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Using comics we stimulate kids' imagination and creativity, enabling them to see how gaining knowledge can help build a path to their future.
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You Made This Happen!

Alex Simmons here.

I writing this note just to "hang up" a public sign declaring that our trip to Senegal Africa was a major success! I've already posted a few video clips and news items regarding some of our best moments -- but hey, why not more?

So view the single video below, It was taken the day I arrived -- which by the way was at 6:30 AM. By 8:30 AM we were at the American Cultural Museum with a class of 30 kids due any minute, and no time to frame the art.. By the morning of day 2, we had half framing completed, and by day 3 the job was done (see sample pictures below).

You can also click here to visit 5 other video clips on the KCC web site:

Well, that's it for now. Many thanks to all, especially, for helping to make all this possible. And, stay tune for even more updates on the good that has been accomplished.

Alex Simmons

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Greetings All:

Well I'm back from one of the wildest and most rewarding adventures I've ever had. The KCC/COC EXPO 2 AFRICA was a bigger success than I hoped for. I'll try to relate it all to you over the next week or so, through text and images. "Try" being the operative word because there is so much to tell.

One part of my efforts will be these short films I shot and edited with a Flip video camera. You may have seen some of these already because I was occasionally able to upload while I was there. Eitherway, here are the first 5 clips. Enjoy and keep an eye out for more, here, and on YouTube.

Night Before pt 1:

Night Before pt 2:

Day 1 in Dakar pt 1:

Day 1 in Dakar pt 2:

Day 1 in Dakar pt 3:

Day 2 in Dakar pt 1:

If you have any questions for me, or the others who went with me, please feel free to drop a message here.

Alex Simmons


Hey Folks,

Here's a two minute sample (see link below) of what we're up to over here in Senegal. It's titled Day One in Dakar on YouTube, because that's what it is, our first day ... and only part of that.

Today is actually my third day here, but there has been little time to edit and upload anything. Aside from the exposition (part of which is still being framed by some amazing people), we've taught workshops, and had a press conference.

I hope to put up 2 - 3 minute clips over the next few days, so stay tuned to this chan ... uh ... well, keep an eye open.

Alex Simmons
KCC/COC Expo 2 Africa

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