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We have the largest collection of pizza memorabilia in the world. Help us build a permanent home for it - with a pizzeria attached!
We have the largest collection of pizza memorabilia in the world. Help us build a permanent home for it - with a pizzeria attached!
326 backers pledged $16,587 to help bring this project to life.

What, exactly, is a pizza museum & restaurant? And where is this $15,000 going? (pt. 1)

So, here we are - the final two week push of the pizza brain kickstarter campaign!

Honestly, we're touched. As of this post, 200 wonderful people have reached out and spoken with their wallets to get the world's first pizza museum & restaurant up and running; accounting for over 70% of our project goal. We're almost there. 

And yet, there are others out there on the periphery - those who are waiting, watching, curiously analyzing this project; not quite certain as to whether or not they too should support the cause of Pizza Brain with actual dollars and cents. 

This kickstarter update is as much for them as it is for you.

One man from Philadelphia writes,

Dear Pizza Brain,
So, you know, I'm totally Pizzabrainwashed, but I know people who are interested in the shop but are a little wary of the business model since you're doing this Kickstarter campaign (sorta like begging for capital in the eyes of some). Maybe an article or blog post outlining exactly why you're seeking community support would help?

Sincerely, Deane

Thanks for reaching out Deane. For all those you serve as a mouthpiece for, whether fervent supporter or cautious bystander, we hope the following post sheds some light upon the situation.

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A few days ago, we introduced our Kensington neighborhood on Kickstarter and re-posted the article on our own blog. We were stoked to show off all of the good things happening around us - the urban farms, the eclectic art galleries and design spaces, the cool cafes and the new eateries opening up. We feel at home here. The creative vibe of our community is strong and Pizza Brain can't wait to contribute to it.

With less than two weeks to go before our campaign ends though, we wanted to get real with you. 

Here's a few answers to some questions we've been getting:

Q: I'm interested in your shop, but a little wary of the business model. What exactly is a 'pizza museum & restaurant', anyway?

A: We're often asked if Pizza Brain will be just a straight-forward museum, a Hard Rock Cafe or just a Chuck E. Cheese's for adults (spoiler alert: it won't like any of those things, whatsoever). Without giving away too much though (we love surprises), we envision Pizza Brain as an art installation with a pizzeria inside of it. Loopy idea, you say?  Not so much when you consider that we'll have approximately 2,000 square feet to work with- more if you include our outdoor courtyard space.

After all, the Dzepchishte Ethno Museum in Macedonia has only 527 square feet to work with. 

And what is believed by some to be the smallest museum in the world, a cupboard museum in Paris called the Musée Placard d'Erik Satieoccupies just a single room.  

Considering that, we think we're positively rolling in space! Enough at least to allow us to display elements of the collection in a way that's interesting; showcasing pizza culture and providing a place for artists to display their pizza-inspired work.

Like most museums, we envision Pizza Brain to be a continually evolving display of our collection and new art installations. Along the way, we're also likely to challenge one's idea of what a museum is. We've been investigating offbeat examples from New York to Las Vegas and have been gleaning inspiration. Everything doesn't have to be displayed in a neat line on a wall to be a museum, you dig?

And with more than a dozen schools and a prominent urban farm nearby, we also see an eventual opportunity to engage in farm-to-plate instruction and other educational activities that connect a kid's favorite food to an understanding of where it comes from and how it's made.  

Yet, the museum is only one way we'll celebrate pizza. The other is by making super crucial, super choice, delicious pizza pies. We expect to make a name for ourselves with our traditional and artisanal offerings. But, more on the restaurant in part two (coming out later this week).

Q: So, is $15,000 enough to build the museum? 

A: No. It's a minimum.   

Museums and restaurants require a ginormous amount of money to get started. In the past 15 months, we've acquired property, hired architects, gone through zoning processes, set a Guinness World Record and are currently building-out the space. While we have raised significant, six-figure sums toward these major expenses, we are still short in key areas.

Q: Why, exactly, are you looking for community support?

Because we actually do need your help to get this thing going. 

The $15,000 we raise on Kickstarter is earmarked for unfunded museum items such as custom-built cabinets and displays, picture frames, lighting, seating, sound/media equipment to project electronic elements of our collection, and dozens of other handmade, carpentry-related fixtures.

Every dollar we raise above $15,000 for these items further enables us to make the museum experience as special as we envision it to be. Because of this, your donations are absolutely vital to our success. And you spreading the word to curious friends and family in the coming two weeks is even more vital!

Thanks for reading. We'll be posting even more in-depth details about our project in the coming days.

Until then, keep spreading the word to your friends! We'll do the same.

xoxo, team pizza brain


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