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Deployable Food Systems that use fish waste to power gardens built within the systems. Drought Tolerant & Renewable.

**We are pre-selling all of our DAP Systems at a drastically reduced price to all of our Kickstarter backers as a thanks to you for helping us get started!

Welcome and thanks for checking out our project!

We have spent the last year researching and developing our DAP Systems, Deployable Aquaponic Planter Systems. These systems create a compact and efficient way of providing fresh food for anyone, anywhere, in the world. Now we need your help so that we can finish our development on the retail model and be able to bring these systems to everyone!

One of the real problems the world is facing is in regards to the quality of our food, and our food production systems.  Over the years the cost of food has gone up and the quality has gone down. Our population has grown exponentially which has led to more strain on all of our natural resources.  It's taking more land, more water, and more energy to provide food for the world's population.

This is where Lettuce Evolve comes into action.  We have focused our development on maximizing the potential of the land, water, and energy.  All of our systems revolve around utilizing cubic space instead of linear space.  By growing food vertically, we can maximize yield outputs and effectively cut down on our overall ecological foot print. Focusing all of our energy on these principles has allowed us to develop our DAP Systems.

DAP Systems

The DAP Systems can be used either Aquaponically, Hydroponically, or Soil based.  These systems incorporate a planter and reservoir/fish tank, all in one unit.  There is no longer a need to have a separate growing bed with a separate reservoir/fish tank that takes up even more potential growing space.  These systems allow you to be more efficient with the space that you have so that you can actually grow fresh food in all of your available areas.

All of our systems are made out of Food Grade HDPE plastics that are BPA free.  This is the same material that is used to make cutting boards.

*All DAP Systems come with a Sports Bottle and T-Shirt*

Small Planter:

Approximate Planter Dimensions: 5 Plant, 5 Gallons, 12 inches wide x 15 inches tall

Medium Planter:

Approximate Planter Dimensions: 10 Plants, 15 Gallons, 16 inches wide x 24 inches tall

Large Planter:

Approximate Planter Dimensions: 30 Plant, 55 Gallons, 24 inches wide x 36 inches tall

Lettuce Turn the City into Farm Land

The highest concentration of the world's population lives in the most crowded areas like apartments, condos, lofts, etc. In these areas, they are basically surrounded by concrete on all sides and virtually have no access to soil. Because of this, many people find themselves relying on tainted food sources to ensure their survival. We can dramatically transform this with our DAP Systems and give people the power to take control of their own food again.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the combined use of hydroponics and aquaculture.  Hydroponics focuses on growing plants in a soil-less medium, and aquaculture is a contained method for cultivating fish.  When left alone the two systems pose some fundamental flaws, but when combined they form a perfect marriage and are able to mutually coincide with each other.

The use of Aquaponics as a growing method creates a closed loop, self fertilizing, system that utilizes the fish waste to fertilize the plants that are in the system.  In return, the plants filter the water by removing the waste and they provide clean water back to the fish.  Because of this harmonious cycle, these systems naturally operate free from any harmful pesticides or chemicals.

All of these factors provide you with better quality produce and higher yields by allowing nature to naturally regulate itself.  And In turn, the plants expend less energy on seeking vital nutrients which enables them to focus more on vegetative and fruiting growth.

Another beneficial factor of the Aquaponic system is the fish can be used as a source of protein.  When it comes to meal time, you can harvest your source of protein and pick all of your fresh veggies all out of one system!  It's like having the whole grocery store right in your own backyard.

Drought Tolerant

Almost 70% of the world's fresh water is used for agriculture.  The numbers go even higher in certain regions of the world.  Take Africa for an example where they use on average 88% of their fresh water supply for agriculture.  By using the DAP Systems Aquaponically, we are able to use 80-90% less water than traditional soil farming.  Employing the DAP Systems globally can drastically cut down on the world's fresh water usage and free more of that water up for people and other needs.

Prototype Progress

System Progress - 5 Weeks with Fish

System Progress - 6 Weeks with Fish

System Progress - 7 Weeks with Fish

Lettuce - 28 Days from Seedling

Bell Peppers - Day 3

Bell Peppers - Day 8

Bell Peppers - Day 17

Green Beans


We are very passionate about giving everyone the ability to provide clean, fresh food for themselves. If you, or anyone you know, can benefit from these systems, please back our project! If you can't back us financially, then please help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail! There are some great tools for sharing our project underneath our video on this page!

Thanks again,

-The Lettuce Evolve Team


  • The DAP Systems are capable of growing all types of plants. You can grow herbs. fruits,and vegetables. The retail model will have a bio filter that will also serve as a worm bed. The worms provide vital nutrients to the plants in the form of their castings.

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