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A Historical set containing a book and model of the famous U69 where history and modeling are combined at the highest levels of quality
A Historical set containing a book and model of the famous U69 where history and modeling are combined at the highest levels of quality
A Historical set containing a book and model of the famous U69 where history and modeling are combined at the highest levels of quality
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    1. Missing avatar

      Helmut about 10 hours ago

      Hola amigos de Scale 75, saludándolos y solo para preguntar si sigue siendo en Septiembre la fecha para el envío y entrega del kit y el libro Wolfie Battle of the Atlantic...gracias espero sus comentarios

    2. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @Nkululeko Jansson:

      It's closed but if you didn't fill the survey it should still work for you.

    3. Nkululeko Jansson on

      Any idea how far along we are with the backer kit? like how many need to answer.

    4. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      [EM] Hello everybody.
      We remind you that the Backerkit is already open and that as soon as you all fill it, sooner we’ll start with the production and keep the delivery date that way. Hurry up!

      In addition, we take the opportunity to share the preorder of our friends UBOOT The Board Game:, an interesting game related to our campaign. We are sure that you will like it.


      [ES]Hola a todos.

      Os recordamos que ya está abierto el Backerkit y que cuanto antes lo completéis todos, antes podremos empezar la producción para mantener así la fecha de entrega. ¡Daros prisa!

      Además, aprovechamos para compartir el preorder de nuestros amigos UBOOT The Board Game:, un juego interesante y relacionado con nuestra campaña. Estamos seguros de que os gustará.


    5. Isador Sotho on

      Thank you a lot :)

    6. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @Isador Sotho:

      Hopefully this week we'll have the pledge manager open, sorry.

    7. Isador Sotho on

      Any news for non spanish speaking folks?

    8. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      Hola David
      Disculpa el retraso en contestar.
      Estamos trabajando en el aun. Posiblemente la semana que viene estará listo.
      Un saludo

    9. Missing avatar

      David Antón Álvarez on

      Hola buenas¡

      ¿Sabéis para cuando estará más o menos el pledge manager de la campaña?

      Muvhas Gracias y un saludo.

    10. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      Quizá en el futuro... Gracias por tus palabras.

    11. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      Buenas , una pregunta por desconocimiento , el resto de figuras que no han sido desbloqueadas , qué sucederá con ellas? Gracias y mi más sincera enhorabuena,un saludo

    12. Graham Connor

      Eagerly awaiting the maiden voyage!

    13. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      [EN] Thank you, thank you and thank you a thousand times.

      Once again, our KS campaign has been a success because of all of you. We've unlocked a lot of SG but above all and most important is that we can now start with the production.

      At the end and almost in the last minute we've reached the 26.781 Euros goal and 187 backers put their trust in our project.

      Next week we'll start to set up the PM so everything is ready in a short time.

      Stay tuned to the updates we'll be posting in the following weeks. Again, thank you very much.

      Your support has been our success.


      [ES] Gracias, gracias y mil veces gracias.

      De nuevo nuestra campaña en KS ha sido un éxito gracias a todos vosotros. Hemos desbloqueado muchos de los SG, pero sobre todo y lo fundamental es que podemos acometer la producción.

      Al final y en el ultimo suspiro, hemos llegado a superar los 26.781 Euros y 187 personas han confiado en nuestro proyecto.

      La semana que viene empezaremos a preparar el PM para que este todo listo en muy poco tiempo.

      Estad atentos a todas las actualizaciones que iremos haciendo a lo largo de las próximas semanas. De nuevo muchas gracias.

      Vuestro apoyo ha sido nuestro éxito.

    14. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @Eric Williams:

      They are the same scale and can be used with the ones in the game or replace them. They intend to add more realism and variety to the game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Williams

      Can someone explain to me exactly how the U-69 Crew 1/72 scale pieces will be used in conjunction with UBOOT? I backed UBOOT and am interested in getting this 1/72 scale crew, but I wanted to know what purpose they'll serve first. Would I use them in addition to, or would they be replacing other pieces?

    16. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @John Meeks
      We hope to unlock it during this campaign. We're still on time. 😜

    17. John Meeks on

      will the third bust be made at a later date even if we don't unlock it during the campaign?

    18. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      Si es correcto. Gracias por tu aportación.

    19. Missing avatar

      Helmut on

      Mi intención es adquirir el segundo de los bustos de la campaña...

    20. Missing avatar

      Helmut on

      Hola, es la primera vez que participo en una campaña, espectacular proyecto Scale 75!, mi pregunta es que tuve la oportunidad de ser backer por el "wolfie pack" y acabo de aumentar a mi pledge 45 euros para uno de los bustos, esta correcto el procedimiento?

    21. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      Eso es Juan
      @Frank Engemann
      Don´t worry. At the end of the campaign, you fill out a survey with everything you have chosen. It is what is called Pledge Manager.

    22. Missing avatar

      Frank Engemann on

      OK, I have done so. But how do you know, wich bust I want to get? Sorry :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      Si quiero los dos bustos ,añado a mi contribucion 90 euros? es de este modo como funciona?

    24. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @Frank Engemann:

      You'll have to click the button "Manage your pledge" on the upper right corner and add those extra 45€ to your pledge amount.

    25. Missing avatar

      Frank Engemann on

      Hi there. As I have seen, the first busts are ready to order for 45€. But.... how can I do that? Can you help me please?

    26. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @Thomas Borreli:

      Thank you!

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Borreli on

      Excellent! Another example of Scale 75’s great attention to detail and customer service!

    28. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @Thomas Borreli
      It is already included in the kit. It is unpainted resin.
      The black wooden base is not included, only in the Pledge of the painted submarine.
      Thank you.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Borreli on

      Would it be possible to purchase an additional decorative insignia to display with the model as is shown?

    30. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @Eberhard Flux
      Thank you for your words, welcome to our campaign.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      Really nice video. Good quality, good balance. Not to much pathos, not to less drama. And technically sophisticated.
      Normally I'm not interested in U-boats very much, but you made it to wake up my long sleeping "Das Boot"-feeling from 1997. So I backed your project.

    32. GAlvar

      @Scalet75 is really interesting also really expensive ;)

    33. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      Now only 2 left, just in case you are interested ;)

    34. John Meeks on

      closing in on that second bust stretch goal.

    35. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      There's a pledge level to get the full model painted, only 3 spots of 4 available now :)

    36. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      Thank you, you won't be disappointed :)

    37. GAlvar

      @SCALE75 I've read on your website you provide painting services, maybe it's an option...

    38. Missing avatar

      LordLudo on

      I'm in. Wow, such a laugh for a French guy to see the "Vache Qui Rit" logo in full light and glory, and associated with a Kriegsmarine context ! Shouldn't you know, fellows outside of France, "La Vache Qui Rit" is a very famous brand of spreading cheese, especially known and appreciated from kids since dozens of years. I myself was "raised" eating "VQR" and bread at every breakfast in my childhood... Little did I know it was linked with a "U" (whereas I'm no stranger to Kgsmarine and U-Boote related militaria) ; I have yet to discover the story behind the scenes, and I look forward to reading about it ! Great project, and I'll wait for it with much anticipation.

    39. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      In the book you have all the steps and techniques you need to learn how to paint it :)

    40. GAlvar

      Hi, pretty interesting project, it's such a pity my painting skills are so low, if not I'll pledge for the model.

    41. SCALE75 4-time creator on


    42. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      We'll post a sketch tomorrow :) Thanks for the idea.

    43. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      Ya tengo submarino para hacer inmersiones de fliplaarr y encima con lectura

    44. Doggo on

      @Scale75 Thank you for the info. Might be a good idea to add the measurements to the pictures on the frontpage.

      And Good luck with the campaign.

    45. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      Es automático, nos queda registrado el número de backer al participar en estas 24h, no os preocupéis :)

    46. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      Approx. measures are:

      Length: 24,5cm
      Width: 10cm
      Height: 13,5cm

    47. Missing avatar

      Alejandro_V on

      Hola! Sólo durante las primeras 24 horas estaba incluido el tripulante extra verdad, hay alguna manera de seleccionarlo o es automático?
      Y excelente trabajo

    48. SCALE75 4-time creator on


      Thank you for your words! We'll post exact size soon.

    49. SCALE75 4-time creator on

      @james campbell:

      Thank you!

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