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A uniquely stylized CG animated film based on the short story "The Price" by award-winning author Neil Gaiman.
A uniquely stylized CG animated film based on the short story "The Price" by award-winning author Neil Gaiman.
A uniquely stylized CG animated film based on the short story "The Price" by award-winning author Neil Gaiman.
2,001 backers pledged $161,774 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kalen Wright on

      May we please have an update re: the anticipated completion date for this project?

    2. Missing avatar

      rivenrock on

      Can the next update be an ETA on the finished product? It's been eight years. Eight years.

    3. Chris Bowlen on

      Do we know when we might see this project come to fruition? I mean it’s only been 7 years and $161,774. Dollars... we must be close to seeing our pledges fulfilled ????

    4. Musictwig on

      Oh look, John Clancy, some tumbleweeds just rolled past!

    5. John Fiala

      Merry Christmas, Everyone!

    6. Toni Dowdy on

      I’m still excited about this project!

    7. Dean Smith on

      Amusingly enough, Facebook reminded me today that it has been 7 days since I proudly posted how we managed to raise the funds needed for this project.

    8. Christopher Salmon Creator on

      You are the best alarm EVER, Dean! Seriously, thank you for being so patient and not giving up, 'cuz I sure won't.

    9. Dean Smith on

      I'd appreciate an update, please.

    10. John Clancy on

      So, American Gods was pretty good. Good Omens certainly looks promising. It's nice to have some Gaiman on the screen. If only...

    11. Dean Smith on

      I'd appreciate an update, please.

    12. Dean Smith on

      I'd appreciate an update, please.

    13. John Fiala

      This has been a slow project, but he has posted updates a few times this year, so I'm still hopeful. It wouldn't hurt to have a new update soon, Chris, even if it's just an "I'm still alive, more news later" update.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    15. Nathan Cocks on

      Just to chime in with everyone else.

      Some statement of where things are currently at would be greatly appreciated.

      Hell, even if the project is now a no-go, letting backers know would be welcome.

      Pretty disappointing that the last post on The Price webpage (made almost 8 months ago) opens with "In an effort to post more frequently,".. oh it is to laugh. :P

    16. Mark pickles on

      One year on from my last look and still nothing :( #crappy .

    17. John Clancy on

      Sometimes I come back here to watch the tumbleweeds blow by, and quietly imagine what could have been.

    18. Alberto on

      I was very excited about this project when I backed it in 2010. Christopher knows this. I increased my pledge several times because I really wanted it to happen. I even posted some ads around college to get the word out. However, that excitement has turned sour after so many years of waiting, with only occasional updates where little or nothing was really explained about the actual progress of the project. These last seven months of silence have been the last straw for me. I can't think of any reasonable excuse that explains this behaviour. Christopher's profile page says he last logged in on March 1 2016, and still he didn't answer the comments of concern that had been published in this page. I've been trying to contact him on the production blog, on Twitter... all to no avail. I can't help but think he's deliberately ignoring us. Well, I think I have been patient enough. I have no intention of taking legal actions like other backers. I'm just going to try to forget this project ever existed.

    19. Missing avatar

      BriTL on

      Looks like the website is down. I suppose it's time to finally give up hope on this thing :(

    20. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      Post a timeline for completion, please. I'll even give you a deadline to post a timeline - March 14, 2016. If you can't produce one by then, you should begin issuing refunds.

    21. Debbie Ripps on

      I would appreciate an update. We all understand that this project is ambitious and there have been delays and setbacks, but the backers shouldn't be disregarded! Timely updates to let us know if this project is still alive is not too much to ask.

    22. Alberto on

      Even though I believe Michael Riser and Stephanie Harper make excellent points, I still believe we should be receiving more information about the progress of the project. I'm sure that many backers, like me, didn't have (and still haven't) the faintest idea about how an animation movie is made when we pledged our money to the project. We were told this movie could be made with $150k in roughly half a year (Christopher intended to finish it by summer 2011), so I'm not suprised some backers are upset it hasn't been finished yet (January 2016), five years after the project was funded.

      What upsets me, however, is the long silence between updates and the lack of information about the progress of the movie in these updates. I don't know in what stage of production the movie is in at the moment, so I don't know whether it will be finished in another six months, or another six years. I'm no financial expert, but I guess the money raised in this campaign run out long ago, so how is that affecting the development of the movie and how will it affect the fulfillment of the rewards? This is the kind of information I think backers should be receiving in the updates (in addition to the awesome wallpapers), so we don't have to guess about these issues anymore.

    23. Missing avatar

      DP on

      I doubt anything is going to come of this project. It's time to admit it failed and take responsibility. I've filed a formal complaint with my Attorney General.

    24. Dean Smith on

      I'd appreciate an update, please.

    25. Stephanie Harper on

      I would note here that we are NOT investors either. We are patrons. Investors expect a return on their investment. Patrons support an artist in their endeavors for the satisfaction or bragging rights. And over the timeframes involved for a very small team to put together something this complex when the money has already been spent and people have to go back to work - it takes a really long time. Huge studios take years to make a film with all their resources. This may or may not happen, but pestering Christopher isn't going to magically make it be completed. He knows it isn't done. He knows it is way past the expected completion date. Life happens. Death happens. And what we Patrons can do is be kind.

    26. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      Still waiting on a timeline.

    27. Michael Riser on

      A quick note of encouragement to both Mr. Salmon and to my fellow backers. As someone who is both a creative person and who has pledged to a number of creative Kickstarter projects, I can say that it takes a lot of work, especially for smaller studios and individuals, and there are always, always unforeseen circumstances. This film has taken longer than other projects I've backed, but this is also the only ambitious film I've put money toward. Even so, many (in fact, I believe ALL) of the other projects I've backed for music and games have gone several years past projected completion dates. But those people are still working, to whatever degree they are able depending on the kinds of projects they were working on and the lives they lead.

      I think given the issues that came up during the course of work on this film, it became obvious to everyone that momentum was shifting, but as a result, expectations had to change. Slowdown became an inevitability. As someone who individually contributed a considerable percentage of the total funding, the fate of this film is obviously important to me. But I still have complete faith in the life of this project and its creator.

      Investments are just that: investments. They aren't guarantees. Kickstarter projects can and do fail, just like any other venture may. But time and dedication are two factors that go beyond the merits of money. Many Kickstarter projects that end up going way, way past projected completion dates still happen. Results obviously vary, but the point is that most of these people aren't out to just take people's money and run, and generally the worst-case scenario is that the money was spent on the things it was supposed to be spent on even though the project didn't pan out according to projections. That's the risk we take with investing.

      Despite some pretty massive setbacks with both the film and with life, Christopher has still kept updating. Necessary frequency of updates is of course debatable, and complaints in that regard may be fair, but I don't think this handful of years (which is not many given the scale of this project and given that its staff consists largely of one man slaving away at it alone while still having to earn a living) is anything to worry about. By the same token, while $160k may seem like a good-sized budget, in the world of film it's a paltry sum for even so short movie as this at the level of quality which Christopher has already demonstrated. Consider that many CG movies released for theaters have budgets that go over and beyond the $75 million mark, despite only being an hour and change longer than this film is projected to be. That is massively disproportionate. If you compare this to even a $50 million film, The Price's budget is about 0.3% of that, despite being roughly 20% as long. You're talking about a working budget of less than half a percent of a lower-end animated CG feature to make something that's 1/8 as long. Now of course that's not a realistic 1:1 comparison, but you get my point, and nothing of Christopher's work shown thus far has been sub-par. He's a professional doing professional-level work, and the hardware and software alone needed to do that are not cheap, especially when you have anything custom-tooled for special needs.

      Anyway, this has gotten way too long and might sound a bit preachy, which wasn't my intent. I just want to encourage Christopher to continue doing what he's doing, and I hope you'll all do the same. Be patient and realize that the world of film can be extremely slow, even when doing traditional shooting, which produces results a whole lot faster than CG at this level of manpower. But the Japanese have a saying: 「塵も積もれば、山となる」— Roughly: "Even piled-up specks of dust become a mountain." All worthy endeavors take time, and the steadiness of the efforts invested are what bring these things to completion.

      And Christopher, I'll leave you with another idiom I hope you'll take to heart: 「柳に風」— "A willow in wind." Keep rolling with the punches, my friend. Bend, don't break.

    28. Nicholas Connolly on

      Aren't we like at least year past the, fuck it, ship it stage on this thing?

    29. John Fiala

      Yeah, as fond as I am of watching the project come together slowly, I'd be more fond of seeing it come together a little more quickly. What's preventing the film from being completed?

    30. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      On August 26, 2014, you stated a timeline would be posted. 10 months later and still no timeline. You've had over 4 years now to complete this short film. Why isn't it done?

    31. John Fiala

      Hey Christopher! Could you let us know what's been going on in the last three months since your last update?

      @Mark I've gotten some cool things out of Kickstarting, and some bleh things, and some projects that never have delivered. I think Christopher's still working to deliver for us, but producing even a short film can take a lot of work.

    32. John Clancy on

      So... umm...

      Can we get an update?

    33. Jason on

      @Mark If nothing else, it sounds like Christopher remains passionate about the project. And, while it's disappointing to not have the finished product in our hands, at least we know the film isn't dead or abandoned.

    34. Mark pickles on

      I have to admit I'm losing faith in ever seeing anything back from this. Its a shame, as its also dented my confidence in Kickstarter and the underlying principal of crowd funding. I'm feeling naive to have pledged without considering all the possible outcomes and disappointed that I feel this way, but I do. I can't be the only one here with doubts? Needless to say I'll be very happy to be proved wrong. Anyone else got an opinion on this?

    35. Alberto on

      Any news on the timeline for completion? I hope 2015 is the year when we can finally watch The Price

    36. John Fiala

      Hey Christopher, it's time for another update on what's going on.

    37. Missing avatar

      ArdRhi on

      Hey, Christopher. What's happening?

    38. Christopher Salmon Creator on

      Hey everyone, an update with timeline information & Videoblog is on its way; thank you for being patient!

    39. Mark pickles on

      I asked Neil Gaiman (via Facebook) for an update, got a response which was good, but he doesn't know anything more than is on the The Price website.

      Comments are under posts to page.

    40. Chris Webb on

      Could we please have an update?

    41. uɐp loʞos on

      How about refunds?

    42. John Fiala

      Hello Christopher? Any chance you could update us on what's going on with the project?

    43. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      I'd like to see a timeline for completion, please.

    44. spacetoast on

      I understand that one guy doing animation can take a long time. And I'm sure he's plugging away. On the other hand I can also understand frustration here as there hasn't been a lot of explanation or updates to show where things are in that process. Are we halfway through? Are we finished with (for lack of a better term) a second draft and working on final product? I think more information would help confidence. Just my opinion. :D

    45. Missing avatar

      ArdRhi on

      Just to be clear, this is NOT a "film". He's not casting actors and taking their pictures. You can do THAT fairly quickly, as far as these things go. But this is an ANIMATION, and that takes a hell of a lot longer. Just look at the Disney film "Frozen". Do you realize that it was first explored as an idea for a film back in the 1940's? It was started and stopped, started and stopped, scrapped completely, restarted, until 2011 when it was finally reconceived as a computer-animated film. THAT took two years, with a full professional crew and millions of dollars of backing. This is Christopher and a few other people with a fraction of the funding, and they're only half again as long in production, and haven't stopped and started at all. Face it, we're AHEAD in this project. It took, including all of the conceptual time, 74 years for "Frozen" to get made.

    46. Missing avatar

      rivenrock on

      I'm sorry. I've wanted to only be supportive and I know there have been some genuine reasons for delay, but dude, it's been THREE YEARS. You had $160k to make one short film. Can you just get it done already?

    47. Alberto on

      Looks like the website is up again. Still, and update would be much appreciated.

    48. Missing avatar

      Gavin McKeown on

      Well, I guess that's another Kickstarter pledge down the drain. Months and months of silence here and now the web site is gone.
      I think it's safe to say that after three years, we're not going to get anything.

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