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Using comics we stimulate kids' imagination and creativity, enabling them to see how gaining knowledge can help build a path to their future.
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You Made This Happen!

Posted by Alexander Simmons (Creator)

Alex Simmons here.

I writing this note just to "hang up" a public sign declaring that our trip to Senegal Africa was a major success! I've already posted a few video clips and news items regarding some of our best moments -- but hey, why not more?

So view the single video below, It was taken the day I arrived -- which by the way was at 6:30 AM. By 8:30 AM we were at the American Cultural Museum with a class of 30 kids due any minute, and no time to frame the art.. By the morning of day 2, we had half framing completed, and by day 3 the job was done (see sample pictures below).

You can also click here to visit 5 other video clips on the KCC web site:

Well, that's it for now. Many thanks to all, especially, for helping to make all this possible. And, stay tune for even more updates on the good that has been accomplished.

Alex Simmons

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