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The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
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    1. Maria Guarneri on

      >>we are going to post a new update next week!

      Next week is almost over. As said many time before by many people I really don't understand how can be this bad the communication on this project.
      From the beginning to today the feelings of been bullshitting is growing and growing.

      Since the campaign you have never been honest about the state of the work, about how the prototype was actually working. And during this year you have done nothing but delay the delivery date with incomplete and always inaccurate updates, which proved to be incorrect at the end in predicting delivery times.

      At this point I no longer know whether to think that you have been unprepared with an incredible inability to communicate, or if you are simply making fun of us from the beginning.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      How hard would it be to give a short up date once a week, say every Tuesday or whatever. Why anger your customers when it costs nothing and takes seconds to keep them informed. As someone said, even bad news is better than no news. You sell many things related to photography on your web-site that one might be interested ordering, but frankly, given your unwillingness to communicate, I simply don't trust you. I doubt if I am alone.

    3. ars-imago Creator on

      we are going to post a new update next week! We are working on the molds and the production process has been started. Anyway we will give you more details next week

      @EddyWorthington @DawoonChoi
      You can change your address on your kickstarter accounting page.
      Please find the instructions below: or you can see this video:…
      Anyway we will contact you before shipping to ask a confirm of your registered address.

      We are not experiencing bubble issues, the agitation by rotation is quite gentle and both continuous and intermittend agitation have not problem!

      @RuudClaessen @RobRobertson @Jim
      The final product is being produced, we are working with many prototype but the very final working version is coming!

      Comprendiamo il suo disappunto, ci dispiace per i ritardi ma stiamo documentando mensilmente il nostro lavoro. Ci dispiace lei abbia perso fiducia ma non possiamo fare altro che lavorare e tenervi aggiornati. Non abbiamo mai parlato di difetti nel progetto, ci sono delle questioni tecniche legate alla produzione e delle migliorie che abbiamo dovuto integrare.

      @Henry @ValterSantoro @SaraMashall
      At the present moment we are not able now to refund you, since our budget is invested in the production and all the related steps of the project. When the production will be over and we will be ready to ship, if by then you still want to be refunded, please write us and we will see what we can do.

    4. Missing avatar

      Beau Howard on

      Keep up the good work and make it great!

    5. Missing avatar

      Charles Krause on

      Project and concepts look promising but on going delays are frustrating and disappointing. I certainly hope the device is as thoroughly usable as development promises. Many exposed rolls in my refrigerator are anxiously awaiting the completion.

    6. Maria Guarneri on

      >>by the end of March, we expect to start the production process.

      Direi che sarebbe ora per un aggiornamento. La produzione è iniziata?

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcel Reimer on

      Looking so promising ... This is the second project I backed and it is the second project that takes over a year and a half to produce and ship (according to this update by the end of summer 2018). Meanwhile, I bought a Rondinax tank on Ebay. Working flawlessly! I'm sure to never back something on Kickstarter again.

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert J. Lazzarini on

      Every month something new that's holding up delivery! When will delivery be made? Do I have to cancel and ask for a refund?

    9. Missing avatar

      Dario Medunic on

      sempre piena fiducia in voi! il tempo è un fattore critico secondario con dei progetti del genere! bravi!

    10. Eduardo Acosta on

      When is this going to be delivered?

    11. Missing avatar

      Claudio NWave on

      Non mi aspettavo tutto questo ritardo, comunque capisco le difficoltà e gli sforzi per realizzare un prodotto di qualità. Ho fiducia in voi. Forza! E non vedo l’ora di ricevere la lab-box!

    12. WWWetmore on

      Thank you got the detailed updates! Keep making the lab box as great as you can... it's worth the wait!

    13. Giuseppe Zappalà on

      Don't worry guys! Film photography is just about slowness ;)

    14. David Talbot on

      Not to worry, the films don't mind waiting in the fridge for this to be perfect.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      Thanks for taking the time to make a well designed product. I'll take waiting a bit longer for quality over quickly receiving a device that fails in a year any day of the week!

    16. Michael Diblicek on

      Great news guys. Lets get this thing right. I'm not bothered about the delay, so do whats necessary to get a great product out.

    17. Missing avatar

      George Day on

      Well done guys, I am sooo glad you are putting quality first with better innovation before production, I personally am not bothered about the delay and look fwd to using a great product.
      Keep the updates coming!

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Sabou

      I have supported A LOT of kickstarter projects. They generally fall into two categories - ones delivering a finished product, and ones delivering a half-baked product that is barely useable. I am very happy to see the developers of this project have committed to delivering a quality product, even if that takes a little more time.

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob Robertson on

      Just another thought: If finalising the product is going to take TOO much longer, why not release a beta version, and allow us all to test it? (That feedback will happen, anyway, when you finally ship it to us). Maybe the time for a beta version was ages ago, though...

    20. Missing avatar

      Rob Robertson on

      That's quite a lot of detailed changes - looks like excellent design work, refining the product. We're all waiting with enthusiasm for the shipment! You're busy, obviously, but more frequent updates (maybe fortnightly, instead of monthly/bimonthly) would assuage the anxiety of the many faithful waiting. It's looking REALLY good, though - so well done!

    21. Missing avatar

      S. Marguerite Krehbiel on

      Guys, you're still amazing in my book! Thank you for keeping us appeased and making a brilliant project come to life!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sylvia-Yvette Rosa on

      Although I am disappointed that shipment is delayed, I do understand that issues do arise during productions and I appreciate that you put quality ahead of quantity. I am looking forward to receiving the lab box. Stay strong and continue your due diligence in getting this product right. Thanks for the updates.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mads Møller Nielsen on

      Thanks for that! Lookig forward to the end product!

    24. Missing avatar

      Sara Marshall on

      I would just like to add to my earlier comment in that when I paid for the product in March 2017 I was alerted by my Credit Card Company that this may be a scam. I was reassured by Kickstarter but with all the delays etc I am beginning to wonder if the Credit card company was right.

    25. matthijs on

      I cannot wait! Go team!

      Maybe, in return for the extra waiting, you could give people that ordered a lab box a coupon for a reduced price on another Lab box, so they can have friends buy one with a discount.

      I have a question regarding the spools, in particular the 35mm version: the size of the blades on the side worry me a bit. If you do not continuously agitate, wont blades that size create large/many air bubbles (or even foam), which could affect the equalized development of the film?

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephen W. Cook on

      I will reiterate the many comments before, I'll wait until it is right! I'd rather wait for a 2nd or 3rd or ?? generation redesign that is well tested and has proven performance. I don't know about anybody else but I expect delays on a Kickstarter project that is this ambitious! Deadlines are irrelevant, a fantastic product winds by a mile!

    27. Mike on

      Take your time and all the best!

    28. Missing avatar

      Kyros Moutsouris on

      Aspettimo col fiato sospeso il prodotto finale!

    29. Josh Apostolopoulos on

      I'm happy to wait however long it takes to arrive at the best finished product. Looking forward to future updates! :)

      P.s. To others who are feeling impatient: Kickstarter isn't a store, and there are never any guarantees. Never back a project with steadfast expectations! Trust that project creators simply want to deliver the best product they can, and you should realize that the scope sometimes expands way outside of their initial plans, as is the case with the Lab-Box.

    30. Missing avatar

      Marlon Bishop on

      This thing is going to be bulletproof. Keep up the hard work, and pay no attention to the deadline. In fact I would be willing to pay more, for this project to take longer! Reason: I want it to become the production workhorse that I need. Reason: I don’t want stand development to ruin my film and photos. Reason: I don’t want leaks.

      As film people, we are also master craftspeople. Time is no object for us if the result can be perfection.

      Tune out the negativity and self-entitled attitude from my fellow Americans. They are delusional thinking this is a Walmart and “the customer comes first”. You are investors!

    31. Missing avatar

      Valter Santoro on

      Dear Jim, maybe you did not understand an important thing. It does not exist anywhere in the world that after giving a deadline for which the lab box has been paid, such a delay is acceptable. In my company if I make a delay in delivery for which the customer has paid, I have to pay a burdensome penalty. The customer does not care if I reassure him by saying that the product will have a better result. The client on the basis of a contract and a deadline wants it immediately and functioning as declared. I find your reasoning absurd, the product must be delivered in perfect working order and if the supplier can not guarantee the result he must, for those who wish it, repay the amount paid. It's too much time has passed and every time one email arrives, the times are lengthened with the justification that the product must be improved or that they have not been able to predict the success of the lab box. I would say enough, even the useless and meaningless suggestions.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      I have a suggestion. To those who just can't wait, send the units you've built that haven't met your standards. They could then check Lab-Box off their list and move on. For the rest of us, you can be assured that getting a product that works is more important than anything else.

    33. brad lechner on

      Thanks for the update. I'm glad to see you are doing your best to make lab box as good as it can be. Imagine waiting all this time for a product that doesn't work? I have backed several kickstarters, the last one took just over two years to deliver. I hope you can deliver sooner than that, but the point is if you want something tomorrow, go to the store and buy it, or make it yourself...that is the nature of kickstarter, if you don't understand the risks, don't back the project. thanks for your hard work.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt Melcher on

      I’m happy to wait. Get it right and ship a good product rather than rush through something with serious flaws.

    35. Clinton Ausmus on

      Looks as though you guys are having great success in your alterations. I really appreciate you keeping us up to date with the changes and challenges you are facing. I'd much rather have a product that I can use, and may someday wind up on an auction site 50 years down the road because it's a solid, well designed product. Thank you for all the efforts you are putting into the LabBox. I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. Keep up the great work.

    36. Missing avatar

      Matthew Scampoli on

      I expect to have many rolls of film to develop at end of summer and will have fun doing so with the awesome Lab-Box! Cheers!

    37. Dawoon Choi on

      Dear Ars-Imago team,

      Re. the expected delivery by summer, will u circulate another survey for delivery addresses?

      I have a plan to relocate to another country in summer, and am a little bit afraid whether I can have the address before the lab-box package is ready.

      Thus, if possible, I'd like to know the more detailed schedule for delivery.

      Look forward to hearing from u.


    38. Missing avatar

      Fossey Jean Christophe on

      Frustration is the right word, and lacks seriousness too.
      No news since October, a reception of the reward postponed until the end of summer at the latest, while it was announced for March, which was already a big delay compared to the deadline of departure .
      I despair of one day receiving this lab-box.
      I'm disappointed, really, and I do not think I'll go back to another one of your kickstarter projects if that came up.

    39. Missing avatar

      Valter Santoro on

      Non so in quale mondo viviate ma è assurdo un ritardo di questo genere. Ripeto, è possibile avere indietro il denaro versato?

    40. Joel Richards on

      Thank you for the update. While it would have been nice to receive the LAB box earlier, I appreciate all the revisions and concern for quality. It is exciting to feel a part of the process as your team works to create a unique and powerful tool for a new (and old!) generation of analogue photographers.

    41. Missing avatar

      Marius Voicu on

      Thank you for the update on the state of things. I really appreciate these since we, the backers, can see where there is an issue in the manufacturing process or anywhere else. I am glad that you guys put quality over quantity and/or a faster delivery. I want to enjoy this backed product as much as every other backer, but I am willing to wait to have a product that is very well built.
      Looking forward on the next update.

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Moffatt on

      Excellent update. Know it's been a long time coming but t is a unique piece of kit in the making. Which will change photography and bring back people's lost love of film. So excited and can't wait for final product 👍

    43. Timothy Moeyaert on

      Thanks for the update.
      I love the progress that you guys are making!
      I think some need to understand that this is Kickstarter. Better take your time and make the best product you guys want to give your backers!

    44. Alessio Furlan on

      Non dimentico che questa è una campagna KickStarter, ma nemmeno sono una persona che ama farsi prendere per i fondelli.

      Queste persone che tanto si meravigliano dei commenti negativi vorrei vedere fra qualche mese o anno se saranno ancora d'accordo. Quando magari avranno preso una fregatura (i fallimenti in kickstarter ci sono stati in passato) o il prodotto manifesterà dei difetti "non calcolati" come quelli che stanno riscontrando in fase di produzione.

      Andatevi a leggere la raoadmap e guardate bene quando hanno fatto "ricerca e sviluppo" (2015) e quando hanno fatto i test sui prototipi (2016).

      Signori... siamo nel 2018 e non riceveremo il prodotto prima di fine 2018 (se va bene).

    45. Christof Dorner on

      Great progress! And thank you for the detailed updates you send out.

      Really interesting design you came up with with these "flaps" on the reels for better distribution of liquids during processing.

      Some people forget that Kickstarter is not an online shop with a pre-order functionality. I'm very happy with your progress and especially documenting every step with the problems you face and the solutions you come up with 👍

    46. Missing avatar

      Valter Santoro on

      Buongiorno sono d'accordo con Alessio Furlan, sta diventando inaccettabile aspettare la consegna di questo oggetto. Non è accettabile che dopo aver pagato, escano fuori problemi progettuali e, con la giustificazione di consegnare un prodotto perfetto (e a questo punto è tutto da vedere), andare avanti con ritardi sempre piu' lunghi. E' possibile essere rimborsati? Veramente inaccettabile. Buona giornata

    47. Andrew Bartram on

      Thanks for the update - hang in there against the negativity - the designs look great #shootfilmbenice

    48. Missing avatar

      Ruud Claessen on

      In all honesty, I don’t understand some of these comments. Yes, it is too bad it’s taking much longer than anticipated. But that’s the risk of backing a Kickstarter campaign. You should know that. And also, would you rather have an inferior product, with the sole advantage of receiving it sooner? I applaud Lab-Box for striving to achieve a high quality product and staying motivated despite of all the challenges that such a huge production brings. It’s no small feat to have to process 10x more units than expected. They’ve always been open and honest in their communication, with frequent updates about the progress and the delays. IMHO, they couldn’t have done a better job. So keep it up, team Lab-Box!

    49. Danny Chau on

      Any new product design will have it teething problem, I'm a seasoned Kickstarter backer and I do understand all the issues you're referring to. On top of this your updates is consistent throughout the campaign and it is a sign that your team is very much wanted to realise the project, don't be discouraged by other less patient backers and continue to finish your great product which I'm sure it will be a success as film photography made a massive come back in the last ten years.

    50. Jack Youd on

      Thanks for the update Lab Box! Can't wait to receive it. Keep up the good work, I hope it meets expectations.