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The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
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Lab-Box Production Update - November #1

Posted by ars-imago (Creator)

Dear Backers,

we are happy to introduce you to the packaging design and the final draft of the instructions manual for Lab-Box.

New Packaging for Lab-Box
New Packaging for Lab-Box

As the mass production of Lab-Box moves along, we are printing and assembling its packaging. We wanted the container to enhance Lab-Box's main features: clean lines, modularity, and appealing colors. To echo the tank’s design, we chose a packaging option with a very clean outline, making the Lab-Box brand recognizable. We also chose to have separate module boxes for the second module, as to enhance Lab-Box's modularity. All boxes feature our corporate orange, but, depending on your chosen Lab-Box color, your box will have an orange, green, or black external strip. Entirely made of paper, these containers are the best accessory to store your Lab-Box in between uses.

Details of the new packaging design
Details of the new packaging design

Currently, we are also finalising the instructions manual, which will feature step-by-step illustrations to guide you throughout the developing process. Following, you may take a look at the preview.

Lab-Box Instructions
Lab-Box Instructions

Meanwhile, our team is still at the factory to check on production. We will be back in a few weeks with a new production update.


Lab-Box Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Chandler on

      I would have liked an update on progress toward the expected delivery dates for the lab-box even if it’s going to be delayed it would be better to know about it

    2. Rodolphe Dusserre on

      I know its not really important, but.. the box look cool! packaging is sometime poorly done (yes Nike, Adidas and co.. im speaking about you) and yeah, this one look cool, so keep up and fast, i've got 15 film waiting in my fridge already :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Woollacott on

      Thank you Lab-Box for the update and extremely glad to see the end product is near. To those complaining I would suggest looking into various manufacturing and business management aspects before any further comment or better yet INVESTMENT in a crowd-sourced platform idea. I had a basic understanding when I (and my father) originally committed to this product that 6 months was a very unrealistic time frame to go from FDM printed prototype to injection molded mass-production and given that they exceeded planned units by a factor of ten complicates that greatly (I’m assuming their goal of 500 units or so being planned production) I was anticipating 18 months from funding completion and by the looks of it they should be pretty close to that. Thank you again to Ars-Imago for your dedication to our pruduct

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Chandler on

      Made my pledge February 17 nearly a couple of years now. Happy to wait If it means that the lab-box is a good product. I had one of the original Bakelite ones but sadly it just broke beyond repair. Great thing about lab-box is the 120 and 35mm modules can’t wait to try it out. Just have a little patience it will be worth it I’m sure

    5. -Gary Hoyt on

      As a backer of 13 different projects over a period of 3 years, I can say this project is not poorly done. This is pretty typical of a campaign involving manufacturing of a project that is completely different from anything else on the market. I feel they've done a great job so far.

    6. Eduardo Acosta on

      So we can expect our lab box this year right? Everything looks great

    7. David Talbot on

      Well said Kristian

    8. Kristian Saks on

      Stop backing Kickstarter projects if you are not willing to risk your investment. This is not a shop where you can ask for a refund, you are investing a product. Your reward is the product, your risk the money you put in.

    9. Kinnaresh Mistry on

      Thanks for the update.

      Please ensure that the final product is shipped in a proper cardboard `shipping carton' and not just in retail packaging [within a plastic bag] shown in the update, to avoid any damage to the final product or packaging.

    10. Perry Tatman on

      Been a long wait but light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for the updates.

    11. Missing avatar

      Larry Cloetta on

      Massive amount of work, team. Most of us appreciate the effort you are putting into this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim Anderson on

      Since ALL email correspondences get fully ignored, I am again posting my request here, in continued hopes of getting a reply.

      I - like so many others - am requesting a full reversal of my backing pledge. Please respond to this (duplicated many times over) request ASAP, as I have zero interest in supporting a project what was so badly planned, and even more, less interest in backing a company that treats its backers (and presumably customers) so very poorly. Your behavior during all of this is inexcusable.

      TLDR; Refund my original pledge amount please. I have zero interest in supporting you.

    13. Missing avatar

      BKeeper on

      The large comprehensive updates are a very good thing, but smaller milestone updates like this are great to see inserted between those large updates. Please keep them coming!

    14. Gianni Giovannini on

      Very cool packaging !!!