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The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
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    1. Maurizio Lai on

      Please share any news! One month of silence :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Christian on


      The Reel as become a turbine ! ???
      better AdoC grippy gloves to handle this thing
      looks impressive dreamy apparatus tho !

      Can't wait

      Kind regards


    3. Missing avatar

      Valter Santoro on

      E' chiarissimo che non partecipero' mai piu' a progetti di questo genere. Siete stati una enorme delusione e ogni volta che fate un aggiornamento non fate che aggravare la vostra posizione. Quando arriverà questa benedetta lab-box dovrà essere superlativa, sempre se sarò ancora in vita viste le vostre prospettive. Non potrete sbagliare il benché minimo dettaglio, la pena sarà la vostra perdita di immagine ed una pubblicità negativa spietata su Internet ma non solo da parte mia ma dalle centinaia di persone scontente che non sopportano questo modo di fare. Volete scommettere che non riuscirete nemmeno per fine anno o a malapena per la sua fine? Vediamo .....

    4. Tim Massie on

      As someone who is willing to invest in projects that potentially fail, I am not concerned at this point. I'm patient. I JUST got a product (a different kickstarter project) that I have been waiting for since 2016. And not surprisingly, I'm pleased. As noted by others, pledging to a kickstarter project does not equal a retail transaction. This has to be the biggest hurdle to this site. All the same, I still support this project! Looking forward to your future success, ars-imago. If it fails or ars-imago stiffs us, shame on us for getting duped.

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      Kalle Sandström on

      Quoth the campaign page, "Estimated delivery: Sep 2017". And a lot of talk to the effect of, there's prototypes and 3d printing technology and it's just a matter of pressing the button, but we need a chunk of change to do that first. In fact, the 3d printing stuff wasn't actually real either; instead the product will be made out of injection moulded plastic with all the difficulties and defects of that process. Furthermore, all parts of the finalized product will be significantly different from ones seen in the campaign material. And also, the temperature meter and timer solution they supposedly had "already finalized" -- that's also going to take about as much time to finish as it would to develop one from scratch, which as far as we-the-customers can tell is what they're doing.

      If Lab-Box takes four months more they'll be a full year behind their own estimates. The most recent update ("8 weeks") implies they certainly will. As such, I call failure. It'd be a scam it this weren't on Kickstarter (or the like), which as we know is a place for punters to trade their money for tall promises (i.e. fraud) and a bi-monthly excuse.

      Ultimately, we've paid for some lucky Chinese company to have a finalized design for injection moulds by which to produce a clone, available on bang-ali-bao for $40 before Lab-Box ships their first item. Mark my words.

      With all due respect,

    6. Joe Russo on

      A question about the material for the reels - I know it's hard to truly judge by the picture, but it looks like the material you used is fairly rough and might have a lot of friction against the film. How much testing did you do with running film through that material? How much does it grab vs letting it slide through easily?


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      Eugeen De Hondt on

      Thanks for the update. Please continue the good work !! I am patient no worries. I'd rather like to receive a top product.

    8. Missing avatar

      Roger Shone on

      Thank you for the update. Reading some of the comments, it is clear that some backers failed to read the original proposal. In my opinion the naysayers should either put up, or shut up! I continue to have faith in this project.

    9. Vicuña on

      As sure as I'm impatient to have the product in my hands, I'm also aware that having a great product that works well needs time to improve a prototype... and kickstarter is a project investment platform, not a pre-order shop... So keep on going the great work Ars-Imago, and deliver a great product when it's ready! :)

    10. Dawoon Choi on

      How can I change the delivery address submitted last year? Due to continued delay, I’m afraid but I won’t be at the address for delivery. (Really hope it’ll be summer this year.) Thus I would like to change the address to my parents’ one. Look forward to your reply, ars-imago team.

    11. Missing avatar

      Charles Mason on

      I’m back another Kickstarter project that is running late (I get the redundancy :-)) and they offer a complete refund at any time. Because of this I haven’t taken them up on it. It’s the ones that are running ridiculously late and don’t offer an easy refund that you worry about.

    12. Eduardo Acosta on

      Don’t let us down and please.

    13. Alan Antiporda on

      I have to agree with Bart Hamming’s comment. As much as I am still very excited to see this product come to fruition, but I’m seeing more movement in other areas of ARS-IMAGO. I’m very appreciative of the monthly Updates and hope I’ll get to use this product in my lifetime. Grazi

    14. Bryon Black on

      This is the 4th or 5th project I have backed via either Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

      Only a single one of those projects was delivered on time. A couple were 9+ months after the original expected delivery date.

      People need to realize that Kickstarter is NOT a pre-order platform - it's platform for generating enough capital to bring a product to market (a task which is usually prohibitively expensive for individuals and smaller businesses). As such, there will always be delays and roadblocks. Be patient. If they rush a product to market before it's really ready, that won't be good for anyone!

    15. Missing avatar

      Sara Marshall on

      Once again the date of delivery is fluid with continuing work on design. The project is WAY overdue and with each update it seems to be that the product will never be finished. As I said in a previous post, when paying for the product in advance by Visa, I was alerted to the fact that this may be fraudulent. I took the assurances made by Kickstarter at face value and went ahead, However with each postponement I am beginning to think that Visa were correct. I think it is time to start thinking about refunding backers who have paid for a product that it seems will never be completed.

    16. Maria Guarneri on

      Quindi in altre parole la produzione vera e propria non è affatto cominciata come avevate predetto nell'ultimo aggiornamento e non inizierà prima di altre 8 settimane. State iniziando ora a preparare gli stampi e alcuni pezzi stanno venendo ridefiniti e ridisegnati ancora. Io continuo a pensare che ci stiate prendendo in giro. Confermate lo stesso la consegna a fine estate? O dobbiamo aspettare maggio per sentirci dire che scalerà ancora alla fine dell'anno? Francamente spero vivamente che finita la fase di produzione consentirete davvero a chi lo desidera di optare per un rimborso come avete paventato nel vostro commento all'update precedente. Io vorrei usufruirne arrivati a questo punto.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Poulton on

      Thanks for the update. This is going to be a fantastic product and well worth the wait.

    18. Missing avatar

      George Day on

      Great news and also informative, all I am interested in is getting a great product that works flawlessly. Keep up the good work.

    19. Missing avatar

      Bart Hamming on

      I am still exited about the whole idea. But I am starting to be a bit concerned.
      Widening the staff means complicating the non-productivity factors of the enterprise. In this (pioneer) phase of an enterprise it often means that the entrepreneur is not really focussed anymore on the product but started to be distracted by ideas of growing and making money.
      Furthermore: the original idea was very attractive by the simple design. By now the thing is becoming more and more complicated, as if the engineers get grabbed by the idea to solve every "problem" they can thing of.
      Both trends are in many cases symptoms of losing the original, plain idea.
      Regards! Bart

    20. Missing avatar

      Henry on

      Every project is risky. Continue the great work!
      We are patient and confident in the final products.

    21. Richmond Siranjeevi on

      Sweet. Very excited.