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The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
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      John Beasley on

      The end of June is looming. Have we a shipping date?

    2. Christopher Blake on

      Its now Mid June Gentlemen...... Appreciate an update one way or the other, positive or negative Thanks

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      ramarren on

      It's good to see that things are still progressing. Yes, making hard products is a very long, slow process unless you have oodles of money and a large team. I'm patient, I'll wait it out.

      Do a great job! :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Cecilia Temperli on

      "Dear Bakers... " :)

      Over time I have come to the conclusion to just be patient with this product, which appears to be very complicated to me, and keep "baking" :)

      Seriously, look at all the parts and just try to imagine how this product is going to be assembled; Either each and every one of the LabBoxes fitted together by one person or in an assembly line with a number of workers fitting each part which could be a rather expensive exercise considering that the LabBox is not exactly a mass product and may not have a great mass appeal once the project is completed – unless the demand for film shooting and home processing increases dramatically, which is unlikely.

      Mark Hammerschmidt (June 1) (Voice of reason)
      + 1

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      Christobal Cruz on

      These comments are hilariously out of touch with the concept of investor backing and production.

      @Beau Howard you do realize that Canon stopped MAKING film cameras way before they stopped selling. The surplus of the Canon V is a sign of the times of when digital cameras were the new thing. Nobody was willing to pay for the top of the line model of obsolete tech and thus they accumulated a surplus. If anything them selling out of the surplus might be a show of resolve and revival of film.

    6. Mark Hammerschmidt on

      @Rajat there’s 10 Agfa Rondinat listed on eBay of which 3 are the 35U. Bidding for one is about £50 and another is already $129 plus shipping. Unlikely enough to go round all of us!!

    7. Rajat Srivastava on

      Thanks for the update. This is clearly not going to appear before 2019, and it would be good if that was clarified.
      FWIW, Agfa made this decades ago . Search for Rondinax on eBay. I have the 35U and an using it with great results. They cost £50 usually and I suggest those who want to develop at home using a day light tank buy the above and then decide what to do in 2019- perhaps sell your Lab Box on eBay. Can this beat the quality of Agfa? I doubt. They work fine 30 years down the line.

    8. Chris Honeysett on

      Has anyone noticed the dead silence from the Lab Box people on these comments? Not one response. Maybe it’s because they are working on a part and are otherwise unable to get to the computer. Or they just don’t care.

    9. Mark Hammerschmidt on

      Sara - I have backed 21 projects on KS. Each time my credit card company blocked the payment requiring me to call them to authorise it. They also occasionally block payments I make to eBay too so it’s not because it’s a potential scam.

      Out of those 21 I backed there is 1 that seems to have gone bust and run off with my $75 and there’s nothing I can do about it.

      I have 3 projects (inc this) to yet be delivered. One is a Swiss watch that costs a fairly large sum of money and is already delayed by several months, the other is a US fitness device that’s already almost a year late (and for similar design reasons to this project)! Of the others 1 failed to get funded so I wasn’t charged anything and the rest were all delivered successfully with all but 2 of those also being considerably delayed again due to similar design change reasons as this is.

      The only mistake ARS-Imago has made, with the benefit of hindsight, is to have published an overly ambitious timeline, which I’m sure they too regret as much as we do!! Any product development is always a steep learning curve! Future buyers of the LAB BOX will just add it to their shopping cart, pay and have it delivered swiftly and be totally oblivious to the difficulties of getting it to that point.

      We are the guinea pigs that have the privilege of getting it for half retail price because we put up the investment capital to enable the creators to make it. And that also means putting up with delays, and also the potential risk of losing our money like I have with my $75 that i10 accessories has gone down with.

      Now - you did read the KS rules before you backed this “invention” - didn’t you!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Sara Marshall on

      Mark Hammerschmidt: When a credit card company flags up a security issue then to meI consider it a possible scam. You say I backed a concept. That is true to an extent but there was a delivery date and that is constantly fluid with the question being asked by many now if it will ever be completed.. The time taken is unbelievable, after all this is only a developing tank, not a high tech piece of machinery. I can accept projects overrun but this is getting beyond ridiculous.
      This is my first project I have backed, but I can assure you that it will be my last.

    11. Mark Hammerschmidt on

      @Sara - your credit card company did not flag this project as a scam. Stop talking rubbish. It likely blocked the payment to Kickstarter (not the creator - as did mine on every project I’ve backed) subject to your additional authorisation as a security precaution. It’s hardly surprising the creators shy away from giving more regular updates given some of the negative remarks being made. Refunds are at the discretion of the creator only if they cannot finalise the product so.......

      Bringing any product to market always involves design changes and delays. Even major government infrastructure projects always run over budget and with considerable delays. You backed a concept not a finished product.

    12. Eric Senabre on

      Just wondering : by the time you finally deliver the product to the backers, do you think film rolls will still be available ? You never know what might happen in 5 years...

    13. Missing avatar

      Sara Marshall on

      Are some of the comments here real? The people who say take you time .... i'ms sure the product will be fantastic... glad you are taking your time ..... Promises of delivery dates have been continually made and never kept. Each update says something like "we are perfecting part xxx". We expect delivery "sometime after the summer". but in what year?
      As each day passes I am becoming more and more convinced that this is a scam, and when a backer says he has requested a refund and has had no response it kind of backs up my scam theory that was first flagged up by my credit card company. Add to that the request at the bottom of the comments box is "Be respectful and considerate" , it's a pity that the same is not being shown to backers.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bouchard on

      Merci pour les infos. C'est plus long que prévu mais si c'est pour une vraie qualité ... Par contre je ne comprends pas que vous ne copiez pas davantage la rondinax. C'était un outil parfait

    15. Chris Honeysett on

      Unfortunately I have long ago lost faith in these developers. I mean to give us update after update telling us how well things are going, only to be told it will be another 3 months, is now insulting. Quality control, yes. Taking forever to get a crank right, no.
      Since I have had to wait so long I requested a refund months ago, and got no response. All in all terrible customer service, still no product, and never ending delays.

    16. Brent Bishop on

      In the time since this product was announced, I have lost any need for it whatsoever. I hadn't developed a single roll of film, and now I develop B&W and color at home regularly. If this product ever arrives, it's immediately going on ebay without use. I just want my money back.

    17. DeCaff on

      I’m so excited for this thing! Keep working and get this thing done 🙌🏼

    18. Missing avatar

      David Valencia Olave on

      Very nice, we know a quality product need a lot of testing time, keep going!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Andreas Schenk on

      I'm trying to be as "respectful and considerate" as possible but I predict that at the end of June we will be given some more pictures of random plastic bits and another tall story about delays in production....

    20. Missing avatar

      Sylvia-Yvette Rosa on

      Thank you for the updates and congratulations on your accomplishment in getting the crank working properly! It looks good! As always, keep up the good work. And thank you again for your due diligence in creating a quality product.

    21. Alan Antiporda on

      Woohoo!!! Looking very Promising!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sara Marshall on

      "Towards the end of June, in about a month, we will be able to give you more precise information on the delivery times, as by then we will have a rather realistic expectation of the moulding-injection and assembling times."
      A very long tunnel with no light at the end. Every update is "We'll tell you next month how we are getting on". As I posted earlier, my credit card company flagged that this might be a scam and with each month I begin to agree more.

    23. Michael Diblicek on

      Thanks for the update guys. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      forza ragazzi! I personally enjoy backing people who have an idea and struggle for making it happen at its best rather than just for the sake of completion. if it will work well and last in time, it's gonna be a game changer for film amateurs, so take the time to do it right!

    25. Colin Clarke on

      Hello. Another update, and I agree it is important to regularly tell investors what you are doing. It appears that your moulds making etc still will put you at least 16 weeks out, and given delays which inevitably occur with moulds, I have a sneaking feeling that delivery will be in 2019. As you know, I am sure, the general crowdfunding public is becoming more wary by the day, and certainly, in my own experience, delays of two years and even total non-performance is becoming more common. I think your concept, the improved features, and your apparent dedication to perfection in the tooling process, is very admirable and you will likely have a successful commercial product. That is our hope, of course. Please continue with your communication, and hopefully we may get a Christmas gift of our pledge. Sincerely.

    26. Missing avatar

      Valter Santoro on

      In bocca al lupo/good luck James Horne

    27. Missing avatar

      George Day on

      Great news so glad you are taking the time to build a quality product which will last a very long time. Bravo.

    28. Mark Hammerschmidt on

      Great job guys - looking forward to whenever you’re ready with it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Roger Shone on

      Bravo! Thanks for the update. All the best.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joe Ake on

      I’ll be 58 this year! Thanks for the update. Keep it moving.

    31. Missing avatar

      Martin Siegel

      It lives (at least a little)

    32. Missing avatar

      James Horne on

      I am sure the wait will be worth it. I am looking forward to receiving the Lab box in time for my 80th birthday in about 3 months time.

    33. Missing avatar

      Valter Santoro on

      "Towards the end of June, in about a month, we will be able to give you more precise information on the delivery times, as by then we will have a rather realistic expectation of the moulding-injection and assembling times."
      ahahahahah ancora un altro po' e muoio. Stiamo rasentando il ridicolo.
      Contenti voi ....

    34. Missing avatar

      Henry on

      Hope never dies! Still we need a definitive delivery schedule because my roll

      films are aging ...

    35. Missing avatar

      Radu on

      Thank you for the update, personally I appreciate the quality-driven production process.

    36. Missing avatar

      cory schwartz on

      who will win the race to space, Lab-box or Elon Musk?? Keep working on those moulds...

    37. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Klein Fichtner on

      This is great! Awaiting for great quality products are always good. I wish the best work for your group. Congrats from Brazil :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Galen Ng on

      When will you mail order?

    39. Missing avatar

      Sven Lamers on

      Maybe the delivery will be before 2020. my girlfriend teases me ...