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The Strumpet is a brand-new comic from the creators of Whores of Mensa, uniting small-press stars from the US and UK.


You loved ‘em as Whores of Mensa - now rediscover the UK’s foremost ladies’ comix coven in their new book, The Strumpet!

The first issue of this new series features work by Patrice Aggs, Jeremy Day, Mardou, Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, Megan Kelso, Ellen Lindner, Tanya Meditzky and more!  There are tales of saris, Wranglers, chickens, comics conventions, Kate and Wills, and even a flea or two.  The Strumpet will have the same sass as Whores of Mensa - but with a new global reach!  We don't call it a transatlantic flight of comix fancy for nothing - for this issue we have artists all over the US and UK, uniting two comics scenes long overdue for a love-in.  We hope that everyone who loved Whores of Mensa 5 will come back for more comix adventures in The Strumpet.

Why give us a little extra in exchange for rewards?  Your contributions help us pay for things like contributor copies and review copies, along with the postage to get each to their destination - a major expense considering the distance many have to travel!  Also, Kickstarter pre-orders enable us to print new comics while keeping back issues in print.  

The Strumpet  will be printed at b5 (just a smidge smaller than our usual a4) with a color cover by Whores of Mensa stalwart Ellen Lindner and black and white interior art.  It will offer 40+ pages of quality comics by the following amazing artists:

Patrice Aggs
Jeremy Day
Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg  
Kripa Joshi
Megan Kelso  
Ellen Lindner
Tanya Meditzky
Lucy Sweet some special surprise guests!

Here are some reviews of our last project to whet your whistle:

And for the full skinny on this new cartoon craze - including some lovely previews of the comics inside - please visit

PS Many many thanks to Camila at Weepop! Records and to Let's Whisper, the amazing band whose song "Meet Me On The Dancefloor" features in our video.  Go hear more at

*We can't guarantee that we won't have last-minute dropouts - but we're not planning on it!



  • Whores of Mensa has come to a dignified end after 5 issues, published from 2004-2010. Whores of Mensa 1 is available for free download here:

    Whores of Mensa 5 is still in print and will be sold (and continue to self-perpetuate) alongside the Strumpet.

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  • We appreciate all of our kind donors from last time! The money you donated - minus postage costs, which were considerable, especially for US orders - is still effectively keeping Whores of Mensa 5 in print. We're up to 400 copies produced to date and we couldn't have done it without you! If you enjoyed Whores 5, though, we'd be very grateful if you'd donate again. Like many artists, we don't have fancy jobs that help finance our projects - and costs like printing contributor copies (we'll need approximately 45 of those for this first issue, plus about 20 review copies) and postage really add up. If we don't reach our goal we're going to have to cut back on stuff like that - so your generous support early in the process of printing Strumpet 1 will have extra impact.

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  • Conventions are expensive to attend, and so we don't really make money out of them - making it difficult to pay to reprint the comic in future. When you pre-order, we have a pot of money to do our printing - we don't have to go into debt before we've even started. This generally makes creating a new comic a less stressful experience, and our Strumpetty brains will reel with gratitude to those who spared us that fate! Also, donating now will help insure other peoples' funding reaches us - with Kickstarter, you don't get any money at all if you don't reach your goal.

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  • Good question! We believe that women's stories are worth telling, and want to do our part to help that happen. We love the punk ethos of DIY, an ethos that has a history of being cozy with radical feminism. We love radical feminism! Some of us dream of one day starting our own publishing company...think of this project as that dream in miniature. Who knows where your contribution could lead!!! So yes, ladies. Bring on the ladies!

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  • When we were coming up with the concept for this new publication, Mardou, Jeremy (who is a lady) and Ellen talked about the great mascots of 20th century magazine publishing - namely, Alfred E. Neuman and Eustace Tilley. The Strumpet will change a bit with every issue, but she will always be sexy, smart and in charge. About this cover, Ellen says: "In my interpretation the Strumpet is someone like Ingrid Sischy - a media mogul with influence and attitude. But no matter how busy she is, she'd rather soak up a few more pages of Bechdel, Ngozi Adichie, or in this case, Stendhal, than fuss about which dress to wear. I feel like this cover is about acknowledging society's expectations of women, but deciding how much distance we want to have from them." The Strumpet will be interpreted anew with each issue, but she will always be a Whore of Mensa at heart.

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