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What a mind-blowing year for Kickstarter! Tim Scafer's amazing video game project Double Fine Adventure has a little over 24 hours to go and already has more than $2.8 Million pledged thus far -- all hail the mighty power of Social Media!!!

One of the greatest elements of Kickstarter is the ability to help others fulfill their dreams. I have been on the receiving-end of this type of generosity (thanks to all of you), and have also participated in a number of other Kickstarter projects myself. Today I pledged to Peter Hyoguchi's  highly ambitious web series, The New Kind. One of the things I find so compelling about Peter's project is the amount of "crowd sourcing" he's been able to accomplish before ever launching his Kickstarter campaign; he literally has hundreds of people who believe in his vision and have agreed to contribute their talents and time to help him realize his own dream -- an enormous feat in and of itself!

Every day that I continue to work on The Price, I feel this huge wave of gratitude sweep over me for the opportunity to realize something so close to my heart, and to be able to express myself as an artist and filmmaker without having to compromise. I hope you'll take a moment to review Peter Hyoguchi's The New Kind project (he's only got 4 days left!) and consider adding your support to this or many other truly wonderful Kickstarter "dreams" out there!

Stay tune for a new Production Blog and other goodies headed your way!

- Christopher

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    For our minimum donation you'll win our heart-felt gratitude as well as online credit for the world to see at

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    A digital download of the finished film that you can enjoy on your computer or mobile device is our way of sharing the joy of making this project possible.

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    We'll send you a special edition DVD copy of the film -- not available anywhere else! This package includes an exclusive video interview with author Neil Gaiman, as well as a custom-designed sticker signed by director Christopher Salmon.

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    Along with the DVD package mentioned above, you'll receive a limited edition poster featuring artwork and imagery from the movie; suitable for framing.

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    For the fan who wants to see "The Price" at its very best, we'll send you the Special Edition Blu-Ray combo pack (featuring Blu-Ray, DVD and digital copies of the film). This collection also contains an expanded interview with Neil Gaiman and several behind-the-scenes features revealing exactly how this unique film was created -- all made available exclusively to our supporters.

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    This package combines the amazing Blu-Ray combo with the limited edition print for the ultimate collector's set.

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    What could be better than having the reward package described above? Having them both signed by author Neil Gaiman and director Christopher Salmon, of course!

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    Want to get your name onscreen with us? This donation makes you a bona-fide "Associate Producer" on the film! But wait, it gets better: along with the signed Blu-Ray combo and poster, you'll also receive a special gift pack of official Neil Gaiman merchandise from!

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    For the ultimate Neil Gaiman fan, there really is only one way possible to top the last reward, right? You'll attend a special theatrical screening of "The Price" in Boston, where you can sit in the VIP section with none other than author Neil Gaiman and director Christopher Salmon and enjoy the film on the big screen! While this doesn't include transportation, you can bring a guest and you'll get everything from the $1000 reward package as well -- very cool!!!

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