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Rise of Cthulhu is a strategic card game of influence and horror for 2 players.
1,189 backers pledged $38,774 to help bring this project to life.

Expansion Kickstarter launches on Feb 1st at 9:00am (PST)

Posted by Chuck D Yager (Creator)

The wait is over. I will be kicking off the expansion campaign on Monday 2/1 at roughly 9:00am PST and I wanted to let all you know in advance. The expansion, called Rise of Cthulhu: Dark Secrets, will release new Monster, Artifact and Old One cards into the decks and introduce a new mechanic revolving around meddling do-gooders called Investigators. You will need to contend with their interference when they show up while still trying to be the one to influence the most Lovecraftian Locations before the last Old One appears.

Panda is doing the print run to match the cards again and the same artists are back to ensure more rich art into this beautiful game. Also, the cards should all fit within the original box if you are not sleeving.

There will be an option to bundle the expansion with the core game for those that missed the original campaign as well. Right now the expansion will be set at $13 USD (which includes shipping to the USA). International will add +$10 for shipping. I figured out how to reduce shipping a bit to bring that number down more which is great.

Toying with the notion of letting 4 lucky backers name the new Investigator cards (with creator approval of course) for a limit 1 tier backing. Thoughts from the community?

Hope all of you had a fabulous new year and look forward to seeing you on the Rise of Cthulhu: Dark Secrets KS page soon. Have a great day.

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    1. Krieg Bastion on

      @Chuck: A lot of board game Kickstarters use them, but one good example I can think of is those from the Fireteam Zero Kickstarter:

      You can find the badges at the bottom of the campaign page. They're basically just game art reduced down with the game title and Kickstarter logo superimposed.

    2. Chuck D Yager 6-time creator on

      @Kayne Brookes: interesting idea about the competition. I have never hosted one but it's intriguing. Thanks for the suggestion. I have never created KS badges. Can you point to some that you like as examples. I'm not opposed to it.

    3. Chuck D Yager 6-time creator on

      @UniversalHead: I do not have plans to recreate the insert for the main box for sleeves at this time. That component is actually pretty expensive (I was surprised to learn) and would increase the cost quite a bit for manufacturing as a result. Sorry mate. Next time I will try and design with sleeves in mind.

    4. Krieg Bastion on

      Awesome news to wake up to!
      While I think the "name a character" idea might be a good way to get some backers in at higher tiers, it might also be worth looking at the idea of running a competition during the campaign to allow the winners to do this. These sorts of competitions can be a great way to build backer enthusiasm and excitement.

      Also, will we have Kickstarter badges available this time? It's great free advertising!

    5. Missing avatar

      UniversalHead on

      Any possibility of a new box that fits the core game and expansion - with sleeved cards? Sleeving is pretty much essential with this game. :)

    6. Apocalypse Nerd on

      Excellent can't wait.

    7. Chuck D Yager 6-time creator on

      @ Iain Macmillan: thanks for the feedback guys. Sorry to disappoint Iain but the expansion will stay a 2 player game. My next game will incorporate more players though. :)

    8. Iain Macmillan on

      Agree with Jeff, please keep the theme and the mythos as intact as possible. Will the expansion enable 2-4 player / solo play? tentacles crossed!

    9. Jeff Richards

      Good luck with the new Kickstarter! Looking forward to seeing it.

      Personally, I'd recommend against the "Name a character" tier. I find it non-thematic; I'd rather the game stay true to the creator's vision rather than have a random assortment of names thrown in, some of which I may associate with people in the comments section. For a comedy game, it's fine; for a Lovecraft game, I'm not in favour. Just my two cents.