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Jupiter Hell is a turn-based sci-fi roguelike/RPG with modern 3D graphics, by the creator of D**m, the Roguelike.
Jupiter Hell is a turn-based sci-fi roguelike/RPG with modern 3D graphics, by the creator of D**m, the Roguelike.
2,083 backers pledged £70,067 to help bring this project to life.

Lawyers, D**mRL, 60% and Stretch Goals

Posted by ChaosForge Ltd (Creator)

A big piece of news has happened overnight - ZeniMax, owners of the Doom IP, have issued a cease and desist against Doom the Roguelike. We’re not sure how we’re going to deal with this yet (things don’t look good!) but Jupiter Hell at least is unaffected.

As a silver lining the press have responded well to this, and we’ve had overwhelming comments of support and solidarity from community members. We’re extremely grateful for this!

On top of that we’re now over 60% funded! This is the point at which Kickstarter says a project is pretty certain of success (98% chance - but it is skewed by all the projects that fund the first day). And so, as promised, we can now announce our stretch goals!

But first, a reminder, Kornel will be livestreaming play of D**mRL as planned on Sunday at 6pm UTC on his Twitch channel. And hopefully it won’t be the last chance to get to do this… During the stream he’ll be talking about his true passion for Doom, the design decisions and hard work that went into the free, fan-loved D**mRL, and what gameplay elements you’ll be seeing revived in the IP-clean Jupiter Hell!

Stretch Goals

Our stretch goals are designed to not interfere with the core game of Jupiter Hell. The plan is to build sideways content for a deeper and more replayable game, or allow funding for extra features that we would have to contract out (like audio work). They *will not* interfere with our release schedule, and we will not fall into the Kickstarter trap of overextending ourselves with overambitious stretch goals! We’ve seen too many projects suffer from that.

Still, we hope these are all things you can get excited about, as they would make some great additions to the game:

£66,666 Extended Hacking

Look at you, hacker, a pathetic creature of meat and bone... Go full rogue with extended hacking perks, letting you take over bots, unlock camera feeds, get access to more restricted resources and reveal more of the story. This will involve an ASCII minigame, and those that choose to specialise in this area will find themselves with a more varied gameplay pace.

£70,000 Pure mode

No story, no branching areas, nothing to distract you from kills after kills. This is a streamlined mode for the most gameplay obsessed players. We’ll also throw in more challenge modes and achievements!

£80,000 New zone: Io

Have an optional route through Jupiter’s most violent moon, Io. Rivers of lava, moonquakes, unstable mining machinery, new environmental hazards and some tough as Hell enemies will make this a special challenge for our more extreme players. Io is basically +33% more content!

Further stretch goals will be announced the closer we get to the end of the campaign!

11 days to go, marines! Your support means the world to us right now. Let’s rip and tear through the rest of the campaign!

Note: DOOM® is a registered trademark of ZeniMax, alongside other famous trademarks like The Evil Within®. Jupiter Hell is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by ZeniMax, nor does it wish to be.

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    1. Missing avatar

      thomas herzog on

      TIL: John Carmack is backing this project! *bows-deeply* (

    2. Lukas Sliwinski Collaborator on

      @Geoffrey Riutta - I do not deny and do not confirm about this speculations, however you have a very good eye! ;)

    3. Zak Anthony Kalles on

      I actually found out about this kickstarter because of a Kotaku article regarding the C&D. Made sure to download DoomRL just in case and then jump on here.

    4. doom-o-matic on

      What Victor said. It's a standard C&D letter, but targetting only the mentioning of the trademarked phrases and logos on the website, nothing more.

    5. Victor Sergienko on

      Zenimax are actually kind. As Adam Smith on RPS points out, they are not requiring to remove all the content, just the trademarked words (only "Doom" here) "meta tags, keywords, media, and other visible or concealed text". So replace it with "DoomRL" (it's clearly not trademarked by Z) or "D**M" or whatever, redraw the DoomRL logo, thank to Zenmax, and live on.

      What a great a timing is this for JH! You got articles in the major titles! And the funding curve is climbing so much better - hope that trend stays for a week.

      BTW it's not clear from the update text that "the press have responded well" is 4 different links, and not only one. If you make them more visible, you will bring more loyal KS backers to comment on those articles.

    6. Jon Peck on

      Really frustrating, especially given that the RL was clearly a community fan project that nobody would mistake for the commercial entity. Very happy to be supporting this, will be pitching more in to help guarantee success.

    7. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Riutta

      Now to speculate on the semi obscured bottom bit.

      Audio Logs perhaps?

    8. ChaosForge Ltd Creator on

      @JC Denton - I'm a big DX fan, both the new one and the old (but the old one a bit more). There's no way we'll not include a homage to DX somewhere ;).

    9. JC Denton on

      Amazing. Stay strong Chaosforge! GEP gun as a potential stretch goal?

    10. Tobias Linder on

      "nor does it wish to be"

      Heh heh heh. ;)