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Roast coffee in your own home with our Power Roaster - Experience the amazing kick of fresh roasted coffee: it will energize your mind!
Roast coffee in your own home with our Power Roaster - Experience the amazing kick of fresh roasted coffee: it will energize your mind!
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Questions about technical aspects of the Power Roaster

Posted by Asher Yaron (Collaborator)

We have recently been bombarded by specific technical questions about the Power Roaster that we would like to address.

Our answers to these questions never seem to satisfy the questioners and the reason for this has nothing to do with the technical aspects of our machine, but rather it is an issue of philosophy and understanding the process of coffee roasting and its benefits.

There are many ways to roast coffee. 

The most simple and low tech method has been practiced for over 1,000 years in Ethiopia and consists of placing the coffee in an iron skillet, or wok, and heating it over a fire.  The best part of this method is that it is inexpensive requiring no advanced equipment or electricity.  The challenges of this method are; it's time consuming, it requires a practiced skill that takes years to perfect, the coffee is heated by coming in contact with a hot metal surface.

The most complex and high tech method uses machinery that are more like computers and are capable of giving second by second data to the operator.  This method has several drawbacks including; a very high price, advanced knowledge of the equipment and how to interpret it's data, many individual components that are more likely to breakdown.

We have created the Power Roaster as a groundbreaking device that falls in-between these two extremes and have taken the best aspects of these two approaches and have left behind the less appealing characteristics.

From the Ethiopian Method, we have focused on the simplicity and low cost elements in creating the Power Roaster.  We use a simple on/off switch (please review the 3 Step chart we created in using the machine).  We have kept the price of our machine near the low end of the market making it affordable to more people.

From the complex, high tech method, we have taken advantage of equipment and processes available to us.  We use the best high tech method of roasting coffee, referred to as, The Fluid Bed Roasting technique.  This means that the coffee is heated evenly with hot air creating a very even and consistent roast.  It also roasts the coffee more quickly and efficiently.  What we have chosen to not include from the high tech method, is dials, gauges, computer "roast profile" hook-ups.  Not only are these extra elements extremely costly, WE DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ADD ANY ADVANTAGE WHATSOEVER TO THE END RESULT.

Roasting Coffee is a very easy thing to do, it is not rocket science. The biggest factor, by far, in making the best coffee, is using coffee that has just been roasted.  Fresher is better. This is why we have developed our machine. We want people to experience the amazing characteristics and benefits of roasting their own coffee.

If you are wanting a coffee roasting machine that is giving you constant technical feedback during the roasting process, than the Power Roaster is not for you.  If you are wanting a coffee roasting machine that is affordable, easy-to-use, quick, convenient, and does an outstanding job, then we highly recommend our Power Roaster!

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    1. Raymond Lay 2-time creator on

      Hi Manu,
      I was in transit and as such could only reply now.
      We have roasted beans using the Power Roaster for different brewing methods, ranging from pourover, french press, moka as well as espresso.
      We know of some who are also experimenting with a single roast style for a variety of brewing methods. The campaign video we have also starts off with using freshly roasted beans to pull the shot of espresso.
      How can we assist you, Manu?

    2. Manu Herr

      Hi Raimond,
      Do you have experience with espresso roasted beans?