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The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
The easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime without the need for a darkroom
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    1. Nic Wassell on

      Thanks for the update - ignore the armchair industrialists. I'm sure you're putting your all into making it as good as it can be and we'll all reap the rewards of that. Happy to wait. Good luck!

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      Fossey Jean Christophe on

      Seriously, 7 months late ?

    3. Erwin Lota on

      Thanks for the update, same with everybody else, I would rather wait for a perfect and working product. Cheers Lab-Box!

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      Rob Robertson on

      Just another thought (although you've probably been asked this before...) - would you like some of us (me, for example) to test an early, in-progress production example? I'd be happy to do some test-runs for you. [Yes, I can answer my own query: you're doing the test runs yourself. Oh well, can't blame my enthusiasm for trying...]. Cheers!

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      Rob Robertson on

      A most welcome update! Glad to hear of the progress, and like most (all?) of your backers, I'd rather you take the time to perfect the product than rush it out, so the new March 2018 probable due date is fine with me. If it wasn't for you guys, I'd be scouring the internet looking for a 1950s Rodinax - but with the promise of your newer, better engineered product, I'll wait patiently for Lab-Box!

    6. Brendan Piper on

      After being disappointed with delivery times and quality of several products, I have to say that I think this shows the team is on track and is being thoughtful and realistic. Thanks for the update, and keep them coming.

    7. Sebastian Dietrich on

      Thanks for the update. Take your time and do it right. Nobody needs a product with flaws and problems. So I'm happy that you'll take your time. Probably most of us have "normal" development tanks which we used for years, who cares if we use these a little more. �

    8. Clinton Ausmus on

      Thank you for the update. Excited to see what you have in store for the end of the week. Glad to hear that you all have ironed out the manufacturing kinks and are ready to start production. Thank you for your attention to detail and drive to deliver a quality product, over trying to just hit an arbitrary date. I appreciate you efforts.

    9. Christopher Blake on

      You stated September delivery date. That's effectively 7 months after funding. Now you are pushing out delivery by another 7 months? Reason given?. You sold too many? Sorry but completely unacceptable, invalid reasoning. Would rather you explain your failures in planning, funding and sourcing components as the real reasons of the delay. Totally unacceptable.

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      Sylvia-Yvette Rosa on

      Thank you for the update. I look forward to seeing the website.

    11. Missing avatar

      Marlon Bishop on

      I know it will be awesome, make it so!

    12. Missing avatar

      Elad Bari on

      Take your time.
      Don't get out a half-baked product. We're waiting here...

    13. Missing avatar

      PAUL PETERS on

      OK for the delay. I don't think I've backed a single Kickstarter project that was on-time. I think it is part of beauty of backing a project. Watching and supporting a group from design and prototype to final manufactured goods is amazing. Keep it up and I know when the final product is in my hands all the waiting will be worth it. Love what you are doing.

    14. Clément DAMIENS on

      OK for the delay, understandable. But keep us updated frequently with pictures, please.

    15. Michael Diblicek on

      Keep pushing on guys, so for me no problems, your doing a great job. Better to get all the teething problems now, looking forward to the finished item.

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      luca alessandro remotti on

      The Lab Box is a product development project, which inherently entails some uncertainty. Provided the need to develop and test some new solutions as well as their integration in the overall product system, I think that the delay is reasonable. It is not the matter of PM tools and WBS's, but of real life production and testing of components and how they work together.
      So, go ahead, focus your effort and deliver to us an excellent product, as I'm sure there will be. As a backer I think it's part of the deal to support you even in critical stages, and to be flexible if timing needs to be extended. So just move on and do your best.

    17. Giuseppe Zappalà on

      Take your time guys! ;)

    18. Chris Pugh on

      Missing your deadline by a month or two I can understand, but six or seven months? Bummer.

    19. Missing avatar

      ramarren on

      Thank you for the update!

      Having been in the hardware industry for most of my working career, I prefer your strategy over the "constant likely not very accurate estimate" approach. Take your time and get the job done right!

      I look forward to working with Lab Box when it is delivered. :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Larry Cloetta on

      Thanks for the update, backers should realize that taking the necessary time to get the best finished product is in their best interest. Looking forward to using the most foolproof tank you can produce, whenever that is.

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      Alejandro Orduz on

      Sad for not start developing now, but ad you mentioned is a startup platform not a presale store, give is the best tested bulletproof lab ever


      Buongiorno, vedo l'aggiornamento. accidenti! Se fossi io, nella fabbrica dove lavoro, a proporre uno spostamento di 6 mesi di un impianto, mi licenzierebbero subito! Scherzi a parte, il Lab-Box mi serviva per un progetto didattico a scuola, da iniziare a giorni, sarà per l'anno prossimo. Posso fare una domanda? Non fate un piano di lavoro PRIMA di cominciare il progetto? Gantt, Pert, analisi di fornitori, simulazioni, costi, tempi, ecc ecc? Questo vedo che vale per tutti i progetti su queste piattaforme, la media di ritardo è circa un anno...mi stupisco. Cordialmente. Ing. Guido Zonghetti.

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc Bedard on

      Thanks for the update. We ALL need to remember that we signed on to this project for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or health. I am very willing to wait for the perfect marriage between Lab Box and my home developing needs. Looking forward to the delivery of a great photographic tool. I BELIEVE.

    24. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Aymerich Di Laconi on

      I'm not sure that starting to ship when production is over is a good idea. Why do you want to accumulate a scary quantity of parcels to ship? If you start shipping to March you will end in September, one year after the start of this project! We will not be able to develop even next summer! I'm not very happy about this.

    25. Tom Mikota on

      Thanks for the update, it’s much appreciated! We all understand that the logistics are complicated for what turned out to be a much bigger order than you anticipated, I’m very excited for the final product! Glad you opted for a realistic date given the changed circumstances. Excited to see your new website come together as well. It’ll be fantastic to watch as you all grow and come up with new products!

    26. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Raggett on

      Thanks for the update. I’d rather you get a good design and a quality product than rush to a half-baked solution. Keep us posted. Really looking forward to trying it!

    27. Jim Cramer on

      Dear LAB-BOX Team,
      Thank you for all the hard work you've been putting into this project. Although I'm a bit sad I won't be able to start developing this year, I am completely with you. It matters a lot more in the long run to have a good product that will stand the test of time and is finished in every aspect so you don't have to go trouble shoot or replace products for several people because you took a short cut. Don't let the impatient backers get on your nerves. Post a few pictures of the progress from time to time, that'll calm their nerves ;) Usually it doesn't have to be a long post, just some visuals will help make the process smoother.

      Best regards

    28. David Talbot on

      Thanks for the update and the clear indication of the new delivery schedule (unlike a certain photo lighting Kickstarter I could mention!) I'm sure this will be worth the wait.

    29. Arik on

      Awesome! Great news. Am so curious about the final product. Keep us posted!