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$468 pledged of $8,000 goal
$468 pledged of $8,000 goal

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Glitch Warrior Kickstarter Cancelled

Dear Backers,

It was pretty clear we were not going to receive funding for Glitch Warrior, so I've gone ahead and cancelled the project so I can move along with other work and not draw it out any longer. The first thing I wanted to do is thank those that supported the project and concept. Unfortunately Glitch Warrior was conceived as something that is beyond our current budget limitations, so we will not be proceeding with development. 

If you want to stay up to date with whatever we do next, you can always follow us on Twitter.

Update #1: Character Sprites

It's been an awesome few days since we announced Glitch Warrior, and we've gotten a lot of feedback between this and Steam Greenlight. Perhaps none more-so than reactions and concerns regarding the main player sprite in the game. Our biggest inspiration is the classic NES Mega Man series, and while we think we've pulled off the art style very well, we went way too close to home with the main character sprite.

Was it naive to overlook the similarities to the Mega Man sprite? Yes. Was it an honest mistake? Also yes. All of our sprites have been drawn using Mega Man art as reference, and with the player we just didn't notice how close it was, pixel by pixel, until people started telling us. Sometimes, you are simply too close to your work to see the most obvious things. The art in the game is still super early and much of it will look very different by the time the game is done, but we felt it important to redo Kilo-Bit, Mega-Bit, and Giga-Bit immediately.

That said, here is an updated version of the sprite design. It will be present in the video once we update it later this afternoon.