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Roast coffee in your own home with our Power Roaster - Experience the amazing kick of fresh roasted coffee: it will energize your mind!
Roast coffee in your own home with our Power Roaster - Experience the amazing kick of fresh roasted coffee: it will energize your mind!
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A Look Behind the Scenes at the Development of the Power Roaster

Posted by Asher Yaron (Collaborator)

Hello Backers,

We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Power Roaster and how it has developed both in functionality and design.

Both Asher and Raymond (the creators of this campaign), have years of experience roasting coffee, both at home and commercially. Asher has been building commercial coffee roasters for over 10 years now and knows what is required to produce a good, consistent roast. He has also been focused on the lower priced end of the market because he understands how easy it is to roast coffee and believes that commercial coffee roasting machines are way overpriced and are actually based on a very old technology (a technology that has not really changed in over 150 years!). Raymond has been experimenting with home roasting for several years after first seeing Asher’s TEDx talk in 2012. By roasting his own coffee he quickly realized how, as Asher presented in his TEDx talk, roasting your own coffee makes the biggest difference (of anything you can do) to improve your coffee experience.

As more coffee lovers are realizing how important it is to use freshly roasted coffee, there is an opportunity in the marketplace for a roaster that functions well, is quick and convenient, and that is affordable.

This is how the idea of the Power Roaster was born. We first tested other home roasters which have been around for many years. We looked at many factors.

  • Functionality -providing consistent roasts quickly.
  • Price - we ruled out roasters priced above $500 USD believing them to be too expensive.
  • Quantity - capable of roasting a quantity above 60 grams (less than this is not practical for a household of 2 or more coffee drinkers).
  • Design – something sleeker than the bulky, ugly (in our opinion), and awkward to handle machines currently offered for sale.

After all this research, we believed we could make a better designed, better functioning, and better priced machine. We then started testing hot air popcorn poppers which have always been popular among the DIY home coffee roasters. The best thing about hot air poppers is the price!   Affordable enough to buy 3, 4, or 5 machines every year after they burn out. But also frustrating when you are mid-roast and your machine dies. The other cons of the popcorn poppers are; roast consistency, small quantity of coffee, no chaff collection, made of plastic which ultimate melts and deforms, not a nicely designed machine.

So, we thought, how about if we combine the best features of both kinds of machines into one, and which can be used by virtually anyone? These are the qualities our machine must have; even roast, quick, capable of larger quantity, chaff collection, easy to use and affordable.

Design. Wow, it felt like we could start from anywhere! How do we want our machine to look? It has to have a motor / fan / heating element assembly, needs a roasting chamber, needs a chaff collector. The possibilities are endless!


We discovered that we could not start from anywhere! From a functionality standpoint many existing and conceptual designs did not work well, and the better and sleeker the design, the worse it performed because it ignores essential fundamentals of coffee roasting!

This is how and why we have created the Power Roaster the way we did. Function and Design working together in balance to meet our objectives; easy to use, quick and effective, great performance, affordable, looks unique and classy.

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