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pledged of £6,000pledged of £6,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, March 24 2014 2:29 AM UTC +00:00


The Ultimate, RFID Blocking, Minimalist Wallet is a small tough wallet for a tough life, it is a tiny slip wallet designed to carry your essentials in a slim and elegant sleeve that is lined with Cryptalloy® RFID Blocking Foil to ensure security against credit and ID card fraud as you go about your daily life. It works either as a minimalist wallet, as a business card holder or both.

Unfortunately most consumers aren't really aware of  RFID and its risks at the moment.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification and it’s used for the short-distance communication of information by an increasing number of "smart cards" for credit and security access.

The convenience of the new "Tap and Pay" smart cards is great, making shopping easier – for small purchases you can just touch the reader and it processes your payment. On public transport you can speed through the queues with ease using a smart payment card.

BUT this convenience gives an ever-present risk of ID theft as these cards can be read even without you taking them out of your wallet by thieves next you in street, train or bus.

A significant percentage of the high tech credit card fraud taking place has something to do with smart cards and RFID. So it is important to protect yourself if you decide to use a card that has RFID.

This wallet will secure your credit cards and folded notes for a night out on the town, during sports or just going about your daily life by blocking the RFID signal and so preventing your cards being accessed or cloned. 

The Cryptalloy® layer creates a Faraday Cage to make the RFID card impossible to read when it is in the wallet, protecting you from electronic pick-pocketing and identity theft.

Cryptalloy® is an expensive specially engineered foil that is designed and proven to block all RFID signals far better than the ordinary aluminium foil or metal fabric used in a lot of other RFID blocking products.

A less obvious benefit of using this foil makes the wallet useful even if you don’t have any RFID enabled cards yet because it also stops the signal from mobile phones.

Mobile phone signals can wipe the magnetic stripes on the old type of credit card as well those older magnetic programmed door lock cards used in some hotels.

Also this mobile phone signal blocking by the wallet is very useful as a shield for your body if you are in the habit of keeping your phone in your pocket – you can place the wallet between your body and the phone to stop the signal penetrating your body, thought by many to be a serious cancer risk.

Electronic pick-pocketing

Electronic pick-pocketing is becoming more of a problem as the financial industry is currently phasing out magnetic strips on debit and credit cards in favour of RF (Radio Frequency) enabled cards. This type of card is prone to "Skimming" or wireless credit and identity theft. Thieves can use a cheap RFID reader, which downloads your card information. From there, it can be copied to a blank card that essentially becomes a "clone" of your card. Now they have your credit card and you usually have no idea it’s been compromised until it’s too late.

The problem is that many of today's credit cards are actively broadcasting valuable information, which is stored in the embedded RFID chips. Electronic pickpockets can target your information from up to 10ft away! You just need to Google ‘e-pickpockets’ and you can see & read about this global epidemic and how easy it is for criminals to access your cards.

RFID does not require line of sight to work, meaning that the RFID chip and the reader merely need to be within range of each other to communicate.

Thieves can clone data on your ID pass cards and debit or credit cards onto new blank cards and for the ID and travel pass cards they don't even need to decrypt any information that is stored. As this technology develops, criminals will become even more motivated to steal your personal details - and you won’t feel a thing! Some travellers have had their data accessed while in transit, and their bank accounts drained. Crowded transport hubs like airports, train stations and shopping centres are pick-pocketing hotspots, electronic or otherwise.

Some people have reportedly been able to steal credit card information with nothing more than a cell phone and a free app.

You may not know what information is stored on your RFID chip, but is it worth the risk of allowing someone else to read your data - without your knowledge?

You think you are safe from this upcoming method of theft?

Well consider this:-

A lot of people like putting RFID cards and badges in their inside pockets so it's easy to badge into work or public transit without taking it out of their pocket – So, for example, what is to stop someone they walk past also reading the card and using the information to circumvent that very expensive security system installed in their workplace?

And think about this, after the thief uses the cloned card, whose ID details will be recorded at the time of the theft or damage?

This report on the identity theft in the USA and how much it is costing the country was taken from the FTC’s report published in February 2012.
This report on the identity theft in the USA and how much it is costing the country was taken from the FTC’s report published in February 2012.


Cryptalloy® is an RFID-shielding foil that blocks the RFID signals for all common RFID frequencies. In other words it protects your digital privacy.

The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet’s inner layer is made of a Cryptalloy® foil that blocks RFID waves and frequencies. This layer is super thin, meaning you won't even know it's there, and will not impede on the integrity of the wallet. The foil is capable of blocking any signals that may try to access your card if it is correctly used to create a Faraday Cage around the wallet to help prevent your credit or debit cards being ‘skimmed’.

CRYPTALLOY® privacy and data protection foil has been tested and certified by SGS/TÜV Saarland for shielding contactless chips against out-reading by unauthorized RFID readers on all common frequencies: 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz and 900 MHz.

Cryptalloy® complete signal blocking being demonstrated
Cryptalloy® complete signal blocking being demonstrated

Not only does Cryptalloy® foil suppress communication between your card and any unauthorized reader but, unbelievably, it creates an effective shield even if the RFID card is not completely surrounded by the foil, the mere presence of the material in the immediate vicinity is sufficient to ensure the blocking...

The Cryptalloy® foil is expensive, but we think that when it comes to protection of personal data the most important thing is the security of the product and the safety of the consumer’s data, not the price of the material.

Click here to find out more details about RFID Blocking and Cryptalloy® on our website

The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet will help you keep your cards safe, but it and similar products are no replacement for safe habits and exercising caution about whom you let have access to your card details.


From the beginning we decided if we’re going to do this project, we’re going to do it to the best of our ability with the best quality materials. So we set out to design the product with integrity, and refused to compromise quality at any point in order to produce the highest quality pieces that are meticulous scrutinized from the first sketch to the packaging they will be shipped in.

The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet is far slimmer than my old wallet
The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet is far slimmer than my old wallet

In the wallet design we wanted a slim minimalist product that could be slipped into a pocket without the bulge of the standard wallet. It also had to reduce the chances of the card being scanned without permission or by accident. It also had to be tough and hard wearing; we didn’t want the seams parting after a bit of use, no matter how hard the use was.

We made prototypes of our wallet design to see what worked and what didn’t. Then we showed samples of our final design to our trade contacts and asked for their thoughts on the design; and we got positive reviews about the strength and design, and particularly the fact that our Cryptalloy® RFID blocking foil actually worked to reduce the chances of the card being read in the tests we carried out.

The material used for the outer layer of the wallet is ultra hard wearing 1000 denier Cordura. There is a layer of Cryptalloy® foil that wraps around the wallet to give a good signal block using the Faraday Cage Effect and ensure RFID Blocking. The inside surfaces of the entire wallet is lined with a light weight nylon lining. All the layers of the wallet are waterproof and, even though the seams are not sealed, you can even use the wallet for a drinking cup with minimal leakage due to the tight seams.

The wallet will be available in Multicam, DPM (a green camo), Red, Blue, Black and Olive Green - we may be able to do other colours dependant on demand - you can email us to ask about possible variants
The wallet will be available in Multicam, DPM (a green camo), Red, Blue, Black and Olive Green - we may be able to do other colours dependant on demand - you can email us to ask about possible variants

The wallet has three openings, one central full height one, intended for folded notes, but equally happy holding business cards or coins, and two slash cut side pockets for credit cards or notes. The slash cutting of the side pockets eases the sliding out of the cards. 

The wallets small size makes it unobtrusive in the pocket and less obvious to pickpockets.

The Wallets are 70mm wide, 100mm tall and 4mm thick.

The design has been extensively tested by our staff and has proven to work very well. It will unusably take up to 14 credit cards - though they are quite a tight fit!

Fourteen cards in the wallet!
Fourteen cards in the wallet!

An unforeseen bonus was the fact that the centre pocket will even hold coins effectively when the wallet is in your pocket, preventing wear of your pockets and possible loss of the coins; as despite there not being a way of sealing the opening, the stiffness of the material, especially when there are cards in the side pockets, has proven to prevent the coins dropping out in use.

How does Cordura® measure up against other Wallet materials?

Cordura fabric is lighter than leather.

In Wyzenbeek abrasion testing, Cordura fabric rated as having ten times the scuff and tear resistance of leather.

In puncture testing, Cordura fabric proved to have three times the puncture resistance of leather.

Comparing Cordura to other fabrics commonly used for wallets

Testing with a modified Wyzenbeek abrasion test (using sandpaper for the abrasion) produced the following results.

Tear test

The fabrics were partially slit and the energy required to tear them further was measured.

Construction Test

We wanted to prove that no matter what you put in our wallet it will not fail. So to prove the strength and durability of the construction and materials used in the wallet we decided to have them independently strength tested. Obviously it was going to be hard to strength test the actual wallet due to the size of it so we used a bag constructed using the same materials and stitching. 

The test bag loaded with 350Kg of steel bar
The test bag loaded with 350Kg of steel bar

As a result of the testing in which the bag took 350kg without damage, (that’s about the same weight as a new 2014 Harley Davidson Road King...), we can guarantee that if you can fit it into the wallet, and lift it, you can carry it without fear of the wallet failing – and we have the test certificate and pictures to prove it. Though we don’t actually know what you could get heavy enough in a size that would fit into the wallet...

This all means that a Cordura Wallet like The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet will maintain its original look longer. It will also come up clean and new looking again with simple machine washing followed by hanging up to dry.























Over the years during my life I have wrestled with bulging wallets, forcing them in and out of pockets, having to put up with the unsightly bulges as when I haven’t used a wallet I have managed to lose cards and notes. My wallets also seemed to have a short life in general, as whilst the leather outer held up reasonably well most of the time, the stitching gave way relatively quickly or the inner linings ripped.

I also have started worrying about pickpockets and card cloning or rogue swiping of my cards with the advent of the contactless cards that not only can be read remotely but can also authorise small payments without the use of pin numbers just by being read in passing...

Security access cards are now in common use, both the swipe and the proximity type can have the codes lifted with the correct scanner, compromising your security and leaving you vulnerable to unauthorised access. Some work areas use the access cards to track personnel around the company using remote sensors that only need you to walk by them, this tracking can also work in other locations, and even shops, if the correct readers are in place.

I didn’t want to be burdened with the weight and bulk of a full-sized wallet, but I need more than just putting my cards and notes loose in my pockets when going out for whatever reason.

With the intention of solving these problems I reinvented the wallet with vast improvements in function, card safety and durability but also keeping minimalistic style to discourage unwanted attention by pickpockets. I realized there was a need for a strong wallet versatile enough to accommodate the changing aspects of the day, and since I couldn't find a wallet that met all my requirements, I decided to create my own, and I created the Ultimate Minimalist Wallet with a little help from my friends...

The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet was built to be versatile, durable and to work in a variety of situations and we decided to design our product to last a lifetime. It is classically designed, while also maintaining a fresh unimposing yet smart style.

These Ultimate Minimalist Wallets are built to last with a Lifetime Guarantee; and with this wallet we created something new and different - A premium Minimalist Wallet that actually blocks RFID signals as well as being incredibly tough and long lasting.

This Wallet is all British Strength - Tiny Tough Survivor in a Tough World.

A Wallet for life, and probably the strongest wallet you’ll ever get .

We think it is the best constructed wallet you can buy.

Business, beach, hike, sports or nights out, this wallet does it all without fail.

If you can get it in this wallet it will carry it – if you can lift it...


We are a small company established ten years ago and based on a small industrial estate in the North West of England.

During the past couple of years of searching and testing different materials and components for our products we have worked with various vendors and now have a good relationship some outstanding UK suppliers

We have an extremely capable sewing staff, with a decade of experience in delivering quality products, and we will use our experience in fabric product manufacturing to ensure this product is manufactured to the highest standards.

We have made and tested the pre-production wallets and they are featured in our photos and video.

Our funding will be used for the purchasing of materials and equipment that will enable us to shift from our present small scale production setup to a larger more efficient one.

We have kept the prices and thus the profit margins quite tight in an effort to attract a fairly large number of backers and so a good cash flow.

We have been able to find very good worldwide shipping rates for this product due to its small size so have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING for everyone rather than charge extra for the international backers.

We intend to invest any surplus money we raise by this project in new machinery to expand our production capabilities into new areas and so create more employment for the local area and a more stable future for our company.

We are confident we can implement the change from small scale to large whilst maintaining our high standards of craftsmanship as well as meeting our production volume demands and fulfilment requirements.

We need to increase our production so we can employ more workers in our job deprived area!


After final assembly the products will be inspected and packaged with care before being SHIPPED FREE WORLDWIDE.

We have set quite an aggressive time frame to produce and begin shipping by late March 2014. We will start production as soon as the funding goal is met, and funds clear. We intend to start the shipping of the first batch after a couple of days and we will take the necessary steps to expedite sourcing and production whenever feasible to meet or exceed the estimated shipping time frames.

Manufacturing Timeline

• We plan to end our campaign by late March.

• As soon as our funding targets are met, hopefully with pledging continuing, we plan to expedite material sourcing and staffing levels necessary for manufacturing targets to be met successfully. We hope we will have been able to have secured all the materials needed for the first shipments at the end of March.

• We plan to have manufactured these shipments by the first week of April and at the same time have sourced the materials for the 2nd lot of shipments.

• We plan to source all the materials needed for May shipments (3 rd Lot) by end of April.

• We plan to ship the 3nd Lot by the 3rd week of May.

• We plan to ramp up our production during the months of June, and July, and also August if needed. We will be able to have shipped 3000+ units by the end of July.

In case we are above and beyond our estimates, we are committed to provide additional production capacities by employing more staff during the next few months to meet the high volume requirements. Even with 5000+ units, we are targeting to finish all shipments by October.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Risks and challenges

In the Fulfilment Process we have worked tirelessly in process improvements over the years that involve Purchasing, Production Planning, Materials Requirements, and Order processing. We have looked into numerous manufacturing facility automation initiatives. We have confirmed the price and delivery ability with our suppliers and have everything in place to meet delivery with our usual fast turnaround time.

Given our current bill of material, component availability, sourcing and production lead times, we are confident that we will be able to execute our plans and produce and ship our rewards in a timely fashion.

We understand that experience and knowledge alone can’t completely eliminate all the future risks. We will be ready to mitigate and react to the risks as they arise, and we will always be in communication about any options and our decisions along the way.

Product adjustments

We have been refining and testing our wallet for months and are very confident in the design. We don't foresee any changes that need to be made, but if we can improve the design in any way it may have very minor changes made before we ship.

Customs problems

Kickstarter campaigns regularly fulfil orders worldwide without any issues, and we expect this to be the case with ours too. However we don't pretend to have intimate customs knowledge of the entire world. We'll work hard to avoid your rewards getting held up at customs, but in the end we can't guarantee you won't experience delays or be charged. There's always a risk, but as the wallets are fairly small we will try to minimise the risk of any import duty by shipping your rewards as a letter including a free gift...

There will no doubt be some twists and turns in the road ahead, but with your help, we'll all arrive at our respective destinations happier, and more productive.

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