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Blackjack: Buried Secrets will be 80-page anthology containing two comic book stories, plus a 60-page novella, with spot illustrations. Read more

Bronx, NY Comics
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Blackjack: Buried Secrets will be 80-page anthology containing two comic book stories, plus a 60-page novella, with spot illustrations.

Bronx, NY Comics
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About this project

Greetings.  Alex Simmons here.  I’m a freelance writer who has penned a number of things from published song lyrics, to plays, to Disney novels – and enjoyed every minute of it!

But my most favorite project was a comic book series I created called, Blackjack, the Adventures of Arron Day.  

It’s the tales of an African American soldier of fortune in the turbulent era of the 1930s.  Blackjack is a globetrotting adventurer not only facing countless dangers, but also the ghosts of his past, and the racism and ignorance of his times.

The series made its debut in 1996 as an independent comic, and the reaction from the critics and patrons was fantastic...

"...Blackjack is on par with the Blackhawks, full of daring adventure in exotic places in the world..." -- Morgan Freeman -- actor, film star.

"...a multi-layered character...and rich in history..."  -- John Amos -- actor, film star.

"...Simmons' stories are taut and well-told... it's his story-telling style that makes Blackjack really sizzle..." -- Comic Shop News --

My team and I published several issues as well as a graphic novel, and for the past few years Hollywood and the video game arena have wondered how to take Blackjack to a wider audience.

Meanwhile, many have asked me when’s the next Blackjack comic coming out? 

Well, I’m hoping that time is now.

See, I’m almost ready to publish a NEW collection of stories starting with, Blackjack: Buried Secrets, an 80-page anthology containing two comic book stories. It will deliver a pulp magazine feel with interior art by comic book pros Eric Battle, Steve Ellis, and Shawn Atkinson, plus cover art by the amazing, Joe Bennett. And like earlier Blackjack books, Buried Secrets will contain bonus features such as sketches, and historical bios about people that have benefited our world society.

Writing the Blackjack series gave me the opportunity to more honestly reflect the life and times of people of color in the past. I would like to continue to do that

Of course along with the aforementioned goodies, you'll receive even more when you pledge to help bring this venture to life. And obviously the more we receive, the more stories we can produce, the more "secrets" we can uncover ... dramatic, historic, and otherwise.

So what say ye?

Help me make the return of Blackjack a reality.

To learn more about Blackjack visit: 

Blackjack Adventures on Facebook

For more information on the author, visit:


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    A digital download of the special Kickstarter edition of "Blackjack: Pinups & Prose," a special promotional booklet featuring a new Blackjack short story along with additional illustrations and amazing art by 10 industry pros. Think of this as an invitation to adventure.

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    All of the above, plus a PDF of the first ever Blackjack mini series, "Second Bite of the Cobra." It's the tale that started it all. Plus a PDF of Buried Secrets. Gee, I wonder which one you'll give away.

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    All ... that's right ALL of the above, plus a PDF of the 96-page graphic novel, BLACKJACK: BLOOD & HONOR," the second story in the series. Also a subscription to a Blackjack online comics story with over 60 pages of full color art!

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    All the cool $100 stuff, plus a one time, Online Q&A with Alex Simmons (and team) on Perceiving, Producing, Publishing, & Promoting your own comic or graphic novel project. We have over 25 years of experience. Why not pick our brain?

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    Say it with me, "All of the above!" Good. Plus ... you as a key character in a Blackjack story! No, I'm not talking about a "walk on." And a download of BLACKJACK: RETRIBUTION, an audio drama recorded at the Museum of TV & Radio in NYC. Heck, I'll even throw in the story poster.

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