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The shocking, revealing and completely unofficial memoir of DC Comics' legendary London office, to celebrate Vertigo's 20th anniversary
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Vertigo's 20th Anniversary and Interview with me

Posted by Tim Pilcher (Creator)

Hi Babylonians,

The last issue of the UK's Sci-Fi Now magazine featured a big article to celebrate Vertigo's 20th anniversary and interviewed a few people about it, including me. Here's the article. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Rather annoyingly it looks like you can't zoom into these on Kickstarter! However, if you go here there are slightly more readable versions).


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    1. Tim Pilcher Creator on

      Hi Joel,

      Not sure this is the right forum to be grinding axes in public. I know how you felt about the situation, but there's two sides to every story, and there was more than one journalist credited on the article who is NOT an editor at the magazine. So please think before typing next time , as I'm not that keen to get wrapped up in an online squabble right now.



    2. Joel Meadows on

      I wrote this article but it was heavily rewritten by the editors because it wasn't enough of a hagiographical piece that celebrated Sandman as if it was the greatest work of literature ever published in human history. But some of what I wrote originally survives. Vertigo has been emasculated with Constantine off to his bland, watered-down version in the New 52, but hopefully we'll still see some quality product from it