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Update #7

More Android devices added!


Our soft launch continues with Smartphone support now available through Google Play (formerly Android marketplace.) That brings Islands of Diamonds to over 680 Android devices. Check the following page for support for your device:

Because Google Play doesn't support gifting Apps, we're also in the process of getting Islands of Diamonds approved for distribution through the Amazon App Store. Backers requesting their free Android copy of the game will hear from us shortly on how to get their free copy.

Paul & Zoe

Happymonitor Games Studio

Update #6

It's Happening! Islands of Diamonds launching on Android

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Thanks to the Kickstarter community and your help and support, Islands of Diamonds hit an important milestone today that would not have been possible without the success of our campaign.

We have begun our "soft launch" on Google Play (formerly the Android Marketplace) today. Our store page can be found here.

Our launch is "soft" because of the huge amount of Android powered devices in market. We have launched today with an initial test segment of the market – support for 100+ tablets – and will be closely monitoring downloads, feedback, and reporting to assess device compatibility and ensure that our Android release is stable for as many players as possible.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding additional tablet support and finally (mid-sized screen) smartphone support, so stay tuned for compatibility news regarding your Android device.

We will be reaching out directly to our supporters who requested an Android version of Islands of Diamonds later in the month as we stabilize our device support. At that point we will be handing out free downloads as promised.

Finally, we will mark our official public launch (tentatively planned for late May, early June) by adding the free version of our game, "Islands of Diamonds Lite" to Google Play.

Stay tuned for more Android news in the coming weeks, and once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Paul & Zoe
Happymonitor Games Studio

Update #5 - For backers only

Happymonitor Games Studio T-Shirt


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Update #4 - For backers only

Islands of Diamonds Desktop Wallpapers


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Update #3

Islands of Diamonds is live in the App Store


Thanks to YOUR support, Islands of Diamonds is now live in the App Store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

We hope if you're an Apple user, you'll enjoy our game and help us spread the word by reviewing us and giving us a star rating in the App Store, both of which are necessary to help gain visibility among the sea of 100,000s of apps.

We've reached out to all of our backers in the past week or two. If you're one of our backers and you have not gotten back in touch with us and would like your complimentary iOS copy of the game, please send us a message and we'll be happy to send you a code to allow you to download a copy today!

Of course, with the iOS release now out in the wild we've already begun turning our attention to our Android release of the game thanks to YOUR help which we expect to see available in April. We're also busy this month working to fulfill on our remaining backer rewards so keep an eye on your inbox, and your mail box!

To celebrate our launch we've put together a launch trailer below. Thanks again for all your help:

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    INDIE BABY: Our heartfelt thanks for supporting dreamers and independent videogame developers everywhere! Better than our hearts? An exclusively Islands Of Diamonds desktop wallpaper for your enjoyment. Available only to Kickstarters!

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    FREE COCONUTS: In addition to our heartfelt thanks and official wallpaper, you'll get a free copy of Islands of Diamonds to play and enjoy once it becomes available through the Android Marketplace or if you prefer, for your iOS device through the App Store.

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    THE BACK STORY: Both of the above, plus we'll include a limited edition PDF that includes concept art, sketches, notes, and other chaos from behind the scenes of making the game.

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    LOOKING GOOD: All of the above, plus you will also receive a limited edition Happymonitor Games Studio T-Shirt that we've designed to help celebrate the occasion.

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    TREASURE HUNTER: Islands Of Diamonds features gold coin achievements that keep players coming back to the game to revisit islands. Contribute $100 or more and you'll become the sponsor of a special edition challenge added to the Android version of the game.

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    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: All of the awards above plus your name added to the credits embedded in the Android release of the game as an Executive Producer. Just think of how cool it'll be to add a producer role to your resume!

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