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A documentary short exploring the odd existence of religious content in contemporary art.
50 backers pledged $2,164 to help bring this project to life.

JWAM selection of SOAPIFF and Silent River Film Festival

JWAM has been chosen to be screened at 2 more festivals!

The Silent River Film Festival takes place in Irvine, CA (not far from Hollywood) and will be held October 11-14th. Info on screening times TBA

Secondly, the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival takes place in Kingsport, TN and will be held November 12-18th. Info on screening times TBA as well

Thirdly - school will be back in sesh soon, as will Vitamin JWAM. All new weekly episodes, starting August 22nd!



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JWAM selection of 2012 Interrobang Film Festival

JWAM has been chosen to be screened at the 2012 Interrobang Film Festival! 

If you happen to be in Des Moines next weekend, it's showing on June 23rd at 10am.

The Film festival works in conjunction with the Des Moines Arts Festival taking place June 22-24th in downtown Des Moines. For more information on the Interrobang Film Festival and the Des Moines Arts Festival visit,

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JWAM Kickstarter Rewards Sent!


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JWAM Premieres, wins at IMPA Awards

JWAM's premiere at the Nelson-Atkins on May 6th was a success, with almost 100 viewers in attendance. Again, many thanks to everyone who came out!

Next up was the Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards, where Saturday night JWAM took home a win in the College Doc category. My 2011 short film, 'The Yellow Wallpaper', also won in its College Short category.

Rewards will be mailed within the next couple of weeks!

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Jesus Was A Moonwalker - Premieres Sunday, May 6 - Plus new Morgan Freeman-ed trailer!

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to finally see JWAM on the big screen with an audience in the seats. If you have some time on Sunday, I'd love for you to be there! For those who are part of the Online Screening you will be sent a link to view JWAM on Monday, May 7. You will have one week to watch the film as many times as you like! It will then be taken down as JWAM goes through the festival circuit.

Also, check out the new trailer and guess how much I paid for the narration!

View the Jesus Was A Moonwalker - Official Trailer #2

Screenings in Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Atkins Auditorium

1:30pm2:15pm, and 3:00pm, ending with a Q&A with the filmmaker
Film duration: 40 minutes
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