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A web-based photo-sharing platform where people browse photos for goods and services.

A web-based photo-sharing platform where people browse photos for goods and services. Read More
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Hanson Yuen
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Hanson Yuen

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About this project

(DISCLAIMER: I don't own most of the materials in the video except for the concept art. Sources: various)

What is it?

Senses = Photo-Sharing + Business

Senses is a photo-sharing visual catalog that lets you to browse and discover goods and services from your local places.

What is missing from most photo-sharing platforms?

We use Flickr or other similar photo-sharing sites for uploading our pictures and share them with friends and family.

We query for information using images on Google Images, and most of the time, we lean toward text queries.

The question is, why do we need to look at all these pictures? Do we have adequate time or patience for more pictures?

We need to have a purpose. A purpose that is defined to be useful. It has to cater to our time and money. It needs to address the issue why visual search technology is not widely adopted. And more importantly, it needs to be relevant so that it will make economic sense for us to spend time looking at photos on a daily basis.

How is Senses different than other photo-sharing websites?

* Product photos only, no personal photos.

* Photos (site content) will be managed and uploaded by businesses only.

* End-users (individuals like you and me) will be able to 1) build profiles; 2) rate, rank, and comment on the items in the pictures; and 3) perform many more other interactions with the content on the site.

How will images help improve our lives?

We look at pictures based on 3 principles:

1) Attractiveness

2) Assist with Visualization

3) Clarity &Transparency

In addition, photos can also deliver information for important elements, such as time, locations, objectives, and relevancy.

Why do we need Senses?

Imagine this - 

Is it easier to have visual present as you are picturing things in mind? How important is it to have transparency and clarity as you are making decisions? 

For example, when you are trying to find out where to have the best sushi to eat in town. What kind of sushi is best to eat? Where can you find an online menu for a small local restaurant? What if a small local but quality place doesn't have its own website that features its menu? Have you encountered experiences ordering the wrong item that does not look like what you would want from the menu? Would you prefer to have an experience where all your choices are more visible to see before selecting?

This is where Senses will help; Senses will provide detailed visual menus for small, unknown local restaurants. With Senses, it shows you what's good to eat. It shows you every single dish that's available with pictures at the restaurant. Normally, you don't have the opportunity to explore all 50 dishes that are being offered at a restaurant. However, with Senses, you're given the opportunity to visually experience than what you can afford to for a bunch of prices. Image how much money this can help you to save. How much would this help you make decisions? And how comfortable this would make you feel about your decision-making? 

Better yet, Senses will cover more than just food or restaurants.

Hidden Potential in Photography

Over a period of time, we choose to narrow down our choices by mainly using the two sources: 1) Word of mouth from your trusted ones 2) Grown habit from experience. However, our lives are still pretty much trapped in the chicken-and-egg situation. Both would fail without some initial investment or exploration. Someone has to be the first to tap into the pool testing the waters. Simply, everyone hates to risk on the unknown.

Seeing is not always believing, but I believe increasing visibility of things would be the most powerful approach to getting closer to the truth, just as how the most of us interact with things at first with our eyes. Better visibility may not help us resolve all issues from a chicken-and-egg dilemma in life, but this will be a start of improvement. And as we always ask when we come across new things in life - "what does it look like?"

How will the money be used?

The money will help me to obtain the equipment, including servers and bandwidth, as well as hire a web developers and photographers to build out the prototype. 

Based on your financial support, we'll be able to collect as much "data" as possible within budget.

The project will first start small in Atlanta, and will only require one or two talented web coder/developer/designer. We have Georgia Tech, as being one of the best engineering institutions in the nation nurturing some of the best technical skills in town and possibly one of the best places to look for talents. 

Of course, if you are a talented coder/designer/developer, have the right working attitude and share the same passion, drop me a line at

We'll start as a team of 3, giving ourselves 3 months of development time to deliver a functional beta. Est.debut in 2012 Q1.

p.s. About further prove myself that I have the spirit as an artist in me,more than just an idea and talks,here are a few shots of a sketch I did back in high school.

Original creation by Robert Chang; Creation Title: Melancholic Princess

(Robert was my role model during my high school years, a very inspirational artist, and a very well-respected and known member of

Have More Questions/Comments/? 

Contact me @, or I'll be regularly checking the comment section on this page.


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