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A Record Label for the Artist.

Hi everyone! I'm Cody from Neotomic Webzine, and after a year of the site we have decided to branch out into a record label, Neotomic Records! to house releases by our favorite bands; a label designed entirely for the musicians to make sure they get the most profit and the only thing we get goes straight back into the label!

Sure, the first release is crazy and ambitious BUT we are so excited for it, because NR!-001 will be a tribute to our favorite band: The Kinks. The Kinks have never rightfully gotten the respect they deserve, and the range and different genres of the 18 acts contributing to this tribute is truly a testament to just how influential and far reaching of a band the Kinks are. 

To be honest, I don't even know how we got such an amazing list of bands and musicians on this, but everyone of them has graciously agreed to each contribute their own cover:

  • The Black Apples
  • Brass Tax! - Look a Little on the Sunny Side
  • Colleen Green - Set Me
  • Dante Vs. Zombies
  • D. Watusi
  • Johnny O'Donnell and Sacramento - Wonderboy
  • King Lollipop - Waterloo Sunset
  • Love Collector - Starstruck
  • The Marble Vanity - King Kong
  • Princess Chelsea - I Go To Sleep
  • Puppies - Animal Farm
  • Raw Geronimo 
  • Snack Machine - I Need You
  • Unnatural Helpers - Picture Book
  • Vermillion Sands - Death of a Clown
  • Wheels on Fire - What's In Store For Me
  • White Wires - Victoria

ON TOP OF THAT, fantastic NY artist Rob Corradetti ( has also agreed to contribute the album art! 

Of course, this is a wonderful idea, but because we want to press it on vinyl and vinyl is expensive, we need any help we can get, even if just a dollar! We know it's the holiday season, but if you know someone who loves the Kinks, this is a perfect gift! Even if you can't donate, we would love you forever if you could just spread the word!!!

Thanks to everyone and to all the bands! -Cody


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