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pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, September 1 2013 11:58 PM UTC +00:00

*MAJOR UPDATE* Pledges, Stretch Goals, More Press!

Posted by Martian Media Inc. (Creator)

Let's cut to the chase:

We've been getting a lot of questions from our backers about what exactly the relationship is between the "kickstarter version" of the game, the "beta" version, and "demo" version. Certain backers have also given us great feedback along with some cool ideas for new and improved pledge goals (for which we CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!)

Major Pledge\Stretch-Goal Updates:

  • "design an Easter Egg" has moved from $800-> $450
  • "design an NPC\Enemy" has moved from $600-> $300
  • added a new pledge for $20: "GAME + BETA + ARTBOOK + OST + CREDITS"
  • added a new pledge for $200: "get an NPC designed in your likeness"
  • added a new pledge for $2000: "design an alternate ending"
  • got rid of the stretch goal "Playable beta of game" (more info below)

To Clarify the "beta\demo\alpha" concerns:

  • a demo of the game, in alpha state, will be released some time this month or next month (official date pending)
  • pledging $20 (or more) now gets you beta access to an early version of waking amy. It's set for release around january\february of 2014.
  • all backers of $20 or more will be able to access a private "beta-backers only" forum to discuss ideas\suggestions\bugs with other backers (and of course the devs!)
  • all the backers who pledged $20 or more BEFORE this update will still have all these beta-access goodies

Thanks so much for your continued support! PLEASE message us more suggestions\ideas\questions\conversations! You guys have been the greatest!




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    1. Martian Media Inc. 2-time creator on

      Gary, we don't want to give away our secret sauce just yet, but you can bet we are planning for multiple endings regardless if the $2,000 tier is pledged ;).

    2. Gary Coughlin on

      Guys great changes! To address Remi's concerns you could just make a note of it on the front page near the top with an asterisk that it should say "previous". Shouldn't be a problem after that.

      If no one pledges at $2,000 tier, do you plan alternate endings anyway? Also, how will it work? Will there be a choice somewhere in the game that will determine which ending you get, or will you get the different ending on consecutive playthroughs of the game? I love that idea of having two or three endings for the game...

    3. Missing avatar

      Remi D. Finjord on

      The $20 pledge should say all other previous pledge rewards rather than all other pledge rewards, but someone already pledged to it, so you can't change it now. Best just make sure it is clear that it only also includes previous rewards.

    4. Martian Media Inc. 2-time creator on

      No problem!
      Thank YOU for your continued support. We would be nothing without you guys!

    5. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      Thanks for the update! I love that you listen to us backers. Makes us feel more part of the team, so to speak. (IMO) I do like the new perk changes. Of course, better perks for us is always a win.