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Islands Of Diamonds: Bring our video game to Android!'s video poster

We're a husband and wife development team readying our debut iOS video game but we need your help to bring it to Android devices. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 2, 2012.

We're a husband and wife development team readying our debut iOS video game but we need your help to bring it to Android devices.

About this project

The Game

"It's not easy being the only perfectly round coconut on the shore, so Seamus O'Nut has set off in search of fame and fortune.

Shipwrecked, Seamus washes up on the shore of a mysterious island. Treasures are there for the taking but they'll take a steady hand to plunder. Thankfully being perfectly round will come in to play.

Are you ready for the coconut-rolling, island hopping that awaits? Navigate 30 devilishly unique islands of puzzles, traps, and physics mayhem to locate the cunningly hidden diamonds before the ever-ticking clock runs out."

The Dream

In 2011 we finally bit the bullet to make a lifelong dream a reality: to start an independent videogame development studio based in New York City. Hey, we're only two, but we're hoping to grow.

Our debut title "Islands Of Diamonds" represents six months of evenings, weekends, and cold dinners – the hard work that's necessary to start all dreams rolling, and a hard-and-fast start to our marriage.

Development Status

All concept art, game-play mechanics, graphics, and audio assets have been developed so you can rest assured that this is a game that will see the light of day. The game is currently in the closing weeks of level design,play-testing and QA.

The game has been developed using Unity Technologies Unity 3D Game Development Environment and is scheduled for its initial release as a universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad through the Apple App Store in late February, early March.

Going Android

However we know we can do more – establish ourselves as developers of mobile entertainment and set the stage for two additional titles we currently have planned for 2012. To do this we need to reach as many players as possible, so that means bringing Islands Of Diamonds, and our future titles to Android powered devices.

Islands Of Diamonds has been entirely self-funded to date, including all the costs associated with development licensing, hardware, and audio recording. But we've hit a financial brick wall: to move beyond iOS intro true cross-platform development we need your help. 

Here's how your contribution will establish us as a studio equipped to build upon our initial hard work, bring Islands Of Diamonds to the Android Marketplace, and set the stage for the development of two more releases in 2012:

- Unity licensing fees to develop for Android-powered devices.

- A basic Android-powered phone for use in development and testing.

- A basic Android-powered tablet for use in development and testing.

Next Steps

Assuming we can reach our funding goal, we anticipate being able to bring Islands Of Diamonds to the Android Marketplace in April or May this year and your contribution will have played an invaluable role in it getting there. To say thank you, we've put together a list of rewards for being a part of making our dream a reality.

Going Beyond

Remember Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing proposition. We have a humble initial goal set for the bare minimum software and hardware we need to bring our game to Android, but we can do more... If we surpass our initial goal, we see further opportunity to support the game on Android and iOS through future updates including multiplayer and social connectivity. With yet more funding it would be great to bring Seamus to life with some motion graphics cut scenes because that's outside of our skill set.

Learn More

To learn more about our current iOS progress of Islands Of Diamonds, you can follow us at the website we've put together: In addition, look for our official Facebook page. Don't forget to "Like Us" to keep up to date on regular development news.

Thank You

Most of all, thank you for reading about our game. Even if you're unable to contribute to this project, we do hope you'll help spread the word on Islands Of Diamonds, dreamers, independent videogame development and rolling coconuts everywhere...

xoxo Paul & Zoe.


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    INDIE BABY: Our heartfelt thanks for supporting dreamers and independent videogame developers everywhere! Better than our hearts? An exclusively Islands Of Diamonds desktop wallpaper for your enjoyment. Available only to Kickstarters!

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    FREE COCONUTS: In addition to our heartfelt thanks and official wallpaper, you'll get a free copy of Islands of Diamonds to play and enjoy once it becomes available through the Android Marketplace or if you prefer, for your iOS device through the App Store.

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    THE BACK STORY: Both of the above, plus we'll include a limited edition PDF that includes concept art, sketches, notes, and other chaos from behind the scenes of making the game.

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    LOOKING GOOD: All of the above, plus you will also receive a limited edition Happymonitor Games Studio T-Shirt that we've designed to help celebrate the occasion.

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    TREASURE HUNTER: Islands Of Diamonds features gold coin achievements that keep players coming back to the game to revisit islands. Contribute $100 or more and you'll become the sponsor of a special edition challenge added to the Android version of the game.

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    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: All of the awards above plus your name added to the credits embedded in the Android release of the game as an Executive Producer. Just think of how cool it'll be to add a producer role to your resume!

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