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The titanium spinner / carabiner: An idea so simple, so elegant and well executed... you'll wonder why you don't have one already.
The titanium spinner / carabiner: An idea so simple, so elegant and well executed... you'll wonder why you don't have one already.
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    1. Xeon Xai

      I was going to see if I could find other bearings that would work, and not wobble. I have several others I can try out.

    2. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Hm... I think I see what you mean. The bearing itself should be slip-fit but with fairly tight tolerance. The o-ring should also put pressure on it but if there's too much room and the bearing has wiggle room I see what you mean.

      If you want, send it in and let me take a look at it.

    3. Xeon Xai

      I’ve tightened and retightened a few times. There seems to be a little movement when tilted. I’ve removed and reinserted the bearing, but it still has a little play around it. If it is spinning, then you rotate it, it will begin to wobble, because of that slight spacing between the titanium and the bearing. Wondering if Teflon tape would help to make it a tighter fit, so that it doesn’t wobble.

    4. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Xeon, the buttons might just need to be screwed tightened.

      Also, the bearing now is held in by the o-ring, You can move push on the bearing to make sure it is centered up and down in the spinner. I spun them when assembled so they should spin well.

    5. Xeon Xai

      Received mine. Product is great, finish is great. Spin is wobbly, as the center pieces don’t fit snug and tight into the bearing, causing it to rock and wobble if you don’t keep it center always.

    6. Missing avatar

      Pete Murphy on

      I got mine yesterday - the titanium. It's terrific to hold and spins great.

      I'd be curious about any extras you have as well, especially a rebuild kit to keep on hand just in case.

      Either way - excellent work! Thanks guys.

    7. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      I actually ran the spare stock yesterday so I do have a few extras (not many though).

    8. on

      I got my titanium model today. It looks and spins great. You guys did a great job.

      I was wondering if you made any extra in copper? Now that I feel it, the titanium is a bit too light for me, so I might be interested in picking one up in a heavier metal. Thanks.

    9. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      BTW, most of the AXIOS shipped this weekend. Will post full update this week.

    10. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Keyseat cutter for Ti finally came in.

    11. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Alright, progress was slowed a bit due to 1) the shop air-dryer taking a dump and 2) the shop tumbler going tango-uniform. That said, both are operational again and we're moving along. Will post an update next week but rest assured we're moving on these.

    12. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Ok, we've got most of the survey responses back (a few straglers is normal) so we're going to start on the OP2 for the buttons and then finishing the spinners this week. This is what I call progress.. awesome!

    13. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      FYI, posted and update on progress. We are making spinners, they are awesome, stay tuned.

    14. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Just three days to go... guess we need to start getting ready to machine these puppies!

    15. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Hm.. I'll model up some versions and see what looks / feels cool.

    16. on

      I would vote yes, for concave buttons. Personally, I prefer deep, angular buttons like the ones on the Mechforce Hurricane.

    17. Jack Roman and Louis Krudo Creator on

      Weights of the AXIOS Carabiner Spinner

      Titanium....1.7 oz
      Brass.... 2.9 oz
      Copper..... 3.0 oz

    18. Jack Roman and Louis Krudo Creator on

      Hi everyone.
      Louis Krudo here commenting for the first time ever on Kickstarter.

      THANK YOU to all the backers and supporters of our project.
      Without you we would not get this happening.

      Just got a call from Jack asking " Dude why the heck are you not posting "
      So he gently walked me through the process of how to comment. ( no, he was not gentle : ) )

      KICK ASS !!!

    19. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Charles, you had me at "hello". Seriously though, thanks for the vote of confidence.

      Postie, Krudo has the prototypes so I'm going to get him to weight them and post the weight. They're pretty beefy.

      Allen, Yeah.. Louis asked me if we should have done the concave button too. I like the flat design but think that maybe a center recess would not only look and feel cool but also allow someone to finger spin it.

      Anybody else like the idea of adding a concave center recess to the buttons?

    20. Missing avatar

      Allen Ng on

      Many spinners have a concave button... is that a design you've considered? It might possibly have some functional aspects (spinning on one finger, slightly more comfortable to hold), but maybe not, heh.

    21. Missing avatar

      Charles Dairman on

      I just wanted to take a minute to share my knowledge of one of the companies involved here (Tuff Writer).
      For the sake of full disclosure, I will note that Jack is the friend some relatives, but I'll quickly point out this is not a close relationship and nobody asked me to do this in any way shape or form. I can vouch for the fact that this company is completely dedicated to building the best products. I have had a Tuff Writer pen for about 1.5 years and am still totally impressed with the quality. I'm don't doubt that it will last forever.
      I can also confirm that this is a Made in America company that cares about their employees.
      I just love finding great products on Kickstarter and I hope this comment helps others understand my confidence in this being one such product.

    22. on

      Can you give us the weight of each version in grams? Thanks.

    23. John Noveske Sr. on

      Jack and Louis, this is a very cool project. I like everything about it. I already use a double carabiner so this will become it's 'worthy' replacement. I can hardly wait to receive my Ti version.

    24. Mark W. Douglas on

      Awesome. Thanks Jack!

    25. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Mark, two ways to do it: Just like you did simply add the cost of the spinners you want. You'll then have a survey when the project closes that will allow you to let us know exactly what you backed for.

    26. Mark W. Douglas on

      Hi guys! I just placed a larger dollar amount on the titanium flame version for much more than the price because I want more than 1 of them along with another part and doubled the shipping amount also. I'm in the USA. Did I do it correctly? How will you know what I want exactly and how many with my pledge amount I placed?

    27. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Joe, we're looking at .750 gate clearance on the carabiner. Should be plenty for most uses.

    28. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Michael, great question. The gate is heat treated spring steel from Utah Spring Works. I've used them for years and have only had one failure so far (ever). That said, if it were to ever break (it won't) we'll have spares on hand so shouldn't be an issue.

    29. Michael on

      It's the spring mechanism for the titanium version, also titanium? And how resilient is it? I've backed titanium carabineers where the gates have broken within a month.

    30. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Joe, great question. I'll get the exact dimensions when we get back to the shop on Tuesday.

    31. Missing avatar


      How much gate clearance is there? Obviously enough for a key ring or belt loop, how about a camelbak water bottle?

    32. Jack Roman Collaborator on

      Welcome to the project everyone. Krudo and I are at the BLADE Show in Atlanta this weekend.