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This project was successfully funded on September 13, 2012.

It's been a long time coming, folks.

Molly Martin
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After an unbelievable amount of hemming, hawing, and foot dragging, I have finally worked up the gumption to put a record of original songs out into the world. It's ALMOST finished -- the home stretch! -- and I can't wait to share it with you, but I need your help to put all those final touches on it and turn it into something you can hold in your hands. For those of you who know how Kickstarter works, you may skip ahead to the more flowery passages (indicated by italics!!!) detailing the artistry and such. If you're new to the concept, and could use a little insight into the process, I'll keep it brief: 

The upfront costs of producing an album can be astronomical (see the breakdown below), and it often results in little to no return on the monetary investment. Kickstarter allows independent musicians, such as yours truly, to reach out directly to an audience and find targeted patronage for creative pursuits; the beauty of the Kickstarter model is that artists can essentially sell records, to people who actually want to buy them, in advance. It also lets consumers/fans feel like an integral part of the creative process as it unfolds, and usually involves a more personal look behind the scenes. 

In other words, it's totally a win-win!

One major caveat: it's all or nothing. If I don't reach my goal amount, if I come in even a penny under, I won't get any of it. If you can't pledge (or even if you can!), it's equally valuable to post a link to this site on your social network (preferably many times!), or email the more old-fashioned folks, and help me get the word out. There's a reason they call it "crowd funding" -- it requires a little bit from a lot of people to make it work. Which is a big part of what makes it special, in my humble opinion. Thanks in advance for any small way you can participate -- no action is too small. Really.

In case you're wondering where all this money is going (hey, understandable), check out the following breakdown:

$500 for mixing

$500 for mastering

$800 for graphic design

$1,500 to have the album pressed, packaged and printed

$500 for copyrighting, digital distribution, and misc. production costs

$200 Kickstarter's cut of the profits

And now for the flowery passage, to give you a better feel for the music you'll be supporting -- courtesy of my dear friend and collaborator, Drew Phillips, who understands just how much I hate talking about myself and kindly agreed to do it on my behalf:

So many times, Molly Fitzpatrick Martin has said, in one way or another, that she doesnʼt want to do this. She doesnʼt want to sing in front of crowds. She doesnʼt want to lead a band. She doesnʼt want to make records. What she wants to cook the kind of food you dream about when youʼre from the deep south and end up somewhere rainy, cold, and full of strangers that donʼt understand you. She wants to play her songs with her friends and family, in her home and their homes and laugh and share the kind of summer evening in the southeastern heat thatʼs only cured with cold whiskey in a mason jar, fireflies, and a front porch.

But sometimes, itʼs your best friends who say, “Fuck what you want.” Lucky for us, Mollyʼs friends are some of Nashvilleʼs finest musicians, and they knew it was high time she gave these songs away. 

Molly, like many musicians before her–Ted Hawkins and Catherine Irwin come to mind–writes and plays like no oneʼs watching. She delivers songs devoid of pretense and irony. She sings what she means.

To read Drew's full review, click here.

***P.S.!!!*** While I have your attention, I'd like to thank you. If you are looking at this page, odds are you know me and at some point, be it at a college party or a wedding or a Nashville coffee shop, you've grabbed me by the shoulders and said: "WHEN are you going to do something with your music?!" I know it took me an awful long time to put them together, but all those little moments added up to this one. Your support and encouragement mean absolutely everything. I'd like to think this record was worth the wait.

{Extra special thanks to Ted Ringeisen for the fantastic video, to Drew Phillips for the wonderful words, to my mom, Kat Fitzpatrick, and Laura Baisden for sharing their amazing art, and to Steve Martin for...well...everything.}


  • I realized that once you're baking cookies in the hundreds, what's another hundred or so? I added another 10 dozen for you sugar maniacs out there. Hmm...I'm gonna need more butter....

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  • I'm actually using this Kickstarter page as an online marketplace to do a "pre-sale" of the album. If you pledge on this page -- $10 gets you a digital download, $20 gets you that + the final hard copy -- I will mail it to you the moment I get my li'l hands on it. If you'd rather wait until it's done, I will more than likely have it available via CDBaby, iTunes, and possibly Amazon music (TBD). Or we can just do it the old fashioned way, where we decide to trust each other, you send me a check, and I mail you a CD. Just keep checking my Facebook page for updates about the details, I'll put it all there.

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  • Take myself out to lots of lavish dinners, and pop bottles of Dom to congratulate myself! Just kidding...

    I never imagined this question would be relevant, but I'm overjoyed that it is! I honestly didn't think too hard about this in advance, because I would have been so happy just to get the original amount. But now Steve and I are actively dreaming about possibilities, and here are some that we've come up with so far:

    - Full horn section on a couple of songs (wouldn't that be AWESOME?!)

    - Limited edition vinyl pressing of the album

    - Promotional photography/styling

    - Website?

    - If things get really crazy, we'd love to plan a small tour to promote the album and visit our favorite people!

    - Buy more butter (see above)

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    Pledge $1 or more

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    All backers receive access to updates, exclusive videos, and 1 digital track from the album. And, of course, my deepest gratitude.

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    Pledge $10 or more

    17 backers

    Digital download of the record, and the feeling that you have done a really good thing for someone (me).

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    Pledge $15 or more

    12 backers

    Download of the album + Personal mix "CD" (playlist download) featuring favorite artists and musical influences. This will likely include the work of some awesome Nashville acts & friends that you need to know.

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    Pledge $20 or more

    20 backers

    Album package: digital + hard copy of the album.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    26 backers

    Album package + download of bonus tracks: recordings, both covers and originals, that were made before this record.

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    Pledge $35 or more

    16 backers

    Album package + bonus tracks + download of Molly Fitzpatrick Martin Live at the Bluebird: solo acoustic recordings from a writer's round at Nashville's legendary Bluebird Cafe

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    Pledge $45 or more

    20 backers All gone!

    Album package + bonus tracks + Live @ the Bluebird + a dozen of my truly awesome butterscotch cranberry oatmeal cookies, baked fresh with love and thankfulness (and lots of butter) and mailed right to your door!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $60 or more

    11 backers Limited (9 left of 20)

    Album package + bonus tracks + Live @ the Bluebird + a T shirt featuring the poster art by Laura Baisden (see below for more info)

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    Pledge $75 or more

    6 backers

    Hey, did you know I am also a professional cook? $75 gets you the album package + bonus tracks + Live @ the Bluebird + a special digital recipe book (in PDF or e-book formats) of all my favorite tried-and-true recipes. Full color pictures & special tips that I've picked up from some of Nashville's best chefs.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    18 backers Limited (2 left of 20)

    Album package + bonus tracks + Live @ the Bluebird + eBook + limited edition linocut poster, designed and hand crafted by the inimitable Nashville artist (and dear friend) Laura Baisden -- of world famous Music City print shop Hatch Show Print. I'll even sign it if you like!

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    Pledge $250 or more

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    Album package + 8 hours in the studio where it was recorded. Engineer/producer/husband Steve Martin will be on hand to track and advise. In addition to yours truly, he has recorded Guy Clark, Vetiver, Simone Felice, Courtney Jaye, Ben Sollee, Todd Snider, and many more. Can be purchased as a gift. I would hope this goes without saying, but just so's ya know, this gift can only be redeemed in good ol' Nashville, TN. Recording date will be scheduled according to availability of both parties.

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    Pledge $300 or more

    1 backer

    Album package + bonus tracks + Live @ the Bluebird + eBook + a limited edition print of the artwork seen here on the site: "Bee Path" by my mother, award-winning Mississippi artist Kat Fitzpatrick. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces of hers, and is truly stunning when viewed full size.

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    Pledge $500 or more

    1 backer Limited (1 left of 2)

    Did I mention I'm a professional cook? I have trained at some of Nashville's best restaurants: tayst,Table 3, City House, & The Food Company. At this level, you will receive everything listed above (minus studio time), plus a very special event for you and 3 friends: I will whip up a fabulous four course meal, tailored to your tastes and the season's best ingredients. I'll serve you, I'll tell jokes, I'll clean it all up. Hell, maybe I'll even sing a never know. I promise you won't be sorry. You pick the date & place. Limited to locations within 1 hour of the Nashville area, booze not included.

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