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"Fight-specific Isola" tells the story of people struggling against gentrification. Let's share socio-political and artistic knowledge!
126 backers pledged $6,010 to help bring this project to life.

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We did it ! Thank you all !!! / Ce l'abbiamo fatta ! Grazie a tutt* !!!

Posted by Isola Art Center (Creator)

$ 6.010 have been pledged by 126 backers on Kickstarter, this is great! Funding for Isola campaign for publishing the book "Fight-Specific Isola" continues untill February 15th at Galleria Bianconi, via Lecco 20, Milan, and with a T-shirt selling campaign that will start very soon.

6.010 dollari sono stati raccolti da 126 sostenitori su Kickstarter, fantastico! La raccolta fondi per la pubblicazione del libro "Fight-Specific Isola" continua fino al 15 Febbraio alla Galleria Bianconi in via Lecco 20, Milano e con una campagna di vendita magliette che iniziera molto presto.

Photo: Tania Bruguera: Revolution is on hold, Isola Art Center 2005 (Visita di un gruppo della Fondazione Pistoletto)

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Thank you!

Posted by Isola Art Center (Creator)

FANTASTIC! Our Kickstarter campaign rocks! We have already reached our goal 8 days in advance! Thank you for supporting 'Fight-Specific Isola'.  But you have still the opportunity to get terrific benefits . Tell your friends and share on!

Why don't you buy the book and the T-shirt with Dan Perjovschi's drawing for $80? Dan made this drawing in 2007 as a comment to the events in Isola, where Isola Art Center's headquarters at the industrial building of the Stecca were destroyed by real estate promoters in order to build Stefano Boeri's so called "Vertical Forest", two towers with luxury dwellings.

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Bakers: for you!

Posted by Isola Art Center (Creator)

Dear Islanders,


Emanuela Ascari's pencil on paper "Luogo Comune. Reperti # 27, 28, 29", 2012, 29,7 x 21 cm each


Edna Gee's quilts "Progress and Development", 2012, 120 x 120 cm each.

...Collect them all!

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Thank you!

Posted by Isola Art Center (Creator)

Dear all, thank you for supporting our kickstarter campaign for Fight-Specific Isola! We already reached 46% of our goal, thanks to Manon Slome, Jodie Dinapoli Algarra, Naomi Hersson-Ringskog, Patrick Waldo, Eli Cortiñas, Robert Biliecki, Enrico Lunghi, Lisa Baldelli, Tara De La Garza, Pamela Telvi Cohen, Maddalena Fragnito, Maddalena Bonicelli, Marie- Noelle Farcy, Clement Minighetti, Antonella Gozzi, Mariette Schiltz, Elena Forin, Claudia Löffelholz, Klaus Maurer, Aria Spinelli, Carmen Einfinger, Albert Dondelinger and many others. Thanks as well to all the artists that donated their works for Funding for Isola, currently on view at Galleria Bianconi, in Milan, Italy.