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The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
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    1. Missing avatar

      chris gaylo on

      I notices the latest design has four very small locking tabs. DO NOT use these small locking tabs in the final design . . . they WILL fail! I have extensive design experience with molded plastics and I can see that they will fail in a very short time and you will have very angry customers demanding replacements.

      Save yourselves and your customers (including me) from a LOT of trouble, by modifying the design to make the tabs MUCH stronger.

    2. Missing avatar

      BKeeper on

      The creator has confirmed that we will also receive the regular lid. Thank you!

    3. Missing avatar

      BKeeper on

      Do you know if we ALSO receive the REGULAR (non-professional) lid in our original color choice? I have asked this several times in this section and in the general comments section, but no one with the campaign has answered other than to say that “the professional lid is included”. Would like a chance to by the regular lid if it is no longer included. Just wondering if you or anyone else has seen an answer to this question.

    4. David Talbot on

      Chit Min, the pro lid is included for all kickstarter backers

    5. Missing avatar

      Lucas Botz on

      Can you resend me the email? I have a new email address and didn't receive the last one.
      Thank you!

    6. Chit Min Maung on

      I'm the backer of MONOBATH FILM BUNDLE 2 Modules and I understand now the design and functions changed a lot. So for the professional lid, is it already included in my pledge or is it need to buy separately? And what items I will receive? And where I have to buy other newly added items? Or do I have to change/ upgrade to different pledge? Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marlon Bishop on

      Ditto the concerns about the locking pins. I'm no engineer, but I'm feeling like products stopped using such a mechanism in plastic decades ago. That is a tiny cross section for a cantilever molded in plastic, after repeated strain of use and time it will eventually fail. A better solution would be some kind of interlocking rail that runs the vertical length of the product, to distribute clamping forces all along the spine

    8. Missing avatar

      BKeeper on

      I posted this in the general comments, but should have posted here. Good job on the professional lid - looks like a much better design than the original idea of placement on the tank.

      Question - I understand all backers will receive the professional lid, but will we also receive the original “standard” or “non-professional” lid in our color choice. If not, will we be able to purchase a “standard” lid? Using the unit without the pro lid would be a nice option, even if I had to purchase the plain lid separately.

      Add my voice to those who are concerned with the locking pins. I predict one or more will break off very quickly. Seems to be a very weak point in what has evolved into what appears to be a well thought out project.

    9. Missing avatar

      Niklas Pedersen on

      Has anyone received these shop links mentioned in the update. It's been a bit more than a couple of days.

      Updates look amazing! Is the crank still coming?

    10. Francesco Tiso on

      This is just great! The timer added to the pro lid thermometer is fantastic! But in the point about the new connection pins, I think like Dominik and Anton. They look like could break fast. � But in the end I also wait like a child on Christmas and am very happy. Can not wait to hold the products in the hands. Patience and the wait have been more than worthwhile! �����

    11. Missing avatar

      Dominik Johannes Samol on

      I welcome the Update but really fear those pins.
      Every thing I had with similar pins died fast. Ranging from bicycle lamps, mud fenders, this consruction is prone to failure. Why nod make a rail system or a form fit? A think a form fit can be done with the molds easily and when the whole body length of the box supports the connection, it is durable too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anton Shpigunov on

      I welcome the update!

      The new Pro lid looks absolutely cool and the new knob is a welcome addition.
      However, the new connection pins look like they could break quite soon.
      I understand that it's quite late in the product development cycle to make any changes, but I would welcome if the connection could be done with a rail-like design, or if the pins were made of a more durable material like metal.

    13. Vicuña on

      Oh, that's great news!!! And the timer added to the pro lid thermometer is something great I really like to see on the Lab-Box!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Anthony Cull on

      Oh the thermometer in the lid answers all the previous questions about leaking battery changes and maintenance of the temperature display.

    15. Missing avatar

      Henry on

      Very useful improvements, indeed! Great job!

    16. Russ on

      Wow it looks fab!

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard Bain on

      Good to see the latest developments and look forward to getting the web link later. Keep up the great work.

    18. Timothy Moeyaert on

      @Bob St Cyr , if you see at the last picture, i do think there is a switch button beneath T1 that says C/F. So yes. :)

    19. Bob St Cyr on

      Really brilliant to put time and temp on lid. Well done :)

    20. Bob St Cyr on

      Does it measures temperature in Celsius?

    21. Bob St Cyr on

      Does it measures temperature in Celsius?

    22. Chí Nguyễn on

      The lid is awesome but the pin connectors are so small, if the pin was made from plastic I think it won't last long, plz make them bigger and from metal if possible.

    23. Garett Harnish on

      Agreed. That lid does look amazing. How is it powered (ie: removable or built-in battery)? If removable, where the compartment? What is the life expectancy of a charged battery?

    24. Jess Dempsey

      And thank you for including it free! I was skimming the update for a cost once I saw it :)

    25. Jess Dempsey

      That lid is awesome, great job on it!

    26. Missing avatar

      Anthony Roman on

      Could the thermometer lid come in different colors? I personally like the orange color. Good work on the design improvements! Looking forward to using the unit.

    27. Missing avatar

      Valter IANNETTI on

      What about a small engine to move the knob with a timer and direction inverter to have a semiautomatic developer ?

    28. Missing avatar

      Mads Møller Nielsen on

      You had a second 180K stretch goal (February 22nd update and the 10th of May), an additional crank. Is that still on? Or is the knob you showed the only one? I just want to underline, I think its a great product, just want to make sure its as good as possible, not just applausing everything.

    29. johan ulburghs on

      Thanx for giving us a better product then the one we pledged for.
      The lid looks really amazing as if it was made by an expensive designer agency.
      Take your time to finish the Lab-Box

    30. Missing avatar

      Mads Møller Nielsen on

      Have the pins been properly tested? They look like proper breaking points. nd what about hte fold out pin to allow for fast turning of the knob? This does not look like a better solution for turning it for several minutes at a steady pace. The example you used on the 10th of may looks much more useful.

    31. Clinton Ausmus on

      This is a much better way to implement the thermometer into the system. I'm so glad you guys have developed this additional lid. Great job Lab Box Team. Keep up the great work...

    32. Missing avatar

      Joseph Woollacott on

      Having just read through the update; impressed by the lid design, functional yet not intrusive to workflow. As for the other changes I can’t comment on the knob w/o having used the original vs final, the locking pins that allow a more accurate mold is a welcome alteration (means that it’s far less likely to get a lid/body that allow light leaks - possible depending on tolerances if each part is opposite tolerance rating). Looking forward to each update in the march to production/shipping

    33. Sven C.

      Sounds and looks great, thank you for this addition.

    34. Brendan Piper on

      Looking great, and the timer is an excellent addition!