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A small zine compiling art from the illustration students of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

The Art Center Student Zine is a collection of rad drawings from illustration students at Art Center College of Design. Featuring about 20 artists in the making, the zine is a unique collaboration of friends to bring something awesome into the world.

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Art Center College of Design is an art school in Pasadena, California. Art Center teaches majors in a wide range of creative disciplines including industrial design, film, and fine art. I'm Jacob, an illustration student, and have decided to take on a personal project of bringing the awesomeness of the work being produced at Art Center to more people!

Being around so much creativity and discipline I can't help but feel the constant need to create cool stuff and put it out there. Many of my fellow students here feel the same way. I wanted to harness this huge creative energy and make something cool with it, something bigger than any one of us. That is where the Art Center Student Zine comes in.

The Art Center Student Zine will be a collection of illustration student work printed in a concise booklet chock-full of drawing goodness! I have started to go around to my many friends here at Art Center and have been collecting drawings and little pieces of art from them. In this zine I will be taking about 20 peoples drawings and putting each on its own page in the zine. These zines will be relatively lo-fi. I want to keep them cheap enough to be able to print a lot but keep it nice enough to become a treasured piece of art! This zine will be about 20-30 pages and 8.5" by 5.5".

While I have taken on the task of creating this zine I need your help Kickstarters! I want to print as many of these zines as possible and be able to distribute them! My goal of $350 is a small one but I hope and I really think we can raise more than that to print even more of these bad boys and get them to even more people.

The students here are excited to show their wonderful artwork to the world and so I want to share it with you and everyone else! All the work included will be from illustration major students. Illustration is a huge field featuring many kinds of work and so this zine will be a very eclectic representation of that.


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