LAB-BOX - The first multi-format daylight-loading film tank

by ars-imago

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      David Valencia Olave on

      Nice, I really want to taste and test it!!,. nice work.

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      Kai on

      Yeeeeeah!! I’m sooo looking forward to this! Thx for the update!

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      Joseph Harrington on

      Longest wait ever. Really hope this product works without any issues whenever we get it.

    4. Francesco Tiso on

      That sounds good. We met in person at the Photokina and I am pleased that there is progress in production. I have now 25 films waiting to be developed. Can not wait to hold my lab box in my hands. Thanks for the update.

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      George Day on

      Thanks for the update, I am sure you are doing everything you can to deliver a great product which I am looking fwd to receiving whenever it is ready to ship. Great news.

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      Richard Bain on

      Lovely to see. Thanks for the update info, the best is worth waiting for. Looks like you are keen to make it so.

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      Charles Mason on

      "As we previously wrote, we are committed to dispatching the first batches by the end of the year. We still cannot pin down any date, but we can confirm that couriers are scheduled to pick up the first batches between the end of December 2018 and the end of January 2019. "
      So that means NOT by the end of the year? So much for Sept 2017, and Sept 2018, and Dec 2018 and ...

    8. Julian L on

      Looking forward to getting my hands on this, thanks for the update. Delays are only to be expected when designing and manufacturing a new product. I'm still happily waiting for my Ferrania film, so the delay on this project is nothing.

    9. brad lechner on

      looks great! thanks for update! a quality product is worth the wait.

    10. Michael Diblicek on

      Great news guys, thanks for the update. It's all looking good. And as Brad Lechner said "A quality product is worth the wait" i couldn't agree more.
      To all the team, have great Xmas.

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      Jim on

      You will undoubtedly continue to get criticized about the delivery schedule, but please keep focused on checking the strength and endurance of your components. Complaints about delays will not seem important if the product you deliver fails after a few uses because of plastic gears or whatever. There have been a couple of photo related projects that have done just that. Quality control is critical to your long term success.

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      Rob Robertson on

      Yay, Lab-Box! I'm looking forward to my new Lab-Box, but not at all concerned about the delays. I concur with the many who have said,all along,that we have faith in you and the thoroughness with which you're approaching your task. Our world remains too impatient - some (good) things are worth waiting for! Have a Xmas break - you've earned it!

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      Marlon Bishop on

      I’m going to lick my lab-box when it arrives. Not even use it for the development of film. Love that redesigned metal clip and the newfound strength of the reels. Merry Xmas and see y’all on the other side!

    14. David Talbot on

      Looking great! The films are all happy in the fridge waiting. All those of you complaining look at the Lume Cube Life Lite Kickstarter, that is a badly run one not this one!

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      Elad Bari on

      PLEASE ! No Express Shipping!
      Don't tax us for nothing if it's preventable. Normal airmail arrives no later and is as good.

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      Rafael on

      I have a question: in August we had the *last chance* to change our shipping address. By March, it is very likely that I will have to move, and at the moment I still do not have the new address. Will we have the chance to change the address later on? Or will I simply lose my LabBox?

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      sean on

      I cant wait to use this product. Thanks for making these! Please consider making the similar tank with 4x5 and 5x7 films? I would definitely buy it again

    18. David Talbot on

      Another customer for you here if you decide to produce a 4x5 (or even 10x8) system

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      Chris Cayetano on

      I hope there would be an updated reel that would allow two 135 film to be developed at the same time.

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      Bouchard on

      Just some personal information : contributed in March 2017 for a delivery scheduled for September 2017. This project suffers from a certain delay... I am at once disappointed and more and more watched.
      Laurent, contributor number 856

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      Bouchard on

      Previous news : " ...and you will hear from us with a new update between Christmas Eve and New Year’s. "

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      Chris Cayetano on

      Where's the new update?

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      Martin Siegel

      I'll second Chris Cayetan and Boucherd - new update PLEEEASE

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      Martin Siegel

      @Chris Cayetano - sorry for misspelling your name

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      Philippe HERNANDEZ on

      Il semble que le temps n'a pas d'emprise sur Lab-Box... La campagne de levée de fonds a commencé en Mars 2017 pour une livraison prévue en Septembre 2017... Nous sommes déjà en 2019 et personne n'a rien reçu. Il est temps maintenant de donner des DATES PRECISES DE LIVRAISON, l'impatience commence à monter en puissance chez les contributeurs qui ont fait confiance aux concepteurs du projet... Phil contributeur N° 4843

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      Sara Marshall on

      "As we previously wrote, we are committed to dispatching the first batches by the end of the year"
      "We will keep you constantly posted, as usual, and you will hear from us with a new update between Christmas Eve and New Year’s"
      More empty promises and prevarication. How about precise dates for delivery instead of the continual vague promises.

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      Andras on

      Sara, i had this reply on the comments web page, but it fits for you as well:
      they wrote as usual, what's wrong? This is the usual from them.

      Moreover they only mentioned between Christmas and NY, which is still open for 2019.

      My first and ever kickstarter campaign was this, that is for sure.

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      Chris Cayetano on

      "We have recently encountered an issue, which is currently being solved. "

      I guess the issue has not been solved...

    29. Mattia Cuttini on

      C'mon let's update us!


    30. Shay on

      Just a quick, little update, please guys.....

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      mario on

      Update, please!