s Q+A was featured on Daily Dead, and Blue’s News ran an unsolicited news item on the game. We also continue our ascent on Steam Greenlight . . . Undead Overlord is now more than 90% of the way to the Top 100 and rising. With your help spreading the infection, we could potentially break into the Top 100 before too long!

Once again, your help in spreading the word remains essential - at over 450 backers so far, we’re developing a pretty great horde already, but we’ll need to grow it further to reach our goal and put this game on the fast track to release! Let’s spread the infection as far and wide as we can!

And now, without further delay, we give you - our Rotted Ripper of Rage; the lanky lurker that puts the pounce back in the pack; the Cuisinart of zombie mutations, made to flay and slay, and nothing much more . . . the Speed Zombie!

Family Portrait: Bone Structure to Die For
Family Portrait: Bone Structure to Die For
Evolution of a boss zombie, Part 2
Evolution of a boss zombie, Part 2

Name: Speed Zombie

Height: 7 ft, 6 in

Weight: 350+ lbs

Attacks: Slash, Double Trouble, Disemboweler

Cut you once, cut you twice, or slash you up the middle - the Speed Zombie is ready to slice and dice.

Special Ability: ???

The Speed Zombie has an uncanny ability to disappear. Is that a boost of ridiculous speed, or could it be true teleportation? Some kind of crazy camouflage, maybe? As the tenets of reality dissolve, and the borders between Earth Conception and Dimension Z begin to unravel, any of these might become possible . . .


Shrouded in mystery, the Speed Zombie can run down just about any meat sack on two legs. Not only do they move fast, but Speed Zombies are also the fastest mutation to become available, requiring only a pair of grunts to form a complete union. Lean and predatory, this mutation rarely stands tall, but prefers to squat and pounce, only gaining extension as it lunges along the ground on all fours, digging extra purchase out of the hardened ground with its massive claws. A pod of Speed Zombies can make short work of a whole crowd of meat sacks - just the way it should be! Dominion will be ours!

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