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Jupiter Hell is a turn-based sci-fi roguelike/RPG with modern 3D graphics, by the creator of D**m, the Roguelike.
Jupiter Hell is a turn-based sci-fi roguelike/RPG with modern 3D graphics, by the creator of D**m, the Roguelike.
2,083 backers pledged £70,067 to help bring this project to life.

Call to Arms - The Last 48 Hours

Posted by ChaosForge Ltd (Creator)

We have 48 hours remaining on the campaign, and we’re at 90% of our goal! Jupiter Hell is on the very verge of victory. With your help we can see this through!

SideKick currently rates us at 99% chance of success. Which is pretty nice, but every roguelike fan knows that overconfidence can be a killer. Besides, we don’t just want to scrape across the line, we want to blast through the goal and take down some stretch goals along the way. Every goal we pass improves the game for every backer.

So what can you do to help in these final hours? Well, here’s a few pointers:

  • The Pledge Bonus is still active - add £12 on to your pledge and you’ll get a bonus copy of the game on release! See our previous update for full details. Take advantage of this extra-cheap offer whilst it lasts, as it will be years before you see the game at this price again. We’ve already been greenlit, so Steam keys are guaranteed.
  • Increasing your pledge is still an option. Most of these rewards will no longer be available in 2 days time, so this is your last chance to gain immortality in what will be a long-lasting game, or to grab some rare memorabilia, or even to gain access to the prestigious Inner Circle and input heavily on the game’s development. Check through the rewards still available, and if you have any questions about them then ask away.
  • Tell all your friends and family! Many of them perhaps don’t “get” roguelikes but there are a lot of cool elements to Jupiter Hell that might attract them. It’s a roguelike RPG heavily based on 90s shooters, for a start. It features curse-laden voice acting from Mark Meer, voice of Commander Shepard. It’s backed by prominent makers of X-COM, Doom, Rogue, Dragon Age and The Bard’s Tale. And it’s led by Kornel Kisielewicz, the badass who, in the face of a legal threat from ZeniMax, open sourced Doom the Roguelike so that that corporate action could never truly take it down.
  • Tell the internets! Whilst we promote where we think sensible, there are many places where fan voices are respected much more than self-promotion. Your help in reaching out amongst gaming communities can be pivotal in making Jupiter Hell a huge success. Reddit, gaming forums, Something Awful, major roguelike/roguelite communities - if you have a voice in these places then make it heard. We want to seek out any fans of tactical games like X-COM, Doom fans, sci-fi fans, RPG players, roguelike players, and any dark corners you think old DoomRL lovers are still lurking.
  • Tell important people! We’ve had amazing support from major voices in the video game universe, including the likes of Brian Fargo, Jake Solomon and John Carmack. These sorts of endorsements are not just amazing to receive, they also help convert others to the Jupiter Hell cause.

Kornel and the Wroclaw team will be doing a Kickstarter livestream from ChaosForge HQ during the last hours of the Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, starting from 10pm UTC. You will get to see more of Jupiter Hell in action, along with much cursing in either stress or joy. Be sure to join us for an emotional finale!


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    1. Ewa Labak Collaborator on

      Can't wait to say hello to everyone on the stream! :)