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$13,855 pledged of $36,000 goal
$13,855 pledged of $36,000 goal

Some Boguslav history from Kay Parent

Hi everyone,

We're levelling off a bit and I'd really like to push it harder and get to 30% by Thursday if we can. What we need especially is for Ray's Calligraphy buddies and associates to get the word around a bit more if possible. The funding goal might seem impossibly high at the moment, but it's all relative; the math is actually very interesting and encouraging. These don't have to be big contributions, we just need a whole lot of the smaller ones. So more bodies and more interest and exposure is where it's at.

Just for fun and some perspective, here's a note from Kay Parent, a calligrapher and an old friend of Raphael's who ran the Swinburne school in Newport where they taught a calligraphy class together:

All of the black letter sheets and many others were done practicing for classes at The Swinburne School. I taught with long sheets of paper that filled the entire width of the School in the Franklin Room. As he taught he filled up sheet after sheet of these, only very meticulously measuring letter height to pen width. 

Also his 'getting it right' was a process of understanding and articulating underpinnings of the historic letter by looking at historic facsimiles and then, only then, learning the spirit, the dance of the letter. The social manner was casual, always with a glass of wine and sitting on his leather couch with friends coming and going, but the intensity, the passion, the search for the spirit and the authenticity of the letter was deeply focused and consumed any spare time he had. 

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