€41,684 pledged of €35,000 goal
€41,684 pledged of €35,000 goal



[EN] Hello everyone. There is less left to achieve our first goal and to be able to found the game.

We have introduced some changes in the campaign suggested by yourselves and we hope that they will be an incentive to get many more SG.

For now we are going to adjust more the gaps between some of them and we will take out the planned expansions so that they can be added to your pledges from now. They are as follows.

We can also announce that at the end of the campaign you would be able to choose the language of the complete game between English and Spanish. The version totally in Spanish is now part of the campaign.

We hope that you like the changes and that we can continue to grow and unblock many more SG

[ES] Hola a todos. Ya queda menos para cumplir nuestro primer objetivo y poder fundar el juego.

Hemos introducido algunos cambios en la campaña sugeridos por vosotros mismos y que esperemos que sean un aliciente para conseguir muchos más SG. Por lo pronto vamos a ajustar más los espacios entre algunos y vamos a sacar las expansiones previstas para que se puedan añadir desde ya a vuestras promesas. Quedan de la siguiente manera.

También podemos anunciar que al final de la campaña se podrá elegir el idioma del juego completo en inglés y castellano. La version totalmente en castellano entra a formar parte de la campaña.

Esperamos que os agraden los cambios y podamos seguir creciendo y desbloqueando muchos más SG.

Gracias por vuesto apoyo

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    1. SCALE75 3-time creator on October 11

      Hi Shane, what do you mean?

      The stretch goals that we moved were those that unlocked expansions to be added as add-ons. Those stretch goals didn't mean FREE expansions. I hope this helps you.

    2. Shane Dobbie on October 11

      So, now I have to pledge €160+ to get the same amount of things I potentially could have received for my initial early bird pledge of €60? That’s very annoying

    3. Missing avatar

      Kelly Halley on October 11

      @Billy - it does. Thanks for replying.

    4. Billy
      on October 11

      @Kelly Have a scan through the comments - They've covered this one there :-)

      'SCALE75 2-time creator about 3 hours ago
      A turret and a door will be given for free to each backer when we reach the amounts and also we will open a new add-on where you can purchase packages of these same accessories. We give you one, but if you want more you can buy them to expand your game. I hope this clarifies it :) '

    5. Missing avatar

      Kelly Halley on October 11

      Does this mean backers will, at most, only get one sculpted door and one sculpted turret? I don't see any mention of being able to get more.