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Get my Art to the Show! Karen Henderson is accepted to the 36th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Nov 8-12, 2012
69 backers pledged $4,116 to help bring this project to life.

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Giving Thanks

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving???

I'm overdue for an update!  The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show earlier this month was a wonderful experience.  The show organizers and volunteer committee members put great efforts to run a very smooth operation, and they really take care of the artists...I'm always amazed at how so much comes together in such a short time.  It's unbelievable!!!!

While the show unfortunately was not good for me sales-wise, it was still an honor to be included among such talented artists. It was also such a great opportunity to share my work with a large audience, and a fun time for me to see familiar faces and get together with old friends.  So, I just want to Give Thanks again to all of you who supported my efforts in order to attend this show....without you, the costs would have been too high for me to try this...and with you, I was able to take a chance, give my best efforts, and not go too deeply in debt over it!  also, thank you also to those of you who were able to make it to the show and stopped to say hi in person!  :):):)

Anyway, I've attached a few photos here for you:

--first photo shows me in my booth (thanks to Deanne and Danielle's panorama camera!)

--second pic is setting up the booth display with the Fabulous Janell Wysock!

--third photo is my wonderful Mom, Betty Jeanne, and myself at the Preview

--fourth shot is Rachel, Janell and myself at the Preview night

--fifth photo is Deanne, myself, Heidi and Danielle later that week, just before heading out for a yummy late nite meal in Philly

--and then there's some fun shots taken over the weekend on my little breaks at the Reading Terminal Market -- so much fun there!!!!

OK, that's it for my update......I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and that the rest of the holiday season is a great one filled with love and laughter.

Thank you,



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It's Almost Show Time!!!!

Hey Everyone ~

First off, here's hoping that if you and/or your loved ones were affected by Superstorm Sandy, that you are all holding up okay despite the crazy difficult circumstances ... after Irene hit last year here in Vermont, we know it's a really hard road....but recovery does come, and people pull together.  Be strong!

So, it's been such a long time since I've posted.... and tonight is the night before packing up the van and making the journey to PA for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show !!!  I'm so excited for the show!!!!  it's been a lot of hard work, fun and challenging, and I'm really thrilled to share my art with people so soon later this week.... 

....and this is just another Giant, Heartfelt thanks to all you Wonderful folks who helped me fund my project.  It gave me the push I needed to make it to this amazing show, and I'm just so grateful.  THANK YOU!!

Here's some photos:

- three shots of just some of the things (art, supplies, etc) all packed up for the show

- a pic of my booth walls, and the wall heart is made (with love of course!) from the roots of Herman Munster, the monster philodrendron plant

-last photo shows Wallace, all happy and content in the fabric drawer.. isn't he adorable?

OK, that's it for now.....I'll take photos at the show, and will post them when I get back....


If any of you can make it to the show, I'd love to see you!!!!   You'll find me in Booth #506.

wish me luck!


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Greetings from Vermont!

Hey Everyone~

It's been awhile since I've updated you here - and now look!  It's the middle of September already -- how'd that happen? Time sure is flying!!!

Tomorrow is a visit to the post office with more Backer Rewards - Thank You for Your Patience!!!

Here's some photos to share of those Rewards being readied to go to their new homes :

-The first two shots show the small pieces getting backed

-The third photo shows them wrapped up

-The fourth pic shows them getting packed safely (please excuse & then recycle the peanuts!)

-Then of course Wallace the cat is supervising to make sure I've packed them well :)

There's so much else to do -- design and print the biz cards/postcards/etc, the booth updating, lists/signs for booth, and most importantly finishing making more artwork !!!!

Many new pieces are in progress to take to the PMA Show in November, so there's also a couple of photos of my pin wall in the studio to show you some of that too  :)

Wish me luck to finish everything I am hoping to finish!!  (and not go too crazy in the process!)

And Thank You Again for all of your support and enthusiasm!


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Happy August!

Hi Everyone ~ 

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Just wanted to send an update on things here in my mini-studio...I was able to send out more Rewards this past week - YAY!  And more will be sent out this week too -- Here's some photos

- first pic shows some Rewards all packed up for my Fabulous Backers!

- second shot shows them ready to take to the post office

- third photo shows some fiber art in progress on the pin-wall in my studio

--and of course, Wallace the cat -- Why do cats always lay down right on top of what you're working on when you get up for a second???

OK, well, that's it for now!  I hope all is going great with everyone, and that your summer is full of fun ....and keep cool if you're in any heat waves.


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All things Kickstarter

Hi Everyone ~

Can you believe it's almost the end of July already??!? Where does the time go?      Just wanted to send you yet another Update from my little studio, or lately as I call it "all things Kickstarter" !

This morning was very exciting because I was able to mail out the first batch of Rewards! YAY!

Also I was able to see the color proof for the calendar reward, so that will move forward now for printing...

Anyway, I took some more photos to share with you here:

- the first photo shows the special Kickstarter Backer block design printed on a shirt Reward

- the second pic shows me addressing some envelopes, preparing to mail to my Wonderful Backers

- the third pic shows some fabrics that I've dyed drying on the line on a sunny afternoon...these will be incorporated into new pieces

- the fourth photo shows Wallace the kitty telling me to "Get Weaving!!!"

OK, that's it for now -- Thanks so much!!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week, and a fun weekend!


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